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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


Teemo Build Guide by asdfalex

Teemo jungle, doing it right.

Teemo jungle, doing it right.

Updated on December 28, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author asdfalex Build Guide By asdfalex 39 12 327,960 Views 34 Comments
39 12 327,960 Views 34 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author asdfalex Teemo Build Guide By asdfalex Updated on December 28, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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So you want to jungle as Teemo.
You've become tired of all those other junglers, not good enough for your needs.
You might be trolling, having fun or you might just be interested in trying something different, no matter what the reason, Teemo is a great solution.

Teemo can jungle, he is not what we consider a sustainable jungler. Most Teemo players play him mid, top or even bot lane. This might be because of that lack of sustain.
But this guide will show you how to make the enemy team laugh, then cry when they get poisoned down to nothing by a fast moving never ending pain of yordle.

This is NOT very viable yet, though loads of fun.
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Pros / Cons

+Destroys AD carries
+High DPS
+Passive stealth
+High movement speed
+Global passive taunt
-Super squishy
-AP nukes will dominate you
-Bad positioning is punished
-Needs that attack speed
-Global passive taunt
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// When standing still for 2 seconds, you grand stealth
// This basically makes you a living ward. Being able to outrun anyone with your high movement
speed and just hide in a bush is simply amazing. Get blue buff, go to their red and wait for their jungler to come, hilarity ensues. so rewarding!

Blinding dart
// Blinds an enemy, making them miss all auto attacks for a short duration
// This is what makes you a perfect counter for almost any AD carry. Missing auto attacks cripples their lifesteal, damage and overall use. You can 1v1 against enemy junglers that use autoattacks like: Xin Zhao, Tryndamere & Olaf

Move Quick
// Grants you a passive movemementspeed boost, and when activated it doubles
// This gives teemo the fastest passive movement speed in game. Activating this ability grants him even more movement speed making him "Move Quick" Run around and " Gank ALL the lanes! " .

Toxic shot
// Gives a passive dot on your auto-attacks
// Toxic Shot and the slow from redbuff gives you the mid-game ganks that WILL make them need to flash away from your massive slow and damage. Toxic Shot is Teemo's main early game source of damage.

Noxious trap
// Teemo lays a mushroom that grants vision and damages on impact
// Mushrooms, mushrooms everywhere. Lay them by the river, in their jungle, your jungle, bot lane, and every bush on the map. This can really make them hate you. Stop escapes and chases just by making them run through your Noxious Trap.
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Skill Sequence

You max this second if you are up against heavy AD.
Good nuke for going AP Teemo.
This should be maxed second if you are NOT up against heavy AD. Run around and gank!
This always needs to be maxed first, always.
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So why all that attack speed on Teemo?
Without attack speed, Teemo will not be able to get lvl 4 without going b. So Teemo needs to stack as much attack speed as possible. almost 1 attack pr. second at lvl 1.


I want to kill that laughing jungler!
This stragety is purely based on getting a good pull on wolves and blue, and then getting your [Move Quick] and run to the enemy red buff bush, and just wait there untill their jungler comes.
--Just in case you didn't think it through..
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Item Sequence

Wriggle's Lantern 1800
Berserker's Greaves 1100
Frozen Mallet 3100
Atma's Impaler 2300
Guardian Angel 2800
Maw of Malmortius 2800

  • : // This gives Teemo 25% more attack speed
  • : // This is CRUCIAL for jungling as Teemo, without this you wont ever be able to gank a lane with more than 30% hp. It simply adds sustain.
  • : // The on hit slow will give Teemo some CC for teamfights and chases. The added HP is good for Teemo's sustain.
  • : // With the HP from frozenmallet your AD will shoot up, giving you crit and armor aswell. This is so strong on Teemo.
  • : // This makes Teemo tanky, and an unkillable Teemo with a second life is fun. Loads of fun.
  • : // An annoying leblanc killing you with a single burst? Take this before GA, if not the AD and MR is strong anyways, and very good on Teemo.
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Optional item choices

Deathfire Grasp
Blowing up damage equal to 30% of their current health.. Well this is suprisingly addictive to use, because people don't expect Teemo to nuke their HP down that fast.

Rylai's crystal scepter
You can replace this for Frozen Mallet. It slows on your Blinding Dart and gives a nice ammount of AP. Get this for less sustain, but for extra slow on also your Noxious Trap.
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Jungle route

Teemo requires cloth armor and 5 health potions to be able to jungle.

You basicly start off by getting leashed on both your wolves and blue, after that you move to you wraith camp, back to wolves and directly to red buff. Smite should be up and if you had a good leash you SHOULD be able to kill wraiths and gank.

Red lvl 2 route
This time you will start at red buff, starting the same with a leash from mid and damage from either top or bot lane. You are now lvl 2 with red buff. Go gank and get first blood!

Invade lvl 2 route
Grab wolves and blue, if you can- save smite.
Then go to their red buff, wait and kill. Keep being in their jungle and shut the enemy jungler down. This only works if they get blue first though!
Teemo requires red buff for ganking untill he gets at least a Phage, With no CC abilities it would grant you at least some slow.
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Traps and Taunting

Everyone wants to kill Teemo.
He is small and squishy-looking, with an irritating laugh.
Who wouldn't want to kill him?

LeBlanc might see him run along the top river, what does she think? Well of course she wants to nuke him with her combo. This is where a Good Teemo player knows what to do.
Make her chase you, run into your Noxious Trap and ping your tanky Olaf to come down from top and rain down hell on her.
Bad Teemo players don't realize that everyone wants to kill them, which will make them confused on the instant focus from everyone on the enemy team.

This indicates where it is important to place mushrooms on the map. Blue 'must place' Red 'less necesary'
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Counter picks

Some champions naturally has the capacity to kill Teemo easily and Teemo can counter many champions as well, here's a list of the most noticeable:

Counters to Teemo

Gangplank // The demacian bushes. You have to fear him, always.
Akali // Gap closing burst assasin
Rammus // Fast moving taunt
LeBlanc // AP nuke
Warwick // Outsustain and good chase

These champions can move faster than teemo, slow him and end his life faster than he would be able to run away from. Not all counters are listed.

Teemo can counter

Xin Zhao

These champions rely on autoattack for their source of damage.

Udyr // You can kite champions like udyr.
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Teemo CAN jungle.
But Taric CAN aswell.

Just because a champion can jungle, doesn't mean that the role of a jungler suits them.
Teemo is fun to jungle with, though facing a strong jungler like Trundle or Skarner will probably not go that well.

Hope you enjoyed this guide, making you a little less current meta-gamer!

thanks to jhoijhoi for the BBcode guide, making this possible!
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*12-04-2012: I've edited some formatting and spelling errors.
Aswell as corrected and added sections you guys requested. Thanks for the Massive support!
*13-04-2012 Fastest jungle route posted as video
*22-08-2012 Now i actually changed the items to a somewhat reasonable build for Teemo. And updated the guide!

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