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Soraka Build Guide by RoanStrangewoods

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RoanStrangewoods

The Everlasting Raka (bringing Support back)

RoanStrangewoods Last updated on January 25, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Getting to Know the New Raka

First off, I'd like to start by saying that I was in love with the old Raka. She was a power house healer, with good survivability. Depending on how you built her, she was either the most threatening Support that you could hope to be, or the most Annoying bugger in the game. Alas, times change, and so does the Raka almost every season. Raka has gone through lots of changes this season, with her spells no longer buffing or debuffing. She no longer has he spammable auto-aoe, nor does she have the ability to give mana to her laners through sheer willforce. While I do dislike the things they took away from her, I must say, what they gave her almost makes up for it.

Her passive allows her to quickly travel to critically wounded friendly champions.

Her first, though it does use a type of synergy with her second ability is a fairly powerful attack spell by itself.

Her second, the Heal, is very potent and the cool down on it isn't as long as it used to be. That being said, a straight 10% of your HP will drop off the face of the earth every time you cast this spell. It's almost like taking a Sword tot he gut every time you want to heal someone.

Her third, the utility spell, silences in an Area, it deals damage to champs twice if they stay in the circle as well as rooting them. Not a bad spell as far as these things go.

And her Final. God Bless Raka, the Big Heal from anywhere on the map. The Cooldown is still pretty big, but it's just short enough to always have it for the big fights.

With this in mind, the New Raka isn't as bad of a workover as I had feared when they had announced it, but it's not exactly the Support Power House I had Grown to love.

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The Philosophy Behind this Build

The Idea behind this build is focusing on maintaining a certain percentage of HP instead of just having tons of HP. The way the new Rakas' heal works is by chunking off a constant 10% of your total HP every time you cast it. So the idea that I've been playing with is instead of grabbing junk tons of HP that I can never seem to refill after casting my Heal a few times, why not have a small portion of HP that I can fill almost instantaneously but casting two spells?

My Raka works by getting HP regen, Spell Vamp, and AP, with as little Health in the process. Granted, you will be playing as a glass cannon, but you will be healing in large chunks, as well as dealing an impressive amount of damage while you do it.

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In the Beginning, there was Banana, and it was good... (Phase 1)

When you start off you might want to think about getting the warding trinket first off, you can always trade it in later if you need to change the nature of your Raka plays. Right off the bat, you're going to want to attach yourself to the ADC, they will be getting you gold faster in conjunction with your Coin, and will also be depending on your to enable daring plays. Keeping your ADCs' HP topped off will demoralize the enemy, but be sure that you don't drain your own HP too fast. Let your HP regen work it's magic in between skirmishes.

When you get a goodly amount of gold built up, you and your ADC will be able to head into Phase 2. Just focus on keeping yourself and your ADC alive.

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And the Banana spoketh... (Phase 2)

Phase 2 isn't the biggest leap you'll be making with the Raka, but it should keep you alive, and bringing in the gold a bit faster. upgrading the Coin into a Medallion will increase the gold/minion ratio by 1 and will also boost your movement speed a little. This in conjunction with purchasing boots will make you a pretty darn fast Raka. If you can spare the gold, grab an Amplifying Tome as well, to boost the amount you heal and the amount of damage you do. This Tome will go into a Hextech Revolver for the spell vamp later, so don't grab anything bigger than this unless you really want to do some damage.

Once again, follow your ADC, keep them alive, and you'll be rolling in gold. You're gonna be fast enough to escape most encounters in relatively good condition, so don't be afraid of playing the bait unless you're facing off against someone with insane CC. Collect gold, and when you get back, Phase 3 should be ready for you.

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The Banana separated the Earth and the Skys... (Phase 3)

This is where you'll be doing a bit of damage. Turn that Amp Tome/Hex Revolver into a Will of the Ancients. This will almost double the amount of HP you get back with your spells, as well as boosting your damage. Then build as much as you can towards the Lich Bane to just make your Bananas that much more dangerous. Lich Bane will also have the added bonus of giving you Movement Speed, so you should be the fastest little Raka on the field. Even if you only buy the sheen, it will make your Bananas hurt quite a bit more than usual. But the main thing was finishing off that Will of the Ancients. With that in conjunction with your spells and later items, you will just be out in the field forever.

This time you should be rolling as a team, heal to your hearts content, just be sure to land a few spells to restore your HP. Each spell you cast should be healing back about 1/6 of your HP, with is about a heal and a half if you need to keep track of your damage to heals ratio.

Let the gold build up again, and if you haven't already won the game maybe you should consider healing harder. As it were with all that gold let's move onto Phase 4...

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The Banana looked upon the land and saw that it was Good. (Phase 4)

Phase 4 is all about that Lich Bane action. Work that Lich Bane, and work it hard. At this point you could probably do some killing of your own, so I recommend turning those boots you've been ignoring into Boots of Swiftness with Alacrity. You'll be the fastest Raka ever... EVER. Every time you hit cast a spell and follow it up with a Banana, the opponent should be screaming a little on the inside.

Aside from the damage aspect of Phase 4, you'll want to build a Spectre's Cowl, this will unfortunately add a little bit of Health to you, but not so much that it would be devastating to you HP/regen ratio. This item will be working towards the thing that ties all of your other items together in phase 5...

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The Banana created life in all it's Glory. (Phase 5)

Honestly, the game should have been over about 10-15 minutes ago by this point. But if you do get this far, know that Raka can still get better. Phase 5 is all about getting the Spirit Visage and finishing the Talisman of Ascension. These two items will keep you and a friend on the Fields of Judgment until you get too tired to click anymore. Your HP regen at this point should be pretty close to what Garen was like back int he day, and the spell vamp you ave will be boosted as well. I've only reached this point a few times in the past, and I've had no trouble taking on two champs who didn't have stun. It's pretty funny to see a Caitlyn and Lulu combo running away from a Raka. I don't recommend doing a 1v2 but know that at this point your damage and spell vamp are going to be that powerful of a force. Your Cool Downs should also be pretty fly with that Will of the Ancients. The Talisman will add a nice little activated speed boost, as well as keeping your gold coming. After this, it's all theoretical territory onto Phase 6...

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The Banana saw that it was Good, and created one in it's likeness to Govern

By this point, this game is either done, or your team is just ****ing around. Sorry, but I've personally never gotten to this point of a game. The final item that I would recommend to make Raka just that much more unstoppable is a Guardian Angel, though personally I would probably take a Rabby's Deathcap over it any day. I like doing damage more than i like staying alive. But in Raka's case, it might be the same thing depending on your aim. The only reason I give the GA on this guide is for the extra Armor and Magic Res it would give you and make you that much harder to kill. Also, if you slip up during a team fight and heal too hard, that death won't keep you away for long.

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And so the Banana, having created everything Rested. (Final Notes)

I'd like to thank you for checking out this guide, know that this is a provisional guide based on the mechanics I've seen working as a Soraka Player. I find that having the least amount of HP over all allowed for me to be a more effective healer, as well as allowing me to concentrate on getting more Movement Speed and AP. I've mostly just been testing this kind of build against Bots, but I've also had a few of my friends test this build in actual games, and aside from the fiasco with one game where the ADC didn't seem to know the Tower shot boundaries, it has always functioned above and beyond the Tanky Soraka's you see cluttering ARAM games.

The main focuses for this build are:

HP Regen
Spell Vamp
Movement Speed
Ability Power

Everything else is just a bonus.