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League of Legends Build Guide Author Xaioli

[Teemo] -(AP) Don't Pop That!

Xaioli Last updated on March 29, 2011
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Chapter 1

Teemo- The Swift Scout
Hey guys, it's Xaioli here again with a Teemo build! This build is going to help give you all a better understanding of AP Teemo. Yes I said it, AP, it's amazing. Everyone says "Teemo is bad!", and etc. Well see, AD Teemo isn't that great, but AP is when the monster within this little fella comes out. Blinding Darts, Poison Shots, and Mushrooms will burst your enemies down. So, here we go!

Great support/carry.
Your poison hits like a truck
Mushrooms everywhere. Used as wards, teleport docks, just beautiful and amazing.
Blind! Oh yes.
Move Quick can let you get a little movement speed burst.
Invisible when idle for 3 seconds. Then, attack speed!

Squishy, easily killed
Can be CC'ed
Oracle's and Wards can catch you or your shrooms stealthed.

Magic Pen- Your shrooms and poison, and Blind is 'magic' in a way. It's great for Teemo.
Dodge Runes- Teemo is squishy. I find this rune to be the best choice for Teemo since people will try to take you 1v1 while you destroy them with poison, your blind, and your amazing kiting skills to your pile of shrooms. DODGE! DODGE! DODGE!
The more CDR, the faster your shrooms will stock back up. This is essential for AP Teemo.
Magic Pen Quint, I prefer this the most out of all the quints for AP Teemo, it grants Magic Pen for your shrooms and blinding dart. However... Health Quints are great too.
Health Quint, great alternative to Magic Pen. Our friend Teemo is a tad squishy early game, so it wouldn't hurt, you just lose out on the Magic Pen. Also, I feel that since you build a RoA, it won't be too useful later on.

Summoner Spells:
Exhaust: You already have a blind, but a second can help. It's a slow also, so it's great for kiting. You are Teemo, and you are a support/carry. Your job is to shut down enemies like Ashe and Tristana with your blinds. This will help you accomplish your mission, and it'll make melee enemies tremble when you are nearby. Drop a Shroom of GG and show your dominance!

Teleport A surprise ability! You can teleport to your mushrooms to give yourself the element of surprise, and to save the travel time to an area to place shrooms.

Flash: A good "OMFG I've GTG" ability. I use this when I don't feel like using teleport.

Ignite: Another DoT to go with your poison?! Of course, you'll be surprised how fast your enemies' health bar will burn down! Trust me. It hurts.
Your Rotation In Team Fights:

Time to break it down:
Before the fights, you want to have at least 4-5 shrooms in a designated area. When a team fight begins, try to get your team to lure your enemies into the mushroom trap. If they won't follow, start making a "wall of shrooms" in the lanes. When you engage, start with blinding the biggest threat. You'll do a **** ton of damage, while blinding and disabling it. Place shrooms as often as possible. Your Toxic Shots are filler shots that will do a lot of damage.

Core Build

Need more health on top of your Rod of Ages? Replace your Deathfire Grasp!

With the new change to Zhonya's, I feel that it was sort of a buff. With the addition to the Deathcap, it adds a TON more AP so that your mushrooms will hit harder. Also, the hourglass gives more AP to be multiplied from your deathcap, and that will give you your invulnerability that is essential when you are caught in a bad situation. Every second of those 3 matters. Rod of Ages is a great addition for Teemo since he is squishy. It also gives mana and Ability Power. The mana allows more shrooms to be dropped without having to recall, and the Ability Power makes your Blind and Shrooms hit harder. The Mejai's will rake in a lot of AP for you. I get 1 stack of Mejai's every couple minutes because my team mates gank, and the enemies trip a mushroom, picking up an assist for you. Mejai's at 20 stacks will give a significant amount of AP for your shrooms, and the 15% CDR is quite handy. Boots of Sorcery is great for it's Magic Pen. Melt away your enemies' Magic Resist! Deathfire Grasp is an amazing item for Teemo since you are a prime assassin in the jungle. I tend to hide in enemy jungles, and to place shrooms and become the ultimate assassin. Deathfire Grasp gives so much burst, and when a mushroom's damage is added on top of that, with a Blinding Shot, it will do so much damage!

Steps on the Item Sequences:
First, start off with a Doran's Blade and HP pot early game. Why not get a Doran's Ring? Your poison is a monster early game. You should be constantly harrassing from a safe range. First, grab your Boots of Speed. I then grab Rod of Ages because health and mana early game makes you more difficult to gank. When choosing between and Blasting Rod and Catalyst, pick Catalyst. After my Rod of Ages, I then begin to build a Malady. With the new change, Malady now gives Attack Speed and Ability Power. It also rips through Magic Resist, so that will make it more viable. After Malady, you want to create a Mejai's Soulstealer since people will start to gank, you will get Mejai's stacks from easy things like your team mates ganking, and an enemy tripping a shroom. From there, begin building your Rabadon's Deathcap. Rabadon's is a new item, and it gives a beefy amount of Ability Power. Secondly, I want to finish up my Sorceror's Shoes. Then, I will go on to sell my Malady for a Fiendish Codex. If you have enough, make your Deathfire Grasp. If not, just get a Codex, and grab your Zhonya's Hourglass. After, finish up your Deathfire's Grasp and pick up elixir. Have fun one shotting squishies with your shrooms, and taking 1/4 of a tank's HP with just a single shroom.

Teemo: Early, Mid, Late Game

Early Game: Teemo is an excellent champion early game. Your poison is ridiculous, and it does so much damage early game. Use blinds wisely, it's fine to use for harrass, but beware, if you have no blind, you are vulnerable to melee attackers. Once you get Level 6, scatter your shrooms in bushes and areas in the lane where minions will not pop them. Use them as wards, use them to whatever! They are deadly land mines. I usually place a ton in the bushes, and bait my opponents into the bushes and watch their HP bar fall over. It's fun stuff.

Mid-Game: Around this time, everyone should be breaking away from their lanes and have begun pushing lanes. Take advantage of your shrooms and place them at essential areas like Baron, dragon, blue and red runes. However, if they have wards that catch stealth, or have Oracle's, your a tad screwed. Focus ganks on that person, and make them pay for making that 400gold investment. Keep building, you should have at least a Zhonya's at the end of Mid-game.

Late-Game: You should have shrooms scattered everywhere, and you should have 500-600 AP. I know, this isn't as much as most champions, but this applies to your shrooms. Your mushrooms themselves do 650 (+AP), almost at a 1:1 ratio. Your blinds should be doing a ton of damage. Move with your team, infest jungles with shrooms, and dominate jungles and lanes. Make your enemies pay for playing against you as AP Teemo.

Want some Tips? Be careful, they might have poison!
1) Blue and Red Rune. They work amazingly with Teemo. The red rune effect applies to Teemo's poison. Think about it, damage, a dot, and a slow!? Oh yes! Blue rune virtually means endless mushrooms! FUN! FUN! FUN!
2) You can solo dragon around 15-20mins. It's not impressive, but if your team is pushing and you aren't doing anything important, go ahead!
3) You are amazing at backdooring. I can't tell you how many times I've done successful 3 inhibitor drops as Teemo. Sneak a shroom into their base, teleport in while there down pushing lanes, and snipe them out!
4)You are a very good harrass. The range on your poisons are pretty large, so take advantage of it!
5) Remember, have fun with Teemo. It's annoying at times playing a champion with such low health at the start, but once RoA kicks in, and you start killing fleeing champions with shrooms ,just laugh and say, "DEM SHROOMS". (:
6)When you're recalling, take advantage of Teemo's passive before they change it! You stand still for 3 seconds, you are invisible.

Mushroom Placement:
Credit to Shukit from DeviantArt!

Key Points:
[*] Place shrooms at Baron
[*] The bushes of Red AND Blue runes
[*] Dragon
[*] Entrances where people will walk in (River, Jungle)

Great shroom placement is essential for playing Teemo. When laning, I quickly cover all entry points with 1 or 2 shrooms, so you have a heads-up when someone is coming. When a shroom, is usually popped, the invader will back-off, due to the fact that you are aware of their presence. If you are top or bottom, fill each bush with 2-3 shrooms. For mid and the side lanes, nicely decorate your lane with mushrooms, leaving just a "Teemo Sized" space. By that, I mean that Teemo should just barely fit between the gap of one shroom to another. Put one shroom in the way of the minion creeps, so when you are distracted with other things, that shroom will reverse the movement of the creeps. With the new Teemo shroom change, always keep a shroom on you to place down at ANY moment! You never know when it'll be needed. Also, place shrooms in some corners where people's auto-pathing will lead them into. It could end up being fatal! Place shrooms in the middle of the river to see the movement from jungle to jungle.

-The Orange Points are shroom placements recommended for BOTH sides.
-The Purple Dots are recommended shroom keypoints that cover entrances for the purple team's jungle and lanes.
-The Blue Dots are recommended shroom keypoints that cover entrances for the blue team's jungle and lanes.

Of course, you don't have to cover every point on a side lane if there is a existing tower. Usually, people won't enter points past towers because you know, they'll die! (:

Whenever I play Teemo, I'm known as the Suicide Bomber. I usually don't get too much feed early on in the game, but in team fights, I drop shrooms that will literally blow up the enemy team's health bars. As Teemo, you are a great carry/support. In ranked, I run Exhaust/Teleport, and I fufill my role on the team and shut down melees, and do tons of damage.

More to come!

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