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League of Legends Build Guide Author Read

Tempest Concierto (Updated for patch .109)

Read Last updated on January 21, 2011
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Sick and tired of people not being afraid of you. Well look no further than this guide to pwning face with Sona. Sona first and foremost is a support...blah blah blah. Yes she is a support but she is also dead weight if she cannot actually do something. She has no shield. She relies on healing for team survivability. She has no CC (besides ult) so she cannot shutdown a carry constantly.

Many support have a ton of utility (Janna). Janna has a global haste, a slow, a shield, a long range pop/interrupt, and a aoe interrupt that respositions everyone while healing and slowing.

So why the **** would you pick Sona. Let me tell you. With some CDR boots you can have all three of her auras up canstantly which means you will constantly have her passive up. Spamming moves ensure Lichbane is procced as well as have a ridiculous amount of AP to smack them with.

So let's get to the how and why.

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Runes. Runes. Runes.


1. Greater Mark of Magic Penetration
- Really helps early game damage
- Helps late game damage as well

2. Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration
- There is simply nothing better for her
- Helps a lot with early mana problems

3. Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction
- CDR helps spam her abiliteies that much better
- Itemization doesn't really help CDR at all

4. Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed
- With this setup you will be nearly uncatchable
- Great for maneuvering team fights and escaping
- Also great for running to support a player being ganked

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I go down the offense tree just enough to get the MP from Archaic Knowledge Then I run down my Utility tree for magic regen CDR and i make sure to grab the clairvoyance mastery to help utility for spotting ganks.

***Clairvoyance now gets rid of jungle markers so your team wont have to make the trip***

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Summoner Spells

1. Clairvoyance
- Great for spotting ganks
- Great for catching junglers or jukes late game
- Good for clearing jungle markers instead of making the trip out there

2. Exhaust
- Great for escaping
- Shuts down carrys
- Great for running down an enemy

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1. Hymn of Valor
- Low cost great harass
- Good minion farmer
- Can't select target
- Very quick attack due to auto target select
- Aura gives AP and AD boost

2. Aria of Perseverance
- Spammable heal
- Weak early game
- Helpful late game
- Aura give AR and MR

3. Song of Celerity
- Amazing for mobility
- Great for ganking or escaping
- Great for pushing (increases creep speed as well)

4. Crescendo
- AOE stun
- Low damage
- Very situational and hard to use well

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I usually start with a Meki Pendant so I can rush my Tear of the Goddess. This will allow spamming of your spells which is vital. After that grab Boots of Speed. I like the increased mobility, but if your really worried grab Mercury's Treads. After that just build into Archangel's Staff.

It should be mid-game by now and you should be working on Rod of Ages. This will afford you great stats and a tidy boost to your AA's mana AP passive. Lich Bane comes next. This affords a little survivabilty and a great passive. Always try to have Sona's passive so you will have a double boost on hit.

Late game. By now you need to be flying around the map harassing and constantly spamming abilities to 1. Keep your auras all up 2. Keep your passive up. I mean spam all the time. Don't move around the map slowly, and dont leave your people without their defense boost in case of gank. You should now get your last two items. If they are stacking MR go for Void Staff first. If they are all squishy rush Rabadon's Deathcap. If they aren't stack MR, it may be better to go with Abyssal Mask instead for the flat MR reduction. I just usually don't like to get close if you know what I mean.

This does not make you a nuke. Your job is still to support. This build however will give you great healing potential and a great long range harass that can actually finish enemies or help down them. With ROA, you should have decent survivability.

I hate how the stats never calculate right. You should actually have about 600-700 AP which means your healing for about the same amount which can be really helpful on a squishy. You should also be able to burst about 1k damage every few seconds with Lich Bane and your passive. Most people do not expect this from Sona and it can easily turn the tide of a fight. You will also have amazing MrP which means you may be doing bonus damage in some cases. ^_^

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Side Thoughts

1. Auras should be scaling with your AP
2. Skills should have slightly better AP scaling
3. Unnerf Sona's Ult
4. Actually give something back to Sona after the loss of the Innervating Locket
5. Do not play her in 3v3 she is only viable in 5v5 (same for any support IMO)
6. Sona changes how your team fights. Try hit and run strategies to with her heal spamming the wounded and speed increases to duck in and out.
7. Try to ult when you can get at least three of them
8. Do not go out by yourself. Ever. Never.
9. Keep all 3 auras up constantly in late game (should not be a problem with your mana pool)
10. Spam Clairvoyance to keep map awareness and prevent ganks
11. Do not die. This is the second best thing you can do for your team.
12. Try to get a couple early kills. It helps immensely with building as Sona does not get a lot of kills after early game.