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Alistar Build Guide by CabezaDeRadio

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author CabezaDeRadio

The Athletic Bull | CC Focused Support Alistar | BEING BUILT

CabezaDeRadio Last updated on November 16, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi readers! I'm Barnacless from the NA server
First of all, I want to say sorry for my English, I am just learning the language so I surely will commit a lot of mistakes, I encourage you to make me know about them on the comments!
This is my first guide and I really don't understand how to make it stylish at all, so the guide will be ugly at first, but I hope to make it nicer with your help.
If you wanna know what this is, it's a guide to build a mean Alistar, a bull that can get the enemies really bad with very low cooldowns and will never run out of mana. It's not the tankier Alistar you'll ever play, but if you get how to play it, you will see how amazing he is.
I am not sure if this guild is the pro kind of build or something, but I build it almost everytime I play Alistar, and it works really well!

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Pros / Cons

Well, this build has both pros and cons, as every build...


+Very hard to kill with Unbreakable Will active.
+You can constantly use CC
+Very good support at early game due to the mana regen.
+If your team win a teamfight, you can lead them to push successfully with Triumphant Roar.
+Decent damage on Headbutt on early game.
+Surprisingly high movility
+Incredibly funny to play.


-Not as tanky as other builds.
-Always taunted in chat because everyone seems to think this build sucks ¬_¬.
-If your carry fails to get kills you'll probably get underfarmed. Anyways I play solo queue a lot, and it's not so hard to them to get the kills.
- The CDR is excessive.
-You will have 45% CDR which is wasting 5% of it, but anyways I like the items I buy, so I think it's a minor lose.

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I decided to use a 0-21-9 masteries build because this build is for supporting based on spamming your skills and it's kinda Summoner Spells dependent at early game, that's why I get mainly mana regen.
I think the masteries are self-explanatory.

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Skill Sequence

>> >> >>
As Alistar, almost every skills priority is useful, but I recommend this mainly for keeping your carry alive for farming. Also, your objective is not to deal big amounts of damage, you'll have to use your CC to make easier for the carry to deal his damage on the opponents, and to keep them away from the champion you're supporting.

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Summoner Spells

There's some combinations of Summoner Spells you can use with Alistar, but for this build I'd recomend this one for almost every game.

This build is based on mobility, this summoner spell will make you abled to make it to reach almost every point of the map in an incredibly low amount of time. Also the fact you can go through champions and minions is useful to gank and engage because you can place yourself behind your target and cast + and get a kill for your carry if you practised it.
I use this Summoner Spell with every, or almost every, champion. I think it's the best SP of all. You're in a bush and there's an easy kill close? Surprise him with FLASH!. You're getting killed by 5 enemies? Pulverize, run close to a wall and FLASH AWAY! You want to troll your enemies? Surely you can if you have FLASH!

Another viable options

You can use this if you know their team will have a healer, so you can Ignite to avoid the target from being healed. Also you can get this to picking some kills your allies are not abled to pick.
This is pretty nice for ganking, you can teleport to a ward and make a very surprising gank at any lane, your lane partners would appreciate it, if not getting Ghost, I would get this one.
This is useful for saving your teammate in early game with Triumphant Roar and Heal.
And very useful at late game in teamfights. This also goes well for you with

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This sections is one of the particular ones of my build. I has been critisiced lots of times for my build when my team carries failed so there were no one to blame. I have failed lots of time with Alistar, but I know how to play him.

As almost every support you will want to start the game with , some Sight Ward and pots.
But you need to rush your quickly, since you won't be abled to engage without flash til you get them. By the first tripback you should have 615 for Philosopher's Stone + 350 for , and better if you're fed enough to get

Once you've got that, you usually will need to make some changes to the items order, you will need to know if you need first, or . I recommend to buy before finnishing up because with only the items you will have enough mana regen, and some more HP and CDR could be so good for how the game is going at this point.
The first commentary I received in this guide said this item is not useful for Alistar, but I consider it the main item in my build, it's a really good item for Alistar since once you've built this, you'll never run out of mana, and you will be abled to spam your skills all the time. Everytime I play Alistar I wait to get this item!

Then I get Shurelya's Reverie because this item is amazing for supporting your team, or for EVEN MORE MOBILITY!

After all of that, in not every game I get for the awesome team sustain it aura gives. It's a really useful item for almost every tank-support.

I think [item=Randulum's Omen size=30] is a MUST HAVE for every tank-support in the game. At late game, when the carries are fed, you need to slow them down, and it's awesome how it makes it easier to focus for your team, and harder for them. I love this item.

Finally, if you've reached the point of getting this sixth item, I think is a great choice, since at lvl 18 you'll have 3286 HP, so Force of Nature will give you 57.5 HP regen, what's a lot. Also the Magic Resistance and the MOAR MOBILITY! is awesome. (someone correct me if I did the wrong maths)

Other Viable Options

You can use lots of items, but these three items are almost in the same priority in my opinion that the items I chosen to make the build. Anyways if I got one of this items, I would replace , but I am not sure if I would replace any other items.

is nice because it gives your whole team some mana sustain and Cooldown Reduction, it also leaves you with the 5% CDR over the cap, but it's very useful.

I get this item in lots of games, since it gives you useful HP, and it improves your healin to yourself, what's nice for teamfights when you can spamm your E, keeping you alive, and tanky for your team.

This is a good item, but when I don't get this so much, for two reasons: there's lots of champions that can build Frozen Heart, and it leaves you with 10% CDR over the cap, what's not nice.

Choice of Boots

The bigger, the more recommended.

Please don't buy Ionian!
I pick Boots of Mobility in 99% of the games with these boots you'll be abled to outrun almost every champion, to make it to save your champions lots of times, to get into the right position quickly. This boots are realy awesome for this build. I encourage you to try then before refusing the idea.

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Final Commentary

I hope you like the guide, and I really encourage you to critic me in the commentaries, I don't mind if you have bad criticism, or if you want to refuse my whole guide. I just want to read your opinions and arguments to make myself grow as Alistar player.
In some days this guide will be getting new chapters, as Gameplay and a lot more.
If you want to teach me how to do some things about the style, I would appreciate it.
Thanks for reading!