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Teemo Humor Guide by DKitten

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DKitten

Teemo: The Ward [S4]

DKitten Last updated on January 2, 2014
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Welcome to my humor guide. Since people refer to Teemo as "The Ward", I made a build to make him the most epic ward you've ever seen.

Ever. jk.

It's an extra Farsight a summoner spell and with global range! I like to drop this in the enemy nexus early game (~5s into the match) so you can see what they've bought. It's evil.
Typical PvP spell. Lets you escape situations you can't get out of with Move Quick.
Move faster around map. Works well when used with Move Quick.
Because wards do not take serious amounts of damage. This is a way to stop serious amounts of damage.

Sorcery & Intelligence : For 10% starting CDR and decreased CD on Twin Shadows and Farsight Orb. MORE VISION!

Mental Force & Arcane Mastery: Make shrooms do more damage. Make them regret breaking your shrooms and destroying your vision!

Expose Weakness : See above, except now you need an ally to attack the person who broke your shroom.

Phasewalker : Getting back to base faster = buying more wards faster / regenning mana faster = MORE VISION!

Meditation : Restore mana lost so that you can keep up with your shroomage. MORE VISION!

Scout : Increases the range of Farsight Orb. Get vision even when you can't get to an area. MORE VISION!

Fleet of Foot & Wanderer : More movement speed means you can cover more of the map swiftly-er. BETTER VISION!

Summoner's Insight : Reduces the CD on Clairvoyance (and whatever other lame-o spell you take, cuz Clairvoyance is the only one that matters). MORE VISION!

Greed & Wealth : Because you need to buy all of this stuff SOMEHOW.

Runic Affinity : Hue. Lots of vision means lots of opportunities to steal buffs with Blinding Dart.

These are your god! Until you can get a Sightstone, drop the green ones for maximum coverage. You can place three at a time, so make sure they cover larger areas.
Pink wards reveal stealthed enemies and objects (including an opposing Teemo's shrooms), but are visible, and you can only place one on the map at a time. Make sure it's in a bush if you place it.
Free wards and HP *drool*
Will seek out two nearest closest enemies and reveal them...thus another ward, albeit it short-lived. Also 6% MS to move around the map faster.
20% CDR so you can plant wards 20% faster. Also helps with mana problems.
10% CDR and 10% MS so you can plant wards and move around the map faster

Call jungle, support, or mid in champion selection. People will rage. Mainly because you picked Teemo in the first place, but they don't know how awesome your warding capabilities are. By the end of the game, you can take your overwhelming map awareness and shove it up any objector's behind.

Ideally, you're going to want to be in lane until Lv6 to decrease the time it takes to get shrooms, but all lanes might be taken already and thus you can jungle. As soon as you hit Lv6, start clearing the jungle. And by clearing, I mean clearing the Fog of War. You can also clear the jungle mobs, which I recommend for EXP and gold.

And don't leave. Seriously. Only go into lane to plant shrooms. Lay lines of shrooms across lanes. Lay shrooms EVERYWHERE.

Red means shroom (you can plant a max of 40 at a time, so keep track of the best place to drop your shrooms), green means ward (you've got four, so choose carefully).



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