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Jax Humor Guide by LobenScott

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author LobenScott

The Counter Strike Theory

LobenScott Last updated on January 28, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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The Start of A Next Generation Tactic

What's Up Guys! It's LobenScott here and today I'm going to discuss my very first build, The Counter Strike Theory! With following Runes, Masteries, Items, and Spells, you might as well say GG, cause the enemy team is in for one hell of a ****ING SURPRISE!!!!! :)

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So, the whole idea around the Counter Strike Theory is for you to never lose your opponent, (i.e. running away, leaping away, ****ing away, you know what I mean). The following runes will help ensure your DAMAGES will be dealt on your enemy, and you can catch up to them. Your Marks, Seals, and Glyphs will all be Attack Speed Runes, for Jax definitely benefits from the A.S. he so desperately needs. Your Quints however, will be Movement Speed Runes so NO ONE CAN ESCAPE YOUR WRATH. (YOU CAN SUCK MY **** TEEMO USERS)

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The Norm On Masteries (90% Normal That Is)

As far as Masteries go, your standard Offense points should be placed strategically as for a hybrid. (I just made mine random though, they somehow work for me) However, it is crucial you put 9 of your points in utility, filling up the Movement Speed and Summoner Spell Reduction Slots. Your Movement Speed Slots will complement your Runes and Items very nicely. As for your Spell Reduction, I'll dive into those up next.

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As for Spells, Exhaust and Ghost work very well on Jax. With the accompaniment of your Utility Points in the Spell Reduction slots, *****ES SUCH AS TEEMO, can suck your **** while you repeatedly shove your lamppost up their *******'s. In addition, those who Flash away, like the ******* they are, will shortly be reunited with you once more once you pop that Ghost on, giving you 27% more movement speed. (Cho Gath, I DONT THINK SO !!!)

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Maxing Out That Counter Strike Like I Always DO :)

As far as your opponent is concerned, they probably think you're going to max your Q or W first. Well here's where they get a nice surprise. By maxing your E first, not only can you stun them more often, you can also deal more damage to them. If your enemy doesn't rely on basic attacks, go through a wave of minions first to negate their damage, thus dealing more damage to your enemy once you get out of the minion wave. (If you don't understand what I'm talking about, look at Jax's Counter Strike) However, you must be careful about spamming your E early on. Note that Counter Strike takes up most of your Mana early on so use it wisely. You then want to max your Q next as SUPER SPAMMABLE gap closer. (Katarina trying to run away with Shunpo, I DONT THINK SO) Lastly, max your W last for it doesn't really provide as anything besides a damaging ability. (P.S. Always grab your Ultimate whenever it's up)

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The Self Explanatory Items

All in all, Items are pretty self explanatory. Each of my recommended core items gives either more Attack Speed, Movement Speed, Health, Ability Power, Cool Down Reduction, Attack Damage, or Critical Chance. (Maybe be even a Combo)All of these benefit Jax some way. There's nothing really to be said here.

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Enaging In The Team Fights (When I Feel Like It)

With this specific build, if you are ever to engage in a team fight, make sure the enemy team is clustered so you can stun them all!! From there, you can pick off your enemies one by one. However, if you feel like there aren't enough people to stun, and your team wants to engage, you can tell them to **** OFF, cause your Counter Strike Jax!!! (That actually sounds okay)

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Ranked Games With This GUY


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Good and Bad Things

Good Stuff
. Early Rape Potential
. Lots of Movement and Attack Speed
. No Escape (**** the following champions: Lee Sin, Katarina, Leona, Varus, Teemo, etc.)
Bad Stuff
. There is no bad stuff you pessimistic HATERS. (Can I say pessimistic HATERS?)

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Don't Even Think About IT!!!! I MEAN IT

DO NOT JUNGLE WITH HIM. HE WAS MEANT TOP. IF YOU DO, THEN PREPARE TO FACE MY ARMY OF ONE MAN, ME!! (IF you do Jungle, make sure your ganks always land their stun! GOOD LUCK :)

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What Unique Skills?

Well besides DEALIN THE DAMAGES WITH COUNTER STRIKE, there's really nothing special about Jax besides his Ward JUMPIN SEXINESS!! :P

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Killing Minions All Day Every Day

Just farm like you normally do, Last Hit. (Unless you have no Runes and Masteries and you're weak as ****)

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The End (Maybe Not)

In conclusion, Counter Strike Jax (I used that name again) is a very efficient champion with a non-escapable build. With yourself having increase Movement Speed and your enemy having hindered Movement Speed, it's pretty much GG for your team. Did I forget to mention you have the a lot of Attack Speed. :) Well guys, that's pretty much the end of my build. Hope you guys understand the POWER OF THE COUNTERSTRIKE!! This has been LobenScott and see you next time! :)


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