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Teemo Build Guide by twicicle

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League of Legends Build Guide Author twicicle

Teemo: Beginner's Guide to Top Lane Bruiser Teemo (S4)

twicicle Last updated on December 18, 2013
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About the Author: Twicicle

Created on Dec 15, 2013 ; last updated on December 18, 2013
"I'll scout ahead" -Teemo
Latest Updates:(late game items, Trick additions, clarified item selection, changed title)

Hello, I'm Twicicle, I love playing Teemo and had some success with my latest Bruiser teemo build; scored my first penta kill with Teemo and had 64-60% win rate (went down after playing duo queue <.<). I'm making this guide for some of my friends that what to learn how to play Teemo like I do- Tanky and carrying (winning) games as there doesn't seem to be a build like mine yet; a few may have the same items, but order is quite important.

For those who never witness a bruiser teemo and probably think its so weird because AP teemo already seems OP, wait til you try this! You don't have to agree with me, try it and I'd like to hear your ideas on Bruiser teemo too as I'm open to learning and improving. I hope this guide will make someone love Teemo even more.

Disclaimer(1. skills required-not just auto-attack. 2.If you find that Bruiser Teemo works, do not get Riot to change Teemo. Riot seems to occasionally ruined builds which seems special and different in the name of "fixing things"...anyways, bruiser Teemo is still squishy and needs some tankier allies for best results)

Some credentials I guess. A blind guide can't lead another blind guy, lol.

Teemo "Reporting in"

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Why play Teemo?

"Hut two three four" -Teemo
  1. He looks,moves and laughs like a cute little plushy toy
  1. He is underestimated as a cute little plushy toy
  1. He is fun to play, no need to slam keyboard; mostly just positioning and baiting enemies.
  1. With all your free Noxious Traps(aka shrooms), Teemo at top lane is almost un-gankable (aka. Enemies cant sneak up on you in lane), so you have have a care-free time farming and poking your foe :P
  1. [Bruiser Teemo]He gets to fights quickly, destroys towers quickly and helps win team-fights thus win games!

How I came to my build:

Most Teemo players build massive AP and are very squishy but very strong. However, there is a major flaw to AP teemo. Top lane is usually reserved for Bruiser champions, champions who are tough yet powerful enough to kill enemy squishy carries OR save ally carries depending on team-fight opportunities. AP teemo can only burst and thus the infamous quote for teemo in ranked games "Teemo wins lane, lose game". I pondered awhile on this and geared him up for something better- Bruiser Teemo.

"Size doesn't mean everything"

When to select Teemo:
  • When you just wanna have fun winning without the button slams, lol (some champions are just so intense and sneaky-flying everyhwere and stuff, but they get me tired quickly after a few games; not Teemo!)
  • When you have a tanky jungler- Bruiser teemo can take a few hits but he can't do it alone.
  • If your jungle is like a Evelyn or Master Yi, Teemo top is not the best choice...try to learn a tougher top champions.
Note: To keep this guide concise,I will just briefly discuss Masteries and Runes along the way.

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"Captain Teemo Reporting for Duty"
Bruiser Teemo works because of one major reason- his poison. The posion is like a free Pick Axe(~25 atk). Since Teemo has damage already, he can afford to buy health to making him bruiser like. He also needs attack speed to apply more of his Toxic shots; thus my early items, runes focus on attack speed to aid farming and 1vs1 trading. Attack speed also helps poke enemy and farm at the same time.

Early goal is to out farm and outlast the enemy. Four pots and speed to keep distance is a good standard start.

"Yes sir!"

Early Game
With decent attack damage early game, teemo can adapt to his opponent by buying either Attack speed, Health or Life-steal items first. Ex: Against Burst Champions like Pantheon, get Health, Against malpite, perhaps try Vampire Scepter. Either way, always keep your attack damage/speed enough so they don't treat you like a toy and tower dive you; that is why Berserker's Greaves is usually good purchase at first back, you will probably have to switch it to Mercury Thread Mid game when team fights happen and enemy has Crowd Control (aka C.C.)

Runaan's Hurricane and Frozen Mallet Combo

These two items is what this guide all all about...for Bruiser Teemo. Runaan's lets Teemo shoot 2 more auto attacks out! This is amazing because it lets you:

  • Farm easily thus get more gold
  • Push easily, thus more towers destroyed , therefore more gold and closer to your "goal"
  • More damage in 1vs1 fight thus even more gold for snowballing.
  • Applies on-hit effect! Teemo's posion, the Frozen mallet slows apply for each of those 2 extra arrows! YES, you can slow 3 enemy champions by 30%; this is Teemo with CC, the CC much needed for top Champions to save ally carries and catch enemies. The extra 2 auto attcks also mean you you have AOE damage in team-fights, and AOE in teamfights is awesome especially continuous ones; very few champions can do this AOE auto atk with such power so early in game; maybe Kayle, idk who else.
  • In Masteries, "Oppression " makes slowed enemies do 3% less damage to you, tanky :D
After these core items, I suggest a Guardian angel. This item will make your health from Frozen Mallet worth much more; and to make full use of passive, make sure you are in a team.

Late game Items:

Due to the fact that games usually end or are decided by the time those core items are brougth, late game items are harder to test.. but here are some good picks.

Blade of the Ruined King: (Good vs Tank Champions)More damage per sec (aka DPS) It also gives a free chase or escape active.

Morellonomicon:(good vs lifestealers) Remember, 30% of AP ~= AD because of Toxic shot. I haven't used this item much, but it give damage, cool-down (aka CD) that we don't have yet, and mana regen that limit's teemo's ability ot spam shrooms. And the key ability is enemy health regeneration reduction. Some champions are just unkillable if you don't stop their heal, ie: Nasus, Mundo, Sion...

Wit's End: (vs strong AP enemies?) Excellent attack speed that works well with Poison, and On-hit effect that works with Runaan; stealing 3 enemies' MR! However, when you are building it, you don't get any attack damage, so it can be a bad choice; so get it quick or you'll stay powerless.

Zhonya's Hourglass:(good vs strong AD enemies) Similar to Morellonicon, 0.3*AP=~AD for Teemo and it gives armor! The AP works really well for the shrooms too. The unique active can also further boost your front line role of funneling enemy fire... if you must be there; everyone know's Teemo's secret ability: Global Taunt = oh look, tiny teemo, lets kill him first! - but it shoudlnt work if you're Bruiser teemo and with your team with hourglass :/

BloodThirster: (good if they don't have too much armor) This item may perhaps be better than the rest for normal situations because each of those Runaan's shots ALSO apply life-steal! Imagine a tanky teemo lifestealing the entire enemy team, damage reduce by 3%, poisoned,blinded, and can't run away because of the 30% slow. Ouch "that's gotta stink"

Black Cleaver:(good if your adc is doing well) haha, all enemies armor reduced by 25%, lol. More HP, more CD, more Damage what's not to like?

"Armed and Ready" lets move on

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Tips and Tricks

Jungle Leash
As top champion, you will most likely have to help your jungle leash (help them damage Blue Golem). You DO NOT want to kill the golem but there is one problem. The trick here is to level your E,posion, after the leash so your poison doesnt steal it. It rarely happends, but when it does, you have one angry jungler. Also, use your passive so you get the attack speed bonus.

Against champions that jump at Teemo
ex. Pantheon, Jax...
Place a shroom where you are and when he jumps at you, BOOM. Then have a 1vs1 poke, place another shroom where he is standing, and BOOM, lol. He tries to run or you have to run...but he will be slowed :)

Save the blind
If you can survive against an auto attacker and don't want him to run away too early. Save your blind for a few seconds so he underestimated his own damage per sec. When he realizes, its too late. :)

Against Tower Divers
Always good to have a shroom under your tower incase they or jungler tower dives you.
They will hit the shroom and be stuck under tower, lol
"that's gotta sting"

Angry Allies:
People get angry, not just League of Legend. Just ignore them cause typing while playing is like drinking and driving - it will kill you. Also angry people are unreasonable, like talking to a shroom.

Early Game Fast Push
Sometimes, you need to increase your pushing (aka, killing minions) speed because a huge wave is coming to your tower or you want to get to the tower faster. Instead of auto-attacking just one minion, alternate between minions because poison will damage them for 4 secs.

Team Fights:
Teemo should not innate, he is good at catching stray enemies because once he auto attacks them, they are slowed by 30% and your entire team just eats them. Save your blind for the enemy ADC; it will severely reduce their team's damage :). Try to have a tanky ally take all the damage as your main job is to do lots of damage with your awesome Runaan's Hurricane Frozen Mallet Combo. Remember you can always use your auto attacks to save allies as they are free 30% slows.

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That is it! Sorry if you were wanted to read more, LoL.
I'd like to hear some feedback after you guys have tried it;
If this guide helped you, I don't mind a comment :)
I hope you have learned something cool here.
Good luck on the field of Justice and don't let Teemo die!


PS. If you like Teemo guide, you might like my Lux guide even more, have fun!

Think beyond what to pick in champ select, think beyond the laning phase counters and wins, think beyond the first teamfights, think beyond the towers and inhibitors, think beyond the nexus and victory, think beyond the game and keep asking so you'd know what is more improtant. It is like looking ahead while sprinting through the shroom jungle. I'm reminding myself <.<

You'll have to ask Teemo for the scout's code, but "don't underestimate" this advise either. Its how I make cool builds and it works for a lot more.

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