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Teemo Build Guide by Cirno the loli

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Cirno the loli

Teemo, the tank of Top

Cirno the loli Last updated on September 28, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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God Why am I writing this?

Alright, you're probably looking at this because it's late and you're probably bored and asking 'how is tank Teemo even viable guys?'

Tank Teemo (Tankmo for short) is a viable toplaner only for advance players (people that don't tower dive for the tank). When you look at teemo and see that little amount of hp he has, you're thinking about free kills. But with Tankmo, he's not a free kill but a monster that's about to gib all your hp because people chase the low hp ******s under tower.

I'll try and explain why this is viable and how you're supposed to do it right. (yes there is a wrong way to tank)

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Pros vs Feeding


    ♥ You're a tank now <3
    ♥ People can't kill you anymore
    ♥ You deal tons of DoT because people go deep for you
    ♥ Getting ganked has never been a problem
    ♥ Mushroom Minefield!

    • If you screw up it's GG because you're feeding
    • That extra Hp goes to your head
    • You are NOT a hybrid tank
    • Requires a brain
    • Requires you to be with other players with a brain
    • You CAN and WILL get counter-picked

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Masteries and you!

Good god you're still reading this far? Ok then,
The reason why you're going to be dominating the game early and mid is because you have super tank with superb amounts of magic penetration. With you're percent health and armor increase you will be able to walk into lane and give no ****s when people hit you. In fact, with Honorguard and Safeguard you will be able to tower dive and secure every kill.

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Rune pages and a load of death

But Cirno, why did you say Teemo isn't a hybrid tank if you're using flat AP and Magic pen. runes?

Because you closed minded bronzy, you won't be dealing as much damage with them if you took straight tank runes. Face it, killing someone is more fun than tanking damage all game. With you're straight AP runes you'll be walking into lane with 21 extra AP, enough to be the difference between 8 and 10 magic DoT. It won't seem like much, but when someone gets away with 10 hp after you dive him, you can QQ and blame me later.

With your armor runes you will become a physical damage tank early game and give no ****s when someone decides to go on you. And if he's stupidly tanking the creeps you can turn that around to beat him within an inch of his life and QQ him into oblivion. Tankmo gives no ****s!!

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Gameplay and the game in general

League sucks. Ok let me rephrase that, League has stupid programmers. Stuff flies all over the place and skillshots hit you when they shouldn't. It sucks. But you can use these inconsistency's to your advantage.

With you're mushrooms you will create a minefield that the jungler won't want to run thought because he'll come into lane within your kill range and you'll faceroll both him and his buttbuddy. When used correctly, you can kite your opponent through your minefield and punish him for being stupid enough to think he can beat Tankmo.

With your Blinding Dart you will stop your rightclick opponent from doing enough damage that he'll back off into the waiting arms of your mushroom minefield, in which you will make him suffer for thinking her was going to get a quickie off your arse.

Because of how your Move Quick scales your movement speed you'll be able to hit a creep with your phage and spin into a blue sonic ball whilst 'GOTTA GO FAAAST' begins to play in the background.

Your DoT darts of doom will make your opponent QQ harder every time they want to come up to hit one creep. Because of this, you can zone your idiot opponent out of his lane and pick up some quick levels and gold no problem!

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Why are all these guides so long?

Ever read one of those guides on Mobafire and they were really long and detailed and told you how to go about building your champ and what items to build and how situation you can get and if you deviate from the build you're going to lost your game? not one of those guides. I've told you about your skills, runes, masteries, and the Pro's vs Feeding. I can't tell you how to play Tankmo because I'm not sitting at the monitor reading this guide. Try out Tankmo for a few games, it's a great break from the regular meta.

Just remember a few things when playing your very own Tankmo,

    1). Do NOT towerdive a champ unless you have your barrier and know you can chunk them fast enough
    2). Zone your opponent to his tower if you can, if not, you should always PLAY IT SAFE
    3). When placing mushrooms, never overlap them and keep them spaced out and in key positions to prevent yourself from being ganaked
    4). Barrier at the LAST SECOND to tank up more damage and secure an easy kill.

So, that's all you really need to know about playing Tankmo, give it a try. If you fed toplane, message me so I can laugh at you. Ciao.

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[May or may not be updated in time due to popularity]
[Creator may or may not rage quit Leauge during this time]