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Teemo Build Guide by EnvyDistortion

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author EnvyDistortion

Teemo: The Hybrid Scout

EnvyDistortion Last updated on October 29, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello Everyone and welcome to my first guide on here.

I have been playing Teemo since around level 7 and I still use him at level 30. He is my main and one of my favorite Champs. I have played Teemo in the variety ways from AD, AP, Hybrid, and I even tried Jungle Teemo (don't ask why, lets just move on from that). I have found that Hybrid is my best way of mastering Teemo and I will explain later in this guide.

I would also like to say that this is the way I like to play Teemo and I have found success by playing this way.
If you don't like it, then change it. Play your own way. I am not forcing you to play this way, I am just offering a way to play everyones favorite scout.
Everything on here is the way I like to play.

Also excuse the lack of images, I am here to provide information, not make an art project.

Now then, let us begin.

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- Changed Crystal Sceptor to Rageblade because its more of a Hybrid item (it has both AD and AP like the Hextech Gunblade does)
- Explained more in Summoner Spells
- Explained more in Items
- Added the chapter, "Why Go Hybrid?"

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Why Go Hybrid?

Why go Hybrid? Why not go Hybrid? Why not Zoidberg?

But on a serious note:
Like I said in the description, I have played Teemo in every way you could imagine. Playing full AD Teemo is good, but you don't get the bonuses from all your ablities that are AP based (Teemo's Q, E, and R). Playing full AP Teemo is more fun, but only if you can survive. If you go full AP then you are a glass canon. You do tons of damage, but you won't survive if focused. I have noticed that my Hybrid build doesnt give the full benefeits of full AD or AP, but instead gives me a nice mix of AD, AP, Health, and overall Survivability.

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Pros / Cons

First lets look at the Pros and Cons of Teemo.


    Good DPS
    Can kill people even when hes at base
Toxic Shot
Annoying to play against

    Squishy at first
    Gets focused
    Mana hungry if you spam mushrooms

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Summoner Spells

My Spells:
That is all that is needed to be said.

Ignite is also one of my favorite spells in the game because it has the same effect as Teemo's posion. If you put Ignite and shoot the enemy with a Toxic Shot their health will drain and you can get an easy first kill.

Other Spells:
Ghost: Teemo has an ability that is like Ghost (his W) and its better than Ghost after a few level ups. Plus you should not have to worry about movement speed with Teemo; boots and his W's passive/active will give you all the speed you need.
Exhaust: This I could see working on Teemo, but I still prefer Ignite and Flash over this. If you are worried about slowing others, that is what our Frozen Mallet is for.
Heal: If you need it then use it, but the heal doesnt work so well late game as Flash and Ignite do.
Clarity: Not much need for mana unless you spam mushrooms and you dont have and mana regen items. If thats the case its better to get your Nashors Tooth and some sort of AP/Mana regen item (or just get Blue Buff) instead of taking up a spot in your summoner spells.
Revive: You shouldnt being dying a lot with the health this build gives you and if you get low on health just go back to base. Instead of Revive get a Guardian Angel, it gives you more bonuses then Revive does, has a way shorter cooldown, and it doesnt give the enemy team a kill when you "die".
Promote: You will have super minions enventualy so don't worry about this spell.
Smite: You are not jungling, theres no need for this spell in lane.

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The goal for our masteries is to get the most out of Hybrid Teemo.

On the Offense side we have some ability power, attack-speed, cool-down reduction, magic pen/armor pen, and just overall damage.

On the Deffense side we have armor, MR, and health. The reason for the health-per-level and the boost in base health is to make us more beefy and not look like such a nice target.

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Now you may be saying "what is wrong with this guy and his messed-up runes??". Let me explain.
In our runes we have magic pen, attack-speed, cooldown reduction, and a flat AP Quint.

The magic pen shouldn't need explaining but I will for the sake of making this guide as complete as possible. Teemo has a great E ability and it does magic damage. Along with our basic attack that does physical damage this makes us do both AD and AP damage to the enemy. Our posion needs to do the most damage it can so we get flat magic pen to dominate early lane game.

The attack speed runes are to help us reach that 2.0 attacks per second that we are aiming for. It may not do much in the beginning but with our passive that gives us 40% attack speed when we sit still and become invisible we will have a 1.0 ATS at the start of the game. That will help kill enemies faster if they invade your brush and start a a early game fight.

The cooldown reduction runes is to help us with our Q and R abilities. To quote someone I met in-game "Mushrooms. Mushrooms EVERYWHERE."

Now we have our 3 different Quints. The attack speed and cooldown Quints are to synergize with our other runes and the AP rune is to make more use of magic pen runes early game.

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Skill Sequence

As always, get your ultimate when you can. You should be getting your skills in this order of importance:
R <- E <- W <- Q.

Not much to explain about Teemo's R and E, but some may wonder why upgrade W instead of the damaging Q? Its really quite simple. Your Q is to make your enemies miss their attacks, not do tons of damage and waste your mana. That is what your R is for. Your W is used to gain movement speed and run to other lanes to either split push or to defend.

Trust me and try it out.

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Start off with the standard boots and pots.

Go for attack speed boots to help you kill enemies faster.

After those get a Frozen Mallet (Phage first before giants belt). This will give us health, some attack damage, and a slow that is unlike all others. This item alone will make other champions fear you and not want to get within range of you.

Next we are getting our first attack speed/ability power item. Nashor's Tooth. It gives us attack speed, AP, mana regen, and cooldown reduction. All around a good item to have with Teemo.

After that we want more attack speed and health so we go for an Ionic Spark. Its passive allows us to damage up to 4 other enemies. It doesnt do alot, but it does help in team fights and minion waves. Any damage you can do, you should do.

At this point you have your core items and should focus on answering the other teams builds. I put in the Hextech Gunblade and Guinsoo's Rageblade as suggestions. But build what is needed to survive. If the enemy team is AP hevay get a Force of Nature. If they are mixed get a Crystal Scpetor mainly for the health, but the AP and slow is nice too. If the enemy team can do tons of mixxed damage then get a Warmog's. If you happen to being dying then get a Guardian Angel. Take the last two items of your build to counter the enemy. The longer you survive -> the more damge you do -> the more time you get on the map without the enemy to harass you. If you don8 need to counter the other team because of one reason or another, then just get whatever items seem good to you. I highly reccomend the Hextech Gunblade because of its great AP, good AD, awesome life steal/spell vamp, and its active. But if you want to go alittle more on to the AP side, and you have the gold, go for a Rabandon's Deathcap. With all that AP your mushrooms and Blinding Dart will do massive amounts of damage.

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Team Work / Solo

Teemo is meant to attack from a distance in team fights, not take all the damage like a tank would. Granted we have tons of health but be smart. Focus on either the squishy or the ones doing the most damage. Slow people with your Frozen Mallet and if they run away focus on making sure they can't make it back to their base.

I am not going to place a guide on where to place mushrooms because you need to make the choice of were mushrooms would make the most sense at that moment.
I will however provide some tips for mushrooms.
-Use them to get rid of multiple minion waves.
-Use them as wards for Baron and Dragon.
-Place them apart from each other in a lane to stop enemy minions from pushing.
-Place them behind while running to slow enemy champs
-The Mushrooms last for 10 minutes so use them in enemy jungle (or yor own) to know where people are if they get hit by one.

You are Teemo. You have health, attack speed, AD, AP, and movement speed. You decide when to steal the enemies Blue buff and when to solo Dragon. You can chase enemy champs down and kill them. Play to survive. Play to win. Do whatever it takes to defend your base while killing everything in sight. A fed Teemo is a scary Teemo.
If you also buy the Cottontail Teemo skin (my personal favorite and the only one I own) you will bring laughter and enjoyment to your team (optional, but highly recommended).

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Back Dooring

Teemo has great potential to back door people, inhibitors, and even turrets. Allow me to tell you a story of mine.

I was playing Teemo and my team was locked with the other team. I had my max build and my score was around 15 - 2 - 13. We had all their lane towers down, but all three inhibs were up. When the enemy team decided to push mid I snuck around through the jungle and took out bottom inhib, mid inhib, and then finally top inhib. By myself. While my team continued to distract the other team I was able to destroy all the inhibs which gave us the advantage in all lanes and we won that game that took us 80 min.

Do not doubt Teemos speed and power because he can change the entire game.

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Last Note

I know people will deagree with me so if you do please comment below! I wrote this guide so people could enjoy a playstyle of mine. If you just dont like the way I play then so be it, but don't downvote because you either didn't read the whole guide or you had one bad game and then ddn't try the build again.

If you want me to clarify something or add a chapter please comment as well.

Good Luck, Have Fun.