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Wukong Build Guide by Denomolus121

AD Offtank The Big Daddy Wu

AD Offtank The Big Daddy Wu

Updated on August 5, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Denomolus121 Build Guide By Denomolus121 4,918 Views 11 Comments
4,918 Views 11 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Denomolus121 Wukong Build Guide By Denomolus121 Updated on August 5, 2013
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Hello and welcome to my Wukong build or Big Daddy Wu as I like to call him. Wukong is currently my favorite champion for ranked games, I find that he excels in a lot areas that I deem important for winning a ranked game and also has excellent team working capabilities.As you can see by my choice of Runes,Masteries and Items I go for an unorthodox build. Most people build Wukong as a pure tank, this is to make sure that Wukong stays alive for the full duration of his ultimate during team fights, I however believe that he is capable of more than just a tank.
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The runes that I use on Wukong are flat damage runes with AD scaling seals. This is an uncommon set of runes to use as usually more defensive runes potentially mixed with some AD runes are used. I find these runes the best for a constant harass on your lane opponent, once Wu has all 3 abilities he is ready to constantly harass the enemy whilst still farming. once the Brutalizer has been acquired the damage potential from your harass will be overwhelming early game.
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Starting Items

I take these straight up at the beginning for a small bit of sustain in lane
I take 2 of these to start with, over the recommended 1 potion. This is because I find when I am harassing the enemy after level 3 , 1 potion just isn't sufficient to keep up the constant attacks.
A must for almost any champion at the beginning. Used to keep sustained in lane longer, I take 4 potions I find that starting with Wukongs decoy, I take minimal damage so having 4 potions instead of the recommended 5 is more than acceptable.
Finally possibly the most important item in the game. The sight ward! as we can only afford 1 sight ward with this build we have to find the optimal place for the ward to get the most out of it. I usually place my ward in between baron and the river bush to give good vision of the 3 way's into top lane

Core Items

This is your main damage dealing item during the laning phase. once you have this you will dealing some serious damage with the harass and start picking up some kills.
This is also a core item to get before building the Brutalizer into the Black cleaver. The extra damage and health will be a great asset in the laning phase also the passive slow will work on your Q meaning that chasing down fleeing champions will be much easier.
Now the laning phase is coming to an end its time get some full boots, I recommend the Mercury Treads as Tenacity is invaluable on Wukong because slows and stuns really shutdown his ability to use his ultimate effectivley.

Mid Game Items

So now the laning phase should be essentially over. Now that we have done punishing the laning opponent the build can be focused more towards the tanky side for those all important team fights.
So I build into the frozen mallet first. I do this because it provides a huge boost in health, swaying you more over to the tanky side whilst also improving that passive allowing your team to catch up on enemy champions fleeing that you have managed to catch up to.
Ok so the mallet has been completed its time to turn the attention to finishing off the black cleaver. This is a great item to combine with mallet as now your Q will lower the enemies armor as well as slowing them.

This is an amazing item for Wukong it provides both armor and health to make him more tanky and most importantly creates a flaming aura to further increase the effectiveness of his ultimate.

Final Build Items

So now we are in late game and you have acquired the above core items its now time to get a few more items to make Wu even more effective.

This is another great item for Wukong essentially a top up to the sunfire cape acquired beforehand this will provide even more armor and health and will also gives an active area slow.

This is an essential item on any tank champion. Provides the most health of any item in the game and also gives a huge health regen bonus. very worth picking up

Situational Items

Finally there are some items that may need to be built in certain situations. The above build is the core build you should be aiming for, however the items below are sometimes necessary.
This is the item to rush first if you are forced to play mid or are against an AP caster on top like Ryze or Diana. The item provides a high amount of magic resist and a good amount of damage also.
This is an item I would only considering building if the ADC has been completely shut down and some damage needs to be found from another source.
These boots will need to be taken if your lane opponent is a heavy auto attacker, Master Yi, Jayce and Atrox would be good examples of this.
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Skill Sequence

Stone Skin

Ok so this is Wukong's passive. This is usually overlooked however as it is almost useless during the laning phase only giving a maximum of 8 armor and magic resist. This passive really shines during team fights where it can give up to 40 armor and magic resist. 40 is a large number especially for magic resist as the amount of magic resist u get on items for your money compared to armor is very low.

Crushing Blow

This ability is your Q and is part of Wukong's harass attack. The move is also your main move for applying the CC you have gained from your items.

Warrior Trickster

Decoy is Wukong's main utility move. This move can be used in a variety of ways including coming out of bushes invisible for ganks, avoiding damage,performing juke's and much more. you have to note with this skill however that the damage done from it is magic damage so 1 point in it at level 1 is enough until its the only ability left to max.

Nimbus Strike

This is the second part to the Wukong harass combo. This is Wukong's gap closer this allows him to get in close to hit his Q or potentially his ultimate.


This is Wukongs ultimate and by far his best ability. This move will put out massive damage early game with the flat damage runes and will knock up the entire team in a team fight.

This is the order I take the abilities as you can see I start with decoy to give me a good utility to get away from an early gank or jungle invade. After putting 1 point in each skill I max out nimbus strike first, partly because of its long cool down on low levels also because the damage scales better than on crushing blow. After nimbus strike crushing blow should be maxed out with decoy being maxed last. To harass the enemy in lane the combo to use is E , Q then W to retreat behind minions.
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Ignite Ignite is the best summoner spell to take for Wukong in top lane. If a combination of of the Wukong combo followed by his ultimate and then ignite during the spin is done to a champion below half health they will almost certainly die.

Flash The essential for most champions in the game. Can be used both as escape method or as an aggressive move to get into position to land the Wukong ultimate
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Pros / Cons


[*] Excellent early game harass
[*] Whole Team CC with high damage also
[*] Can have high burst damage but still be tanky
[*] Excellent in almost any team composition


[*] Countered by tanks in laning phase
[*] useless before level 3
[*] high mana consumption
[*] low base armor
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Team Work

As a Wukong player the main your main role in a team is to burst the AD carry at the beginning of the fight then proceed to use your ultimate hitting as many of the enemy team as possible to give your team a window to take out the priority targets like the AD and AP carry. Once over chase down the enemies either finishing them off with the burst damage or slowing them for the team to catch up.
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Farming as Wukong is difficult as it involves a high amount of awareness. at the beginning Wukong is squishy for a melee champion so you will be farming using nimbus strike, it is important to keep aware of your surrounding's when doing this however because if you get out of position you could be damaged by the opponent laner or caught out by the jungler.
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In Conclusion I have created a build for Wukong that focuses on early lane domination to then change into the tank as required for late game. Wukong is an excellent champion and I hope this guide will help!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Denomolus121
Denomolus121 Wukong Guide
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The Big Daddy Wu

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