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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BoyceForte

The Forte of Veigar

BoyceForte Last updated on May 19, 2011
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 9

Strength of Spirit
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Defense: 0

Expanded Mind
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Utility: 21

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Terms of Agreement/Introduction

The Tiny Master of Evil. By reading this guide you acknowledge and understand that yordles are not to be looked down upon, and you will not bash, flame, or troll any of them.
Good. lets get started.
This is . he's small, and if you have never fought against one before, you will quickly find out he is an *******. His role is nuking and crowd controlling, he's often the center of focus VS a smart team, his dance no longer involves the rapid involuntary shaking of his hand, and his walking animation alone makes him worth playing. If through out reading this guide you don't understand a mechanic or all of Veigar's effects, passives, and whatnot, keep reading and bear with it, it will all be explained in time.

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Let me go over the flexible system of runes I use and why I use them.

  • x9 - Magic Penetration- You want 9 of these to get an extra 8.55 Pen against enemy MR (Magic Resist). It helps you do more damage. And you want that.
  • x9 - Mana Regen Per Level- The reason we do per level regen runes here is to balance out Veigar's control of mana through out the entire game. Early levels are almost unrecognizable amounts of regen from these runes, Thankfully Veigar's Passive is better than his voice, and increases your natural mana regen based on how much you have missing. By end game however, mana is NEVER an issue with these runes combined with the item build I use.
    You may consider other seals to use here if it makes you comfortable
  • x9 - Ability Power Per Level- Simple Logic here. 28 Free AP at lvl 18. I like it.
    You may consider other glyphs to use here if it makes you comfortable
  • x3 - Flat Ability Power- YOU MAY argue freely here that magic pen quints are better in this slot, if you prefer them, then use them. But i only suggest you use flat AP OR magic pen. To simply explain why I use flat AP quints, it is to farm Veigar's Q effectivly at levels 1-4, which are the most difficult levels to last hit with it.

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9/0/21. The rocket science of taking 15% magic pen and shorter cooldowns.
This is the standard Mage/Caster/AP user mastery tree, it doesn't change much taking the 15% into in the offense tree and bottoming out the utility tree taking Improved Flash and + .

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*If you do not get sufficient stacks on your , then swap it out for

**Insufficient stacks is < 5

That's it folks. That's what your build should look like just about every game. After an hour of farming and killing and stacking, your AP should reach 1000 and beyond with time.

I think the best part of Veigar is not having to worry about switching your build around too much to respond to the enemy team, because whether or not they have 5 stuns or all melee DPS, or 3 tanks and 2 assassins, if you farm correctly and obtain these items, your role in the team is still to **** on Ashe with 2 spells, or flatten the unstoppable Katarina with the 1-2-3 Easy Boom Combo, Matter of fact I have killed Shens and Mundos with DFG + 1-2-3 in 3 seconds. YES folks, 3 seconds is all it takes for Veigar. TL/DR Intro? i'll say it again, Veigar is AN *******. The 1-2-3 Combo is explained in the next chapter---->

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Skill Sequence

First of all, I HAVE to explain the 1-2-3 combo.
Your standard combat sequence against any 1 target is what i call the 1-2-3 combo, and it goes like this-
1- Throw down your Event Horizon in a manner which it will hit them within a half second
2- IMMEDIATLY manually cast Dark Matter (smart casting can mess up the exact area sometimes) Follow up Dark Matter with your Deathfire Grasp Active
3- Smart Cast Baleful Strike for quickness and if they are still alive, mop up with Primordial Burst

*(Smart Casting is when you hold Shift and press a skill key such as Q, it will automatically cast the spell wherever the cursor is without having to click an actual target, therefore saving time.)

This is probably the most flexible part of the build, but I'll put up 18 bullet points with explanations.

  • Level 1- - No ****ing Exceptions Here. If you take any other skill at level 1 you are a terrible Veigar. You NEED to start farming AP with your Q ASAP.
  • Level 2- - Ok, I wont be so harsh with this one, if you really want Dark Matter, go for it, but I take this spell for early emergency crowd control for extensive and aggressive enemy champions.
  • Level 3- - Gotta get the damage up on this spell so last hitting is easier. Subsequently, with every rank up of this spell the mana cost does NOT go up.
  • Level 4- - ...wait what? we already got this at lvl 2... why again? WELL young grasshopper, you catch on quickly! Allow me to elaborate. This is the strange way I play Veigar, and by ranking up your only stun you increase the stun duration! Ranking Event Horizon to lvl 2 before your Ulti perfectly sets up your 1-2-3 combo after you do acquire your ultimate and then proceed with my skill order to rank up Dark Matter 3 times in a row. You see, with Event Horizon at lvl 2, the stun will last long enough (even with tenacity) to set your Dark Matter up, that is, if your fingers are quick enough, and thats why I rank it up to 2 early so i can get that over with.
  • Level 5- - Here is where you may rest in peace with AP farming, at lvl 3 it finally starts to get alot easier, no matter how much pressure is on you in your lane.
  • Level 6- - God have mercy on your soul if you are an AP champion fighting a good Veigar. This is what makes Veigar the "OMGWTF OP!" Champion.
    This is the spell that Ices your AP nuke ****** cake of the 1-2-3 combo. Rank it up every chance you get.
  • Level 7- - The ONLY reason I rank this spell up here is because the mana cost does not increase with each level, therefore making Veigar more mana efficient for a little while longer, and making farming even easier.
  • Level 8- - Here it comes. At this point in the game you are now capable of killing enemy champions, but your focus should still be farming.
  • Level 9- - Keep going... This skill scales with your AP at 1.0 Ratio
  • Level 10- - KEEP GOING... keep climbing that staircase to ridiculous damage output.
  • Level 11- - It is here, at this moment, that you become the best single target nuker out there in your game. The damage this spell does at rank 2 with the amount of AP you should have farmed and AP you should have from your items is so ******ic that even without your Dark Matter or Baleful strike you will **** rainbow sherbert like the **** unicorn you are.
  • Level 12- - At this level you have to be team fighting, so now by leveling up your stun more becomes more valuable when you go to stun multiple enemies with an even better ranked Event Horizon, keeping them locked down a little longer for your team to beat up on them.
  • Level 13- - This spell now does more damage, costs a little more mana. Objections?
  • Level 14- - This spell now stuns a little More longer. Team fight, anyone?
  • Level 15- - The final and most beautiful rank of your meteor, this spell should now take off half of any carry's health if it hits them.
  • Level 16- - Now your ready to kill anything. Even tanks. If you have Mejai Stacks, then your single target DPS is completely and utterly unmatched.
  • Level 17- - Final Rank of your stun has a nice stun time on it. Further improves your presence in team fights.
  • Level 18- - Just because its still there. Increases your burst a little more, but at rank 4 farming is easy enough and this spell does enough damage for 75 mana, so leveling up rank 5 last ensures your other spells are at their full potential while your Q still keeps it's place.

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Summoner Spells


I use the two together for defensive and getaway purposes, however i have used flash to catch up to enemies for a kill. These spells should be used defensively to save your skin when need be.

Forte Says: " Cleanse is the best defensive summoner spell in the game"
" Flash on Veigar is > than Ghost on Veigar"
"Veigar needs more then just Event Horizon to escape some situations"

The ONLY thing you miss out on with the masteries you take is improved Cleanse, but i will explain why that is OK. Summoner Cleanse frees you from all or any 1 time CC effects on you, and reduces CC from incoming spells and effects by 35% for a few seconds. Improved Cleanse Increases the amount of reduction from incoming spells and effects and also increases the time which the buff stays on you. The only reason I take cleanse is to take a get out of jail free card from otherwise fatal events such as but not limited to:
[*] Ashe Enchanted Crystal Arrow
[*] Sion looks at you
[*] Another Veigar's Event Horizon
[*] Amumu's Curse of the Emo Mummy
[*] Nasus OP Wither
[*] Singed's Floor ****
[*] Twisted Fate's Gold Card
[*] Rammus Taunt
[*] Shen Taunt
[*] And MANY MANY More

!!!I've Been Hit by CC!!! ---> Cleanse and your good to go.
From here, if you need to, use Flash to get some distance after clearing CC's from you. If you need to get out of even further trouble, (you must have over committed or something) then use your Event Horizon behind you and walk away.

These 2 Summoner Spells + Event Horizon ensures you get away from the worse of situations with your life, and also protects your investment into Mejai's Soulstealer

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How to/ What to do/ Summerized Explainations

Here I will talk about and explain:
[*] How to use Veigar and his abilities
[*] How to use Veigar and his spells
[*] What you should and shouldn't do
[*] Where you should be
[*] What you should be

~Veigar and his Abilities~

You don't need to hear exact statistics on Veigar's abilities... after all, that's what the tooltips are for. What you want to see here is how to use those abilities to the best of their extent.

- is Veigar's most important skill. It has a short cooldown, and gets shorter with rankup, making it the perfect harassing tool as well as farming. At rank 1, your going to need to carefully watch minions health bars, with my runes I can last hit minions as soon as they reach what appears to look like 1/4 of their health bar.

To guarantee success of last hitting with your Q, auto attack the target first and then follow up with , smart casting Q after an auto attack usually gives me a 95% success rate with last hitting, its all about timing YOUR minions attacks on the enemy minions. Also save this spell for last when unleashing 1-2-3 on enemy champions, unless you think you can kill them without . If you can't (vs a tank) then save your Ulti for last.

is Veigar's main DPS spell, and main late game farming tool. The AP ratio that scales with Dark Matter is 1.0 THATS INCREDIBLE. Although this may be Veigar's Main DPS spell, you never ever want to cast it alone, save for farming minions 30+ minutes into the game.

If you are targeting an enemy champion you should cast first to ensure a hit. Now if you REALLY want to go PRO with Veigar, and this is not as easy, you will do that combo backwards. That's right, first THEN . Using the combo backwards absolutely ensures a hit unless they use a summoner or CC breaker, but you risk inaccuracy because enemy champs will see the meteor first and react. I've hit enemy champs with Dark Matter by itself before, but its hard: You really do need to combo spells for efficiency. but that's ok, your runes and items solve mana problems so chain casting is no biggie.

is Veigar's most important spell to the rest of your team. In a team fight, you want to try to not mess up the placement of this spell and this is how you do so:

whether your team is pushing for a fight or their team is, you can either wait for someone to initiate like a proper tank, or, YOU can actually initiate! thats right, is a team fight forcer, especially when you catch more than 1 within stun radius. You must, however, gauge whether or not your team is stronger or better positioned to initiate with this spell. Most of the time I DO NOT initiate because saving your stun is more valuable. The reason you have to do such calculations gauging their team is because of the rather large cooldown on .

You can also use to GANK! + = instant and unexpected CC, leaving the enemy champ very vulnerable. I have messed this up a few times however, just make sure you manually cast and not smart cast it, also wait until just after the to drop your stun. However for the first 20 minutes of the game, Veigar NEEDS to stay in lane to farm AP, unless forced otherwise. Ganking is ok if you backed to buy and are coming back to lane and make a side stop to gank, or if someone is calling for your assistance.

You can also use to escape from a chaser, or, even BETTER, SAVE SOMEONE! I have saved plenty of comrades by screaming in ventrilo: "RUN TO THE YORDLE FOR SAFETY!" By casting behind your ally once he/she gets in range, you effectively give them an escape! Cool huh?

Is Veigar's least important spell to worry about because it only targets champions, and it does an absurd amount of damage. It's there just to kill enemy champions and that's that. There arent many tricks or turns to using this spell, you just incorporate it in a combo and just about anyone will die. Great for your , and for your Passive. And if your worried about cooldown, well once you obtain a the cooldown goes down even more, and it goes down naturally when you level it up, so just use it when you think you can score a kill on someone in your lane that screws up or is sniffing glue.

~Veigar and his Spells~

And are the best combination of spells to use on Veigar in all my experimentations.

The only other summoner spell I may consider is

Of course you are free to choose your summoner spells as you please, but i cannot stress the importance of NOT NEEDING because of your ridiculous DPS from your abilities.

Even without the x9 that I use, is still not worth getting because of Veigar's Awesome Passive.

Everything else that I'm not even gonna mention is out of the question already.

~What you Should and Should Not do~

-You should stay behind your minions and friendly players because you are the squish
-You should NOT lead the charge, even if you are planning to initiate

-You should use To check fog of war and bushes before proceeding
-You should NOT ever face check any bush without nearby friendlies

-You should be building all AP items having at least 1 penetration item excluding boots
-You should NOT build a , or , or anything similar EVER

-You should be doing nothing other than farming the first 20 minutes with your , unless you are not mid and your lane partner is aggressive.
-You should NOT be wasting time trying to kill champions without your , but remember to get your first.

-You should be gunning down the enemy Carry(s) in teamfights because thats most of your job
-You should NOT be trying to tickle the tank unless his head's loose and by himself, regardless of the fact that you can probably kill him

-You should communicate and tell your team how passive you are going to be early on to get your AP up, because if they don't know, they can end up overcommiting to something that shouldn't involve you and cry hard blaming you
-You should NOT absolve from Q farming at any point in the game, there is never a point to stop, just a point where you cannot afford to stay in lane and focus on it, which is the team fight phase and beyond.

-You should use all of your abilities + if your going to attack an enemy champion, may as well make them cry.
-You should NOT ever split your attacks and abilities between different targets, your not jarvan dammit.

-You should let your Carry take kills early game to get fed quickly
-You should NOT let your Carry take kills once you have obtained your because you don't JUST get 16 AP from a kill, but also AP permanently from Passive.

~Where you Should Be~


[*] Farming AP with your Q is 2x easier MID than in a lane.
[*] Aggression toward you is reduced to 1 champion instead of 2 at MID.
[*] Your focus should be farming, but if your intuition tells you that you can kill the other person mid, go ahead and try.
[*] Taking And makes you harder to gank at MID
[*] If you end up in lane, try and take a solo so you can farm freely, but be very aware of your vulnerable situation, stay on your turret as much as possible and have your stun ready.
[*] If you have a lane parter, try to negotiate farming, at rank 1 of you can last hit a minion for 1 AP then wait about 6.5 seconds until the cooldown drops, let your partner know this, and your Q cooldown also drops with rankup.


[*] You need to be Eyes -> To -> *** with your Carry or Tank
[*] Veigar's abilities have enough range to cast behind your crew, if your not initiating then SAVE your in case you get focused quickly.


[*] Veigar isn't a pusher save for his obliterating minion waves
[*] As i said before, 60 minutes + and you should have 1000+ AP if you have been doing well. Put it all to use and start killing the **** out of the enemy team so that the rest of your team can push and tank towers without turtling champions to stop you.

[*] If you have that kind of AP, take your team's tank (assuming you have one) and go DUO Baron. Trust me, you can do it.

~What you Should Be~

[*] Small
[*] Scary
[*] Kinda Cute
[*] Nukish
[*] Squishy
[*] White and Red if you have the cool skin
[*] The focus of the enemy team, especially if you have stacks
[*] The focus of their Master Yi who is crying because you 3 shot him stunned
[*] One of the best AP Mages in the game
[*] Short

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Pros / Cons

Ok, so here we MUST understand Veigar has limits, particularly with this build, and also why this build kicks ***.


[*] Possibly the highest potential damage output in the game when fed and farmed
[*] End game usually capable of killing any 1-2 enemy players every 60 seconds based on and cooldowns
[*] Excellent crowd stun that can change the outcome of a teamfight


[*] With this build, one of thee most fragile champions in the game next to Ashe and Vayne, etc.
[*] Somewhat cooldown dependant= but not problematic.
[*] Using this build you have to rely on your summoner spells defensivly which many people are not open to the idea of.

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Creeping / Jungling

Forte Says: "Veigar is Not a Jungling Champion."
Riot's Phreak may argue otherwise because he thinks every champ can jungle.

The only events of jungling that should happen upon you is if your team has no jungler and you need some quick cash for an item.

[*] Wraiths are the best target for an easy Veigar snack, as the little ones will die from a single once it hits rank 3, assuming you have some AP which you should.

If your team is balanced you should have another mana user or caster, let them have it.
the only real benefit you get from blue buff is CDR, this build gives you enough mana regen, and some CDR already.

[*] Take blue buff if you are the only real proper applicant for it on your team.
[*] Take the enemy blue buff to be a **** to their jungler, or just to deny it from them.

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Team Work

Veigar is a HUGE part of the team!

I already went over most of it, but just to clarify:

[*] Veigar's is your team carry's best friend, actually its everyone on your team's best friend. It saves, It kills, it can mean the difference between Ace or not 45 minutes into a game in combo with some other forms of CC like Amumu or Alistar

[*] If neither team is pressing aggressively once it gets the that point where you guys are looking each other face to face, Cast everytime the cooldown is up right around their frontlines, this will keep them back and on their toes, and you may get lucky and end up hitting someone with it.

[*] If your team is concerned with a specific fed individual on the enemy team, that's your job to take care of them. ESPECIALLY if that individual is AP based.

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Unique Skills

All that is unique to this build is the potential for extreme AP based damage output, and the utilization of some of the best items meant for Veigar.

Forte says: " IS A MUST ON VEIGAR"

All that appears unique is the 1-2-3 + DFG Combo, but I see people do that already, this is just meant for those who haven't seen it or don't know exactly how to utilize Veigar to learn how.

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If everything goes according to plan and I have an easy time farming, I usually get about 100 AP around 15-20 minutes in, with just a Meki Pendant or even Tear of the Goddess and Boots of Speed.

That's right, and you do it by focus farming with during the first 20 minutes of the game.

I already explained how some of it works, but if you didnt read everything here it is again:

The best way to last hit minions with your is to smart cast it


you auto attack them. However you do have to gauge whether or not they can survive the auto attack fast enough for your Q to actually "last" hit them, especially when your minions are also attacking your target.

Try to go for last hits on the CASTER MINIONS, the melee minions have more hp and resistance and are harder to last hit with, but you can still do the Auto Attack + Smart Cast Q combo to last hit most of them.

Level 1 is a challenge to farm with if your being harassed and poked at in lanes and mid, Last hit minions when they are about 1/4 of their total HP with your auto attack followed quickly by your Q (which you should smartcast)

Level 3 should be able to last hit caster minions when they dip just slightly below 1/2 HP with auto attack +

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How Veigar's horrible personality can bond a relationship with you and your teammates.

I'm no therapist, and neither is Veigar, but there is something about playing him that is rewarding to the teamwork process. Perhaps it is that he is rather easy to play and a bit overpowered, or maybe its the joyful cries of ventrilo buddies that thank you for your that just saved them from 4 enemy champions hot on their ***... Or maybe its the jaw dropping sight of watching Veigar take down a Shen all by himself within the 1-2-3 + DFG combo (wish i had recorded that moment) All I know is, Veigar is Nice to have on a Team, and this is one efficient way to play him.

[*] Give this build a try, tweak it to your comfort, remember to stay careful and farm early, and slaughter their team later on

[*] Leave Critical Comments Below, other Veigar players if i missed something big

[*] Enjoy My Favorite Yordle