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Teemo Build Guide by Devilesse

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Devilesse

Teemo: Durable AD/AS, Quick and Easy

Devilesse Last updated on July 12, 2011
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Hello, and welcome to the Teemo AD/AS Quick and Easy guide!

Teemo specializes in Range, Map control, and Damage over Time.
His capabilities with this build will give you big bursts of damage, and you'll rack up those kills quickly while also being quite durable and annoying. Why would you not want this?

Not to mention, who can resist the Cottontail Teemo Bunny? Seriously. I'm not kidding, cutest champion ever.

In short, these are my AD recommendations for our little favorite champion.


(Disclaimer: Rate this guide responsibly. Please don't -1 without giving a constructive criticism first detailing your problem with the guide. Be helpful. Thank you!)

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Pros / Cons

Here are the pros and cons to using Teemo:

-Versatility in team roles.
-Good damage with DoT basic.
-A moderately OK farming character.
-The adorable skins. Oh god, the adorable skins.
-Mushrooms allow moderate map control when placed correctly.
-Late game, he literally almost becomes Teemo the unstoppable.
-Movement speed skills can allow for a quick gank or a defensive dash.

-Very squish early on.
-Mid/late game, people start focusing on you like they want your nuts.

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Teemo's Skills

When sitting for two seconds, Teemo goes in stealth. This is useful for spy observation or sneak attacks.

Blinding Dart
Deals magic damage and blinds a total of three seconds when maxed, causing opponents to miss attacks. Early game, this is a nice poke for enemy harass champions as it keeps them from being able to attack while doing a decent amount of damage. You can use this for utility purposes to, like countering an enemy from attacking you, a team mate, or a turret for a short amount of time while you melee to chase them off or simply make a dash for it. In short, I love this skill for damage and Utility.

Move Quick
This skill boosts Teemo's movement speed passively while being out of combat, as well as doubling the passive movement percentage if you cast it as an active. Quick Move is like a personal ghost skill, only better. It can save lives in matches, and can also help you snag that quick running away kill if you are confident you can survive. However, I wouldn't recommend maxing this right away as there are more important skills to focus on. If you're in a tight spot with a kill or being ganked, use ghost as a substitute until later levels.

Toxic Shot
A non-toggle, permanent allocation of magic damage poison attributed to your regular basic damage, which extends over time for 4 seconds. Turns your basic attack into a DoT. Give this skill it's proper worship..

Noxious Trap
This skill gives Teemo some very interesting map control. For beginners, it can be a little tricky in utilizing because placement is a strategic effort. Mastering the mushroom is mastering Teemo. I'll get more into this in my "Master the Shroom!" section.

Oh! And your summoner skills.

My personal options for Teemo.
Should you wish to swap out Ghost, these are also viable options:

-Teleport is alright for getting somewhere quickly that you need to be.
-Exhaust is great to stop running enemies so you can gank them straight to hell.

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Greater Mark of DesolationGreater Quintessence of Desolation
Greater Mark/Quintessences of Desolation
This is just self-explanatory. You're going to want your damage to penetrate.

Greater Seal of Vitality
Full set of Greater Seal of Vitality
I recommend this because Teemo is a very squishy champion, especially early game. Durability for the win.

Full Set of Greater Glyph of Shielding or Warding
Once again, these are godly for a more tank-like teemo. If you want the flat magic defense from the get go, you can also go with Warding, but you get less in the long run which I do not like.

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Iteming your little person!

This is the very core items for AD teemo to exist in order. However! If you are feeling more squishy than normal, you may supplement getting earlier on in the item line-up.

Should you even get to this point where the match has continued on or you just accumulate enough gold, I would prefer to work on survivability. Your last two slots will be putting this:

I can't think of anything more evil than negating skills, and having a Revival-no-jutsu when you're done with this.

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Explaining the Item Order

I created this guide with the full intention of making it as easy and quick as possible to get the higher tier items in match. I have tried many variants of AD/AS, but they always seemed more taxing or trailed off unnecessarily into unneeded items until I finally came to think up what I feel is a more efficient, quick way to get higher tier items easily.

Without further ado, This is the order that I personally follow for quickest results.

1. I start with as a recipe component for (Obviously). I proceed with for easier minion killing, making my farming a bit easier to get gold.

2. I keep the regular Razor in order to farm more efficiently for in the case I am not killing enemy champions through the match as much as I'd like.

3. After this transition into , I work in a for the extra 40% attack speed, and because it's a recipe item for to begin with, it assists me to purchasing it after the .

By this point after getting the Bloodrazor, your damage should be more sufficient enough to carry your gold farming from enemy kills or minions.

4. Starting on purchasing a will work you up to slowing your opponents, and will act as a middle item for .

Now, you finally have your core damage build (If the game has lasted this long to begin with).

5. This is where you start working on end-game durability. Where most people would continue an offensive path for the last one or two slots, I completely opt out for a more defensive combination.

I believe that setting this part up is crucial to end-game survival in Team Fights, and can make you more of a pest to the opposing team than if you were to continue with offensive items.

From here on out, it's straight buys. No need for building the item unless you choose to.

I opt for both and in no particular order. Should you be focused more than usual at this point, you may start with . If not, is just as fine.

Your starting Masteries/Runes, Negating a skill every 45 seconds, and having revival? You're on your way to becoming one big pain in the ***.

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Master your Shrooms! Eat them! No wait--

This is a section completely dedicated to Noxious Trap.

Why? Because for most people, the hardest part about playing Teemo is mastering the power of the mushroom. This AD build does not power up your mushrooms like an AP build would, so they are mainly used for map awareness, slowing down annoying opponents, and for preventing brush diving, even picking up kills from a low-health enemy diving into a brush. Strategic placement can also prevent team ganks and backdoors.
This section is a small guide on where and how to shroom efficiently with both passive and active aggression gameplay.

1. Shroom in key points of brush. Mid brush near the lakes, and side brush on both top and bottom lanes can efficiently catch your opponents off guard. Most opponents dive into the brush when they are low health for the safety to recall. Predicting the angle in which someone might dive beforehand can give you a nice shroom kill.

2. Understanding the delay of your set mushroom can help you with avoiding a chase and turn the tide of a 1v1 confrontation. If you are being chased by a physical melee, try your best to cast a mushroom slightly ahead of you and continue running in that particular direction. If they're hot on your trail, they'll smack right into the mushroom, causing a slow, turning the battle in your favor to deal some major damage. Use a Blinding Dart, run slightly, then Hammer away for mass damage.

3. I'm going to use Katarina for this example. If you are up against an opponent who has capabilities to teleport to your position, lay a mushroom directly underneath yourself. This will cause Shunpo to explode the mushroom for a slow/DoT. Break out a Blinding Dart, gain some distance, and pick up the kill if you can. This also goes for Warwick's ultimate, we all know how annoying that suppression is.

4. Cast your shrooms around intersections throughout the map. This can turn an opposing team-lane gank into a living nightmare, slowing them enough for you and your teammates to pick up some major damage/kills.

5. If you have any melee closing in on your turret, set a shroom close to where you feel they will approach the turret. Once it explodes, pop a Blinding Dart, and hammer away. The slow can possibly hinder him from making a run for it when the turret begins to attack, and can earn you a kill.

6. Shrooms give limited visibility in their set area on your map. Setting these in key points can give you map visibility, allowing you to see enemies who may pass through areas without smacking the shroom. Use between brush intersections for maximum effect.

7. Set & Bait tactics work amazing for Teemo. Lay a mushroom in an inconspicuous spot and lure an enemy in the direction where they can trigger it. Hammer away as best you can.

8. Always leave a mushroom or two in the brush around Baron or Dragon. If an opposing team decides to drain themselves by fighting Dragon or Baron, they will most likely run into the brush to protect themselves and slam into a shroom, earning you easy kills if they are weak enough from fighting.

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Extra Tips for Teemo

-If you feel someone's pressing you too hard, a good Blinding Dart poke with a Move Quick can help you back off from your opponent. If they still are on your tail, add in a Flash or a Ghost. Works every time.

-If you're chasing down an enemy that is low health and they've created a large gap between you and them, Flash with a Move Quick can take them down. This is a general tip for many champs so it goes without saying, but still.

-Watch for ranged oracle users who may snap your mushrooms. If you see someone using Oracle (pink floaty eye on head), it is important that you and your team try to kill that person as much as possible. Making a call to focus on the Oracle user will make them possibly frustrated enough to stop buying them.

-Watch for wards. If you feel someone is warding, buy an oracle and snap them. Then, buy your own wards, and mushroom around them.

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I hope this has helped you complete your AD/AS Teemo!

If you have any constructive criticism or appraisal, please leave a comment detailing your concern so that I can further enhance this guide. Nothing will be learned if people vote negative without supplying a reason!

Thanks for reading! :)