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Team Guide by SouthernBelle

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SouthernBelle

The Agnostic Lad's Team Build

SouthernBelle Last updated on January 7, 2011
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The Agnostic Lad's

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Hello, this is my first team build. I decided that I would make a build for a balanced team that can win. This team features 2 tanks, 1 ranged, 1 mage, and an assassin.

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Team Work

Lane Phase:
Mid- Ashe

Ashe is the prefect mid for this team(and really any team). Ashe's range combined with the attack speed and damage that this build offers should allow her to easily farm and build up a pretty intense build.

Bot- Sion/Ryze

This lane should easily produce a pissed off opponent and possible rage quitter with double stun and the overall survivability of this Sion build. Sion has the power to support Rzye with ease and also take a **** ton of damage with his armor and magic resistance. T

Top- Irelia/Shen

This lane will easily harass their opponents with lunges and quick burst of damage. With two melee it is of high importance that both champions uses their minons as sheilds if paried against ranged opponents. Irelia's stun along with each burst could easily get those overly aggressive opponents.

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Each of the builds focuses on creating champions that can not only hold their own lane but one's that can work together in team fights.

Ashe- This build mainly focuses on Attack Damage and Attack Speed while throwing in some crit strike and ability power. Ashe is one of the few ranged characters that can start team fights when the moment is right. Ashe should never overextend mainly because of how squishy Ashe is but Ashe is vital to slowing down and killing enemies trying to run away. During team fights Ashe lays down her w spell to hit every targets slowing them down and Ashe should focus the other teams damage/AP character. Her ability to stay on the outside of battle and attack mid really excel her as a fun ranged assassin.

Irelia- This build is a hybrid build that focuses on both Attack Damage and Ability Power. Irelia is a great bursty character who's speed allows for her to hunt out and kill even the best enemy champions. Her ult is good for killing enemies running away and spraying into large group fights. Her e can be the turning point in team fights because it is a stun. Irelia should always be the second person into a team fight. After a tank or Ashe decides lets do it. Irelia can surge in and unload a lot of power quickly. Irelia is still pretty squishy and rely's on the tanks for protection and buffs. Once Irelia gets her ult she can leave Shen and go gank away at unsuspecting foes.

Sion- This build absolutely buffs the hell out of Sion allowing him to start fights take damage and lulz at the minor hit to his health. Sion will eventually take most of the brunt of a team attack but with the correct initiation from the rest of the team Sion will find himself last hitting and pulverizing other champions that are still around. The attack speed and damage out put combined with his ability to stun allow for Sion to control team fights. Sion will have a fun time with his overall speed, attack speed and magic buff with this build

Rzye- The nuke of this team. This build focuses on Ability Power and Ability cooldown. So this nuke will be running show when he has the ability to nuke often with deadly force. Rzye like Ashe can initiate a team fight with a stun and watch as he and the rest of the team will just delete the opposing player stuck in the rape. Other than the stun Rzye should be secondary into team fights focusing first on the high damage/Ability outputs on the other team.

Shen- The secondary tank on this team. While Sion's build focuses primarily on buffing himself and supporting his team Shen's build focuses on him planning to take damage and give back some also. Overall with him health and health regen Shen is a strong tank that will have the ability to hit other champions with ease. Shen is a relatively good lane character and in team fights Shen should be one of the ones to initiate the fight, but don't use shadow dash to initiate, wait until the enemies begin to focus your carries then taunt as many as you can to focus the damage back on yourself, or if they begin to flee then taunt as many as possible to secure more kills for your team. During the fight try to tag as many enemies with vorpal blade as possible so your team mates are being healed, although its a very small over time heal it could make the difference between a close win or lose. You can spam feints throughout the fight to soak up more damage but make sure you don't run yourself too low on energy, you want to have enough for a shadow dash at exactly the moment you need it.

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Team fighting

The strength of this team is their ability to compliment each other in team fights. Sion, Shen, Ashe, and Rzye can all start team fights but it might be better for Sion and Shen to show people how it is done. In team fights Sion and Shen's main goal is to distract the enemy tanks leaving Ashe, Rzye and Irelia the ability to seek and destroy the enemy nukes and assassins. Ashe should save her ult for when the enemy begins to retreat and unleash it on the stragglers. Overall this team has enough stuns and taunts and slowing ability to pick apart over extended enemies and dismantled teams.


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