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Nocturne Build Guide by DeliriousPlayer

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DeliriousPlayer

The Dark Rocket - Nocturne Jungle S7 Guide

DeliriousPlayer Last updated on December 29, 2016
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Nocturne Jungle Bruiser


Nocturne Jungle Assassin

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Let's get started...

Hello Summoners !

I'll show you my personal optimal build for Nocturne in the Jungle, a really strong champion that excels at ganking post-6 (but you can also gank pre-6) with his awesome ult.
And by the way, read items' notes !

Sorry for my eventual spelling mistakes !

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Abbreviations are coming

AP = Ability Power
AD = Attack Damage
MS = Movement Speed
AS = Attack Speed
LOL = League of Legend
H2U = How To Use
If I forgot some, tell me !

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The champion

Nocturne is a very strong champion (I'm repeating myself?). Let's start by presenting you his abilities, their strengths, weaknesses and how to use them.

Q(DUSKBRINGER) : Your bread-and-butter ability. You throw a shadow blade which deals physical damage, increasing with the more AD you have. When following the trail of the blade, you gain MS and Damage, but you will also ignore units collision. Enemy champions leaves a "Dusk Trail"
H2U : While clearing camps, just shoot at the monster's face your big black ... blade !, and stay on it to increase your damage. On enemy champions, throw the dark blade to them as they will leave the Dusk Trail. Now you just have to follow them by walking on the black road.
PROS : "gap closer", escape tool (you run faster boi), MS + Damage increase
CONS : Your Q can go through walls, that's dangerous, especially when invading because the enemy team can see your Dusk Trail and you'll be spotted and hunted

W(SHROUD OF DARKNESS) : That's a banshee. it gives you passively a bonus of AS, which is doubled if you dodge a spell.
H2U : Free Banshee Press W when Morgana throws you her gift.
PROS : If you buy a Banshee + Edge of the Night, you got 3 spell shields ! Yay.
CONS : It's very hard to time it, it blocks only 1 spell, you can block a useless spell and get OS by the next one.

E(UNSPEAKABLE HORROR) : You fear your target while dealing some magic damage. At level5 it's a 2.25sec fear.
H2U : Use it in jungle to take less damage while clearing red/blue, and behind your ennemies as they will run in your opposite direction, so in front of your lane teammate. You can also use it while being chased by someone.
PROS : A very nice gank tool, if used well you will burn your enemy flash, or just burn your enemy.
CONS : You have to wait 2sec before fear applies, if your target got some mobility he can escape

R(PARANOIA) : Nocturne turns into a Rocket which impales the enemy you targeted (press R on the target), at 2500 to 4000 range, while "disabling" in a drastic way the enemy vision
H2U : Press R to gank. Before impaling your target, use your Q on him to increase your damage on your target and to chase him if, by miracle (or by flashing etc...), he escaped. This will also allow you to proc your thunderlord in 90% of the time because you simply R+Q+AA+E+AA You can also use it while being chased to disable the enemy vision on you as their sight radius is greatly reduced
PROS : The enemy team can't know who you targeted, you can gank from the moon to earth, and you deal massive damage.
CONS : If you loose the vision of your target, you can't impale him. Dont waste your ult if there's a bush or a zone without wards next to him because he can rush this place, leaving you alone...

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The itemization

You start with machete because you're AA based, and refillable potion OR 3 potions.

Buy the chilling smite if you want to land your E without difficulty ; nice to secure early ganks, because you fear the target with the slow in most of the case, if his flash is on CD. Take challenging smite if your enemies got NO mobility, and/or high damage as you will reduce them a bit.

Bloodrazor is now very good a Nocturne, with the great AS it gives you'll be able, to take the drake without help (don't forget your smite, Lee Sin is in that brush), and your ganks will be more effective.

BoRK gives you more AS, and a "MS vamp"(like Chilling Smite), which synergize very well with your E, as it will help you to land it. The lifesteal is also great.

After those items, or before the BoRK, you want to buy you boots. I generally buy the Ionan, but you have to adapt them to each game.

Now, there's a dilemna : Frozen Mallet or Black Cleaver. Those 2 items are awesome on Nocturne, so just take one of them : If your enemies are very mobile, Mallet, because you will ALWAYS land your fear. Or very often. I mean it's easier. If there's 2+ tank, Cleaver, so you'll shred their armor with your 1.80 AS like butter, and t breaks around 20armor from a normal ADC (and it gives some MS Boost to hunt some ennemies).

Depending on your game, you will now buy tanky items, as Deadman's Plate and Maw of Malmortius if the enemy deals a ton a damage (mixed), or if you're snowballing and feel in a good position, take instead a Titanic Hydra, and a Guardian Angel.

If you are FAR AHEAD, you can buy a Death Dance. Super strong items, allows you to survive while fighting carry and adds a very nice lifesteal + spellvamp, as well as 10%CDR and 75AD. Lovely item

A fun tip : The blue ward trick : Buy a blue ward level9, place it in front of an ennemy (if you think he's here). If you're right, you'll see him, so just ult (please don't do that in 0/4/0) and kill him.

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Matchups ?

I'll update them frequently. If you played Nocturne and followed a bit my build, comment about your matchup, I'll be happy to read them !

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Thanks !

Thank you to read my guide ! If you enjoyed it, drop a comment, tell me what you liked, or vote for it ! If you think it was horrible, useless, do the opposite, and tell me how I can improve it !

Good Luck, Have Fun summoner !