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Teemo Build Guide by DeathmasterSlug

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DeathmasterSlug

Teemo-The Swift Crit Scout (An AD&Hybrid Teemo Build)

DeathmasterSlug Last updated on July 23, 2012
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Hi guys and girls, Im DeathmasterSlug and this is my first guide and I am hoping it is good. It is about Teemo he is not my main but he is still a really good champ and fun to play as, I play him 2 ways (see in above builds). If you want to downvote then tell me why in the comments section and i will try to fix anything you want me to. Please read whole guide as any questions you have may be answered. Read on and (hopefully) enjoy. I will update it weekly.

Thank you all

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P.S. this guide is not a bible as it may not always work, just remember this if you are using this like a religous person (no offense), all im tryng to say is dont have a set build, dont be afraid to try the Hybrid one or if they are building armour or are a naturally tanky team (e.g. Volibear, Maokai or Sejuani)

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le Story of le Teemo

the ongoing defense of Bandle City. Despite his genuinely warm personality, something switches off inside Teemo's mind during combat so that the lives he must end while on patrol do not burden him. Even as a young recruit, the drill instructors and other trainees found it a little disconcerting that, while Teemo was normally charming and kind, he turned deadly serious and highly efficient the minute combat exercises began. Teemo's superiors quickly steered him toward the Scouts of the Mothership, which is one of Bandle City's most distinguished Special Forces unit alongside the Megling Commandos.
While most yordles do not handle solo scouting missions with a great deal of finesse, Teemo is remarkably efficient at them. His record of success in defending Bandle City from infiltrators easily makes him one of the most dangerous yordles alive, though you'd never know it by having a cup of honey mead with him at his favorite inn. Bandle City chose Teemo as their first champion for the League, and he has taken to it like a duck to water. His signature weapon - a blowgun - uses a rare ajunta poison he personally gathers from the jungles of ***ungu. To help cope with his lengthy periods of isolation, Teemo recently struck up a friendship with Tristana, a fellow League champion and fellow member of Bandle City's Special Forces. This connection is healthy for both yordles, though now Valoran's voracious media outlets circulate rumors that the friendship is turning into a romantic relationship. Regardless, Teemo is a crowd favorite in the League of Legends, and a pint-sized foe that many have come to fear.

"Teemo rides a thin line between chipper compatriot and unrepentant killer, but there's no one else I'd rather have as a friend."
Tristana see even tristana likes him :)

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Pros / Cons

Good Burst Damage with attack speed
Good nuke with Blinding Dart
Nice AoE DoT with Noxious Trap
Good damage over time with Toxic Shot
with fully stacked Move Quick and items can have
over 500 movement speed
Can consistently crit with items
Has a good escape ability with his passive Camouflage


Very Squishy
Has little lane sustain until lvl 6
Easy to kill before lvl 6
Item dependent
Have to play cautiosly to not die.

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I take the Greater Mark of Attack Speed for my attack speed as that will help with the burst damage and the crits later on in the game. I take the Greater Seal of Regeneration because it will help you stay in lane longer and it will help you stay in fights for that extra kill or two. I take the Greater Glyph of Attack Speed to help with the Attack Speed and to help with the crits, it will also help you kill better with Toxic Shot as more attacks equal more poison:). I take the Greater Quintessence of Critical Chance for the critical strike chance so you can have a fairly good laning experience early game.

I take the Greater Mark of Attack Speed for the Attack Speed as it will help you attack more in the lane early-mid-late game, basically all around Attack Speed at your disposal. I take the Greater Seal of Ability Power for the Ability Power boost as it helps with all of Teemo's abilities and it makes his Blinding Dart a real pain in the @ss. I take the Greater Glyph of Attack Speed as it will again help with Attack Speed and it will help with the all around performance of Teemo. I take the Greater Quintessence of Ability Powerfor the extra Ability Power as it will benefit him greatly and make him a really OP champ mid-late game.

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I take the 21/0/9 build giving Attack Speed, Attack Damage, Critical Strike damage and Armour Penetration in the Offense Tree and in the Utility Tree I take the redeced time spent dead, the Movement Speed and the Increased duration of the Red Buff, Blue Buff etc. I believe that this will help Teemo increase his dominence on the Fields of Justice

I take 22/0/8 build giving the Attack Speed for the extra Damage and the extra Ability Power where available as that will help his Blinding Dart do even more damage and be a powerful poking tool early game. In the Utility Tree I take the 1 point in reduced time spent dead and I max the Mana per level and Movement Speed. This, I believe will make Teemo a truly amazing Hybrid Yordle.

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Items & Explanations.

Doran's Blade: I choose the Dorans Blade to give myself some extra Attack damage and life Steal AND Health, 3 THINGS IN 1!! which is a really good thing to start with as you are to be the Ranged/AD carry/Click to Crit team member for your Team, (unless your team has a Tryndamere.

Dagger: I get the Dagger because it gives me the extra Attack Speed, for the damage that scales with Teemo's Toxic Shot as it poisons with each attack.

Berserker's Greaves: I evolve the Dagger into these boots because they help Attack Speed and Movement speed, which is very important on Teemo.

Zeal: I take Zeal for the extra Attack Speed, extra Crit Chance and Extra Movement Speed, which is all very good for Captain Teemo.

Phantom Dancer: I evolve the Zeal into the Phantom Dancer as it basically doubles the effects that Zeal has.

Vampiric Scepter: Life Steal, who doesnt want a bit of Life Steal, well that is just what this baby gives you (which should be alot as you already have quite a bit of Attack Speed).

B. F. Sword: This item is a really good boost for your Attack Damage as it gives you an excellent 45 more Attack Damage and combined with Attack Speed it will help you to put people in there place, beneath your tiny little feet.

Pickaxe pretty standard thing here, 25 AD not that big but wil defs help you in the long run :)

Infinity Edge This is one of my all time fav items as it gives me an extra 80 AD, it also makes me have an extra 25% crit chance AND it makes my/your crit damage do 250% INSTEAD OF 200% which is just amazing.

The Bloodthirster This item gives you much more lifesteal and damage and also adds some nice stacks such as extra damage and lifesteal everytime you kill creeps/monsters or enemy champions. lovely item :)

Phantom Dancer This item, like I explained before is sa great item as it gives basically everything that an AD Teemo needs as he need the ATS, Crit Chance and MS as he needs to move fast to get to places and destroy them.

[The bloodthirster Another Bloodthirster another set of damage simple as that and by the time the other team realises that you have another BT it will be to late and all they will hear (over them raging of course) is... "you have been slain" and if your skilled enough then you will hear "PENTAKILL".