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Jax Build Guide by shaxy23

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League of Legends Build Guide Author shaxy23

The Fishing pole [Jax}

shaxy23 Last updated on April 30, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Offense: 14

Honor Guard

Defense: 15

Strength of Spirit

Utility: 1

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Hello there everybody at the start I would like to apologise for my English which may suck. I'm a newbie that started playing ranked macthes recently , and this is this my first guide.Jax is one of the first champions I bought and I still play him , he was great before the rework , but he's even better right now. He is great at being tanky , damage dealing and cc , but he's not great at any of these things , he's Jack of all trades ( or something like that) . And here's his Don't Feed

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why you may ask?
He's Jack of All trades that's why :D

-I pick 1 point in the Utility , because of that 15s cooldown on Flash , which work wonders on JAX
-14 In Offense give you nice armor/resis penetrations which are great for an hybrid like you
And last
-15 in Defense which gives you a bit edge over ADs

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Skills Sequence

I pick at 1lv , Because it gives you some freedome what to do . You can either use it as an offensive tool or defensive if you get into tight situation.It may not deal much of and damage but stil it's an great skill the only drawback is that you have 1s until you can stun anyone , which may give oponents a time to flash away

At 2 lv is a good idea instead of empower . Why? Because it allows for an even more deffensive or offensive gameplay. You can either Q and E , stun without much of a risk or Q And W if you want to finish someone off or You can run away with it if you have ward or minions near you. It's a great skill but not worth lvling up first , because it's better used as an gap closer or escape trick instead of damaging tool

3 lv Is where you start shinning with you which Deals a massive damage with this build , It's an great skill It's fast and strong , because you can pretty much spam it
(3s cooldown at 5lv without any items)

6 Lv is where he can legally start tower Diving :P and dealing Tons of Damage at same lv.
It's all thanks to a which gives you a reason why AS is quite good for old Jax . With this build you sould have around 2.0+ atk spd when guinsoo get's his stacks And every 3 attack you deal 220(+70% ap) , Did you calculate that? Yeah ... that's a lot of Damage with a simple auto attack only

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Summoner Spells

I didn't try Jungle Jax so I can't tell if he's viable there or not,
But I'm pretty sure for a Lane phases 3 spells are Viable for Jax

[icon-Flash] Which is viable for every champion
Which is great until you get rylai
Which allows for a more aggresive gameplay

Other spells doesn't seem to give such an advantage as those 3

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Ap/Armor And AD Runes are great Combo for JAX

-I picked Greater Mark of Strenth instead of Armor Penetration , because of the Farming abilities which aren't the best ones until the 6lv where you can do anything to minions , without using you skills. Ofcourse if you're Top notch farmer you should pick different runes

-Armor runes are pretty basic for an Champion that fights in close range

-Last are Greater Glypgh of Force or Give either advantage at early game or mid/late game .It's ur choice actually which one you chose ,because both of em work wonders on Jax

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-I Start with why? Because it gives more than Balde for sure and ring won't give you as much of a damage anyway while with doran you're pretty much unkillable for any ad , the only drawback is lack of mana which goes down pretty quickly , so you have to watch out.

-When you get back to base you should have some money so grab and With those 3 items you should be a bit tanky already and deal some damage if you did ok at your lane and didn't feed enemy team.

-After that I recommend and THEN
(Wit's and guinsoo combined work wonders :D) why? , because it gives an massive damage bonus compared to rageblade at early lvls . With Rage blade you have to prepare before any harrasing , while wit's give you more AND survivality

-you pick which gives you nice bonus to your JAX THE KILLER
AND HERE's Pick , because You can either go AP/AD/Tanky

+If you lack Damage and feel weak
Go with It slows down the enemies , It gives an nice AP bonus and hp

+If they found a way to stop you by going MR
just buy and item I reccomend or they both give nice Ad bonus

+If You die before you can even get close to that ASHE or CAITLYN
Go buy yourself an armor or Raduin's Omen

-And the Last Item In my Build is An:


They both great choices by the time you get here If you picked an AP route you can pick either item , Tanky Lich Bane and If AD Banshee

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Pros / Cons

-If fed , becomes a unkillable beast
-Great damage aswell as survivality
-Fun to play
-Unique Weapons aswell as Look :P
-Turrent destroyer

-Hard farming at the beggining
-E is used as escapre Or stun
-Q needs a target to let you run away

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The end

I know this Guide might Suck , but please leave comment if you think something is lacking in my guide . I hope I will get some comments form high ELO players :P