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Irelia Build Guide by JexinationVII

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author JexinationVII

The Adventurer, Irelia in Jungle

JexinationVII Last updated on April 23, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi I play Irelia as main top, however I found out how powerful and fun Irelia can be while jungling. So I decided to post this mini guide for all Irelia's lover and also for those who are looking for Irelia's jungle guide. Even though Irelia lack of AOE skills like Master Yi or Rek'sai who can farm a lot in seconds, her role during banks and team fight due to her mid game power spike makes a big impact on most games. Just to let you know, I'm not a ranked player or a pro in LoL, so please feel free to comment your ideas!

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Stalker's Blade

The very first item that all jungler must complete for the extra gold on clearing monsters. Stalker's Blade is advised to be use for the passive where you are able to smite enemy champions.

Trinity Force

Irelia benefits from all aspects of the trinity force, which is why she is able to gain such a large power spike from it. Trinity Force must always be the first item to be complete.

Randuin's Omen

best armor item to build on Irelia because of the very useful passive and active that will help you "play tag" with enemy champions.

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Skill Sequence

As a jungle you rely on your W very much for the health restore and also true damage on monsters, so never level up your Q first since it has high cooldown, plus you also don't want to use potions right after golems/toad.

E will stuns monster and enemy champion if their HP % is higher then you, or slow them down if HP % is lower then you.

Q has a long cooldown at first, but it will resets if you kill an enemy (minions, monsters and champions). In most cases you will need to engage into the battle (duel or team fights) with your Q, and end the enemy if with your Q too if they are low and attempt to run away.

R is the only range and AOE skill on Irelia. It allows you to throw 4 blades to your enemy by clicking on R 4 times. This skill is essential on finishing enemy champions. If facing enemy while close range, use R, auto attack, then R again, auto attack until you threw all 4 blades.

It is recommended that use your Q to dive into the enemy, W for true damage and double health restore, spam auto attacks on enemy, E when they r trying to run away to stun or slow them down, R or Q to finish them off. Same goes to team fight, E is very important since its a crowd control. Also use R in fights to make enemy champions low in HP so your teammates can finish them easily. GG!

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Since Irelia focus on speed to finish things off fast, high in mobility is important for her. Teleport helps by teleporting into allies trinkets or wards in bushes to achieve unexpected ambush by using Q then E and let your teammates finish it (is its yours then take it).

Smite plays a huge role during jungle at first since you will always be lack of hp while clearing camps. In mid game Smite is very useful on "robbing" enemy's buffs especially dragon, quick clear off dragon and baron, and also killing enemy champions when they are low due to Stalker's Blade.

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Creeping / Jungling

Always level up W first. My sequence on Jungle will be first Toad if you are on Red or Golems if you are on Blue. Smite first so the cooldown will be just nice when you are clearing the buffs later on. Let your teammates at bot to help you hit it to low hp and leave then you finish it. Level up E. After Toad/Golem, go to the animal camp which is next to the buffs, the Wolves or Chickens. Use potions if needed. After clearing it head to the buff and clear it. Smite should be up when it's half HP. Smite it then you can do your first recall.

After that go to the other side of your jungle and clear the buff first, follow by the animals' camps. Then you are now ready for your first gank, Top or Mid. But please don't rush if you couldn't find a good opportunity. Normally at this point the enemy's jungler will be at the top side of their jungle. You could hide in the bush next to the buff and ambush if appropriate.