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Master Yi General Guide by TheKing8133

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheKing8133

The ADC melter

TheKing8133 Last updated on April 30, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Threat Champion Notes
Nasus If your against one, counter jg HARD. No stacks means no damage which means easy game.
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Hello, and thank for taking the time to read my Master Yi build. Master Yi is a high attack speed assassin that melts pretty much everyone on the enemy team. If your team needs a super carry jg, go Master Yi. If your team needs a semi tanky face melting monster, go Master Yi. If your team needs a super tanky, high CC top laner... I recommend going Sion Anyway, below is an in depth guide on how to kill everything.

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Pro's and Cons


  • Carries late game
  • Good wave clear
  • Amazing skins
  • High damage and attack speed
  • Easy to get fed


  • Bad early game if not fed
  • No CC
  • No escapes without ulting.
  • Mana hungry early game.

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For the truly novice Yi players, here is a run down oh how and when to use them. If you have actually played yi before, skip over this section:

: This is your Q. It is your best clearing item, and your only non AA oriented attacking ability. Always use this when chasing down enemies to get close to them, or to start team fights, as it can attack up to 4 people at once. Also good for dodging skill shots or other easy to anticipate attacks. Always upgrade first.

This is your W, and has OP sustain. It heals you for massive amounts, and reduces damage. Use it whenever your low and don't want to recall (Especially if it's the middle of a team fight), but also if you want to stall out for other people to come, as the reduced damage and health keeps you alive longer. Also useful for tower dives as you can take what would be a lethal shot and still survive. If you find your being focused, or often having to recall, throw a couple points inside to stay fighting longer. Otherwise upgrade this last.

This is your E, and has a passive and active component. The passive does bonus % AD, while the active adds true damage. Neither affect are usable while on cooldown. This is your hardest ability to master, because you need to know when to use it, and when to just go for the passive. I save activating it in team fights for the end, so you don't lose it near the part of the team fight where everyone is dying. If your chasing someone down, just activate it to take that kill.

This is your R. Unlike most ultimate, yours does no damage. Instead, you gain movement speed, attack speed, and can not be slowed. This is the reason so many people think you are OP. use it to chase people down, and they die. Use it to run away, and you tend to live. It's a short cooldown, just don't hit it to early or it wears off before you start the fight.

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Items analysis


This does not include optional items, as the reason to get them was in the note above their picture in the build guide. However, even if you're against a mundo, don't get multiple optional items. You might be tank busting AND stopping his heals, but you're losing key pieces of your build once you go past 1 optional item.

A good JG item. Provides vision, if the enemy flashes, does a decent amount of true damage, and reduces the damage taken by whoever gets smited. Great for buying enough time to melt that squishy, yet super fed Jinx

Lets you heal for more with your W, gives you damage, and gets you that needed attack speed. The AOE is also very helpful for clearing camps.

Gives you life steal and attack speed. Not to mention the 10% max health, bonus health, and movement speed the active gets you. Once you this item and sated, no matter how early game went, you should start carrying.

Now, you may not be a tank YET! But since your already high attack speed, and soon about to be tanky, this should get you that bonus damage you need to start melting.

Gives you that shield to stay alive longer, especially while tower diving. Also, the bonus health makes the titanic hydra infinitely more useful.

The final item of the build. gives you everything left you need. More health, less damage from enemies as there AA get slowed, and most importantly, raises the question on how you can carry a sabre, a rageblade, a hydra, a ruined king's blade, AND a mallet all in 2 hands, while still having them all effective.

Gives that extra little health for each hit, and that bonus AD. This can also be subbed out for Elixir of Iron if your team is lacking a tank, or if you want more Titanic Hydra damage over life steal.

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Mastery Analysis


Very basic Master Yi masteries. Fury is WAY more useful than Sorcery. Double Edged Sword VS Feast is more of a judgement call. Never go Expose Weakness . It's more useful on supporting jg like a nunu. I prefer the slight amount of bonus AD solely because your Meditate makes up for the lost health. Natural Talent helps in your Meditate, along with just general damage. Not to mention that since you have 0 damaging ap abilities, that 2% spell vamp from Vampirism isn't worth it. ALso, due to a lack of slows, and being a jg, always go Bounty Hunter . obviously go Battering Blows . As for a keystone, Fervor of Battle is best. You could also take Warlord's Bloodlust for that bonus lifesteal if you feel like you're going to get focused. As for cunning, with your Highlander you really don't need movement speed our of combat, as chances are that's going to either be chacing or running from enemies. The next row, all 3 are good choices, but I like to get Assassin so I'm getting that bonus dmg to get fed with early game. The next two sections should be pretty obvious.

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Creeping / Jungling

I would recommend starting at the krugs. Get a hard leash so you can save smite for red. If you can't go do the raptors first so your smite refills. After that, jg until you hit lvl 4. Once your there, recall, you should have enough gold for your items. Now just start ganking whatever lane is pushed up. The second you have money for devour, buy it, then go straight to dragon. If you do everything right, with 2 dragons and a herald, you should get sated by around 19 minutes.

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Team Work

In a team fight, never lead the charge. Your ult might make you fast, but your not tanky enough to go charging in immediately. Try and get a tank to engage, THEN charge in. THe tank sops up enough damage for you to kill at least one, so by the time focus shifts to you, it's to late. Also, if at any time your hurt to much to keep fighting in a team fight, rather than recalling, fall back safely to use your Meditate. Once its done reengage. And finally, if it looks like a team fight is starting, but your tanks aren't engaging, THEN you start it. It's best to start the fight and maybe get a kill or two then get hit by something like a Death Sentence and get killed.

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A more in-depth look of the champions listed above:

Easy fights:

Honestly I don't know why people jg with him. In order to stack properly, clears take so long. If you clear fast, your stacks are so low. However, if you are lucky enough to get against one, pretend to switch teams and make the enemy jg your jg. Nasus is SUPER strong with his Siphoning Strike stacked. If you take his camps... no stacks. Just try and avoid running into him in the jg, or else his team might help, and that's 6 stacks right there.

Rammus gotta go fast. Luckily so do you. He is annoying early game, but once you get a few kills, he starts to be easy. By late game it's practically a 4v5. His taunt on you is literally suicide if you're fed enough. You do SO Much damage SO FAST that his shield won't matter. However, if by some miracle he gets fed, treat yourself to a Lord Dominik's Regards for tank busting and armor piercing.

Shen is very similar to rammus. If you get taunted, it hurts him a LOT more than it hurts you, and he doesn't even have the damaging shield. That being said, since his rework, his Spirit's Refuge is annoying. Either switch focus to someone outside of it while you wait for it to go off, or Alpha Strike and move out of it. If your taunted, just power through and kill him once it wears off.

J4's most annoying thing about him is his passive. Once that's gone... He's dead before the next passive is charged again. His shield is gone in seconds, and the only useful CC he has is a knockup, which requires a combo. Not to mention there is very few things more satisfying than killing a j4 inside of his own ultimate.

His sword is really dull, so he relies on abilities instead. Your sword is sharp, so you cut him in half. There are two routes an ekko jg can take. AP ekko, which gets a super strong shield, does massive damage, and can turn the 1v1 with that ult. However, if you Alpha Strike to dodge the stun, then he can either ult, or die. If you see his ult start, Try to get out of it. If you can't use your Meditate. Reduced damage means you can still win. The other thing Ekko can do is tank Ekko. Had died out, but I'm starting to see it more and more. However, he doesn't have as much chunking powers, so save you're Alpha Strike to try and dodge his ult. If he lands it, then he gains enough health, and you lose enough health that the fight becomes a bit harder.

Close Calls:

Diana is a super broken assassin who gets 2 ultimate if she lands her Crescent Strike. On the bright side, you have an ability which makes you untargettable and teleports you right to her. Once you see her Crescent Strike, and she is in range, use your Alpha Strike then just attack her. You cut her ult damage in half, and now can just melt her. Alpha > Crescent.

Super CC in late game, so counter jg early. You will do more damage, and set him even farther behind. Once you have ult he can't kill you until he gets his, so try and kill him a few times first.

Normally mirror matches are a battle of skill, but (as people are fast to point out once you are fed) master yi doesn't have the highest skill level in the game. This is more of a battle of the builds, so know how to counter build. If it's a life steal yi, grab Mortal Reminder. A tank yi gets hit with Lord Dominik's Regards, and if they are using my build, then farm, and take dragons. If you get sated first, find him and kill him. That will put you ahead enough to start counter jungling to keep him from sated. If he gets sated first... good luck.

[icon-Aatrox size=50] Very rarely used, but has massive life steal in the JG. Especially if sated. Get a Mortal Reminder if he's snowballing, but otherwise you should be able to 1v1 him. Just watch out for his afterlife. A full blood well can make the difference in a fight.

Another usually sated jg. Unfortunately, this one is hybrid, so he's hard to counter build. I would power jg here. Getting sated first is a must. Also, DO NOT let him stun you. If you get stunned, you will lose. if you see him starting his stun up, Alpha Strikeaway and with any luck you will dodge it. That is your best chance of surviving that fight.

Xin Xiao Once again, an AA, attack speed, sated JG. This one has a someone similar kit. He has an ability which charges at a target, and can hit multiple people, a W that heals, and an ability that makes his AA stronger. However, your heal is stronger than his, and he gets guarenteed crits and a knockup. Plus his ult is a knockback. If you plan on killing him, don't 1v1 unless you are fed. He knocks you up, and he;s going to do damage.


Teemo jg really fell off the map after the devour change. Now that it takes 4 shots for ranged to get it, people stopped using him. Still,if you happen to see one, or if one is top, be fed before engaging him. His stupid little Blinding Dart which makes it so your only damage comes from your Alpha Strike The only way to win this wight is if you can either A, melt him before Blinding Dart comes off cooldown, or if your so fed you can kill him after it wears off. chances are, assuming teemo isn't fed, if you want to do the second thing, you will be about half health when it wears off. So anticipate accordingly.

Probably my least favorite jg to go against as yi. First off, You both go sated, so it's a fight at every dragon/herald. Although that isn't normally a problem, his Infinite Duress goes and silences you, damages you, and allows him to smite dragon before you can. Plus, his life steal lets him clear faster, and get sated before you. Not to mention that same life steal keeps him alive long enough to 1v1 you. And finally, even if you counter build a Mortal Reminder, he still just ults you, and his life steal no longer matters, because you're dead. Plus his Blood Scent makes it near impossible to run away from.

saw yorick jg in one game and I had to add it. Totally a joke putting him as hard. First off, it is literally so infrequently played I had to buy the guy (And subsequently refund him) to do a custom just to find out how he would works. In the end, you just Alpha Strike his summonings, and they die. If they don't die, then you're dead because they have SUCH A SMALL HITBOX, you can't AA them. once that is done, just focus yorick and he dies. On the off chance he gets fed, just focus him to force the ult/remove it all together.

Basic Counter Info:

CC is a huge threat to you. If you get hit with a stun, there isn't much you can do from being killed. You might have health, but you will still be dropped low enough to not be as effective before death, or you have to fall back to Meditate. If it's something like a Dark Binding then dodge it. If it's a lock on like Alistars Pulverize then hang back. Wait for him to use it before diving in.

Tank, although you do enough damage to kill most tanks, there are always the easily fed ones like Dr. Mundo who if you don't focus, will pentakill you, but if you do focus them, the rest of his team kills you. Best way to handle this is if you see a tank winning a lane, set up a camp. If they get to late game fed, it's going to mess you up. If they still manage to get fed, just grab a Lord Dominik's Regards, but DO NOT focus them. This is one of the biggest traps I see for many people, especially high attack speed high damage champs like Master Yi. Even though you CAN kill him, it doesn't mean you should. There are higher priority targets you should focus.

Used to be a bigger problem back when Quinn had a blind also. Now that it isn't as common of a problem. Still, blinds are the death of every AA based champion. All you can do is Q for roughly 200 damage, and that is it. No AA, no titanic hydra damage, no E passive, nothing. If it's a team fight, like with stuns, bait it out. Try not to 1v1 someone with a blind if you aren't fed.

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That, is pretty much all you need to know to play a pretty good Master Yi. Now, this was my first guide here, so I would love any advice on how to make it any better. Hope it was helpful. Just a quick recap of what you need to know. Max Alpha Strike, Wuju Style then Meditate, while upgrading Highlander while you can. Teemo is satan, and avoid Warwick at all costs. And remember, just because you're semi tank don't be in the mind set of you're invincible. With the lack of any real armor or MR items, you're still not going to be decently squishy. The health is really mostly there to give you some damage for your Titanic Hydra. But, probably the most important thing I can tell you. Play smart, know you're limits. Yi is a huge carry, so make sure you play smart. If you're off trying to 1v3 there team all the time, you're not really helping anyone but the other team. Know when to group up, and know when to take down someone split off from there team. Good luck, and have fun melting those ADC.

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a quick check in case I change something in my guide so you don't have to go reread everything:


*Changed masteries from 12-18-0 to 18-12-0. Thunderlords keystone (I was going through a "ALWAYS GO THUNDERLORDS" craze) now fervor.

*Added new mastery into mastery description.

*More counter JG added

*Fixed various errors in masteries. (For some reason an update didn't save so I talked about why to get fervor while the guide said get thunderlord's.)


*Still more spelling fixes


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