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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author OmegaKing

TF-Try Dodging this

OmegaKing Last updated on January 24, 2011
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Try it!

This TF build is beast.

If you can play this build just as I say. I promise you, you will own any squishy before they can even attack you. For my runes, you can either do this build, or go all attack speed runes. Which will give you a big advantage at start with 38% more attack speed. Lv 2 you will have 1.00 attack speed at least. Other possible summoner spells you can get is , , and . I don't suggest any other summoner spells cause they're not that useful. People get exhaust, but I don't think exhaust is necessary with TF because it your long range and it doesn't help you much when you're trying to run away too. Cleanse is good if you get exhausted or stun or some kind of cc. Ignite helps you kill those who are low life and running with out you having to chase them. And having two teleports is even better than one. Best Back door action with two teleports right?

Well the reason I get flash and ghost is cause, ghost is good for running away and chasing, and flash is also good for ditching out on ganks and team fights so you don't die. Also it's useful for turret diving. Attack, kill, FLASH OUT! And you still live with the kill =).

Always remember this combo. This 2nd skill, hit gold card, attack attack, DEAD! Or Ultimate, 2nd skill, hit gold card, attack attack, DEAD! This is how TF will own =). If you have sword of the divine in your item list. You should either quick key it to a key you always will remember to use or do what I do, I switch the sword of the divine into the number one slot for my item slots. Because the item activation for slot 1-6 is the numbers 1-6, this will be your new combo when you have sword of the divine. 1(or your quick key), 2nd skill, hit gold card, attack attack, DEAD! Or, Ultimate, 1(or your quick key), 2nd skill, hit gold card, attack attack, DEAD! =)

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Try to take middle if you can, so you can start ganking right away at level 6. If you can't take mid that's okay. So, if you're laning with someone I suggest you take the stun skill first, to help out your partner. In the beginning I usually start of with a and a . I start off with this cause the extra health helps out with being so squishy and it adds on a little damage too. TF in the beginning is all about farming! Last hit minions as much as possible so you get enough money when you go back. I usually play safe until I hit level 6 so I don't die and I get enough money to buy either one of these items and , or . I also usually buy a if I have an extra 250 gold. During the beginning of the game, this is great for chase and attack speed, and you last a little longer because of the elixir. Once you head back and buy these items, look at the lanes. See if theres enemy champions pushing really hard or is at below half health. Choose which lane you are about to go to. Use your ultimate, teleport there, and use your second skill while teleporting, wait till it hits gold card and click the skill again so your next attack will stun your opponent. After you stun your opponent keep attacking them until they're dead or until they have to back. If they get to there turret and you are below 3/4 health don't chase unless you have minions at the enemy turret. If you don't, don't be greedy, back away and go back to your lane. Also if your opponents have an invisible, try to save enough to get oracle whenever you go back to buy your items. This will mess up those invisibles who think they can do what ever.

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Mid Game

Always farm, you should be the top minion killer in your team. Each minion gives you about 20 gold at least plus your extra 2 gold per kill. If you feel like your attacking to little damage don't worry about it, trust me on this, don't go for attack damage yet. Save your money for your ultimate weapon, . This weapon is your greatest weapon, especially mid game. I'll explain why, this weapon adds 60% attack speed, plus 100 EXTRA DAMAGE every 4th ATTACK! Also when you activate it, you will NOT miss, AND you GET 30 ARMOR PENETRATION! This weapon is Jax worst enemy =). After you get this item, you can either to decide to get b.f. sword first or you can turn your zeal into a . I usually go phantom dancer because the running speed helps and I usually buy every time I go back to buy items for extra health and attack damage. By now you should be raping everyone, and always gank with your ult when you see an gankable person. Gank as much as you can. Cause that's where your gold is going to come from. Get enough gold for an . When you get this, you probably will rape about anyone 1v1 including tanks. You will be doing around 300-500 damage per hit and your attack speed should be around 2.30, also your stun always gets you a head start in a 1v1 battle. So you will probably kill them before they can even touch you. Either that or they're running for there life. If your close to enemy base when you fight them, don't chase. Remember you're a squishy character, so if you get ganked, there's nothing you can do. During team fights, make sure you stay behind your tank so they can't aim for you and USE YOUR RANGE!!! Remember you are LONG RANGE, not SHORT RANGE! If you been owning the **** out of the other team, meaning you're just everywhere cause you can appear out of nowhere and kill anyone in like 3 seconds top. They would probably surrender by now. If not MOVE ON TO THE LATE GAME CHAPTER!

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Usually when you own everyone with TF, by now they surrender, but if they haven't yet. Don't worry lets just get some more attack damage to show them they should quit. Once it hits late game, you should have tons of gold, as in enough to buy at least another , but if you have enough for a Blood Thirster go for it. Once you get this weapon, you should be doing about 600-800 damage per hit, plus your extra magic damage =). This is good enough to take out ANY BODY in 2 seconds. After the blood thirster, if you aren't taking out ANYBODY in at least 3 seconds, and they have too much damage you could either go or another blood thirster. Either one will help with damage. I usually go with another blood thirster cause it gives the most attack damage and some extra more life steal. Use your ult whenever you get it, or feel like you need to. This helps show where your opponents are, and also lets you teleport to minions wave or champions that are alone jungling. This is the way you make money at late game =). Once you get this build and they still aren't quiting and you have so much gold left. Switch out your berserker's greaves and buy another . This will give you maximum attack speed, more crit and good enough movement speed for team fights. Once you get this full build and still have extra gold, just buy the elixirs and the game should be over! Also... I suggest having a good tank for this guy. He rapes everyone, but without a good tank... in team fights they will just aim for you and you will die fast. That's why they made tanks though right?

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BF sword and Bood thirster weapons are now showing as image. So just remember the name, and read carefully!