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Janna Build Guide by Trafagal

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Trafagal

The Goddess of Victory [Janna] Traf agal feat. Hatsune

Trafagal Last updated on August 18, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi Everyone.. I'm T r a f a g a l from S E A server..
This is my first guide and The Champion is Janna The Goddess of Victory..
Janna is my Favorite Support to play..
I hope my guide will be useful for you guys..
My Janna win rate is 86,7% at the moment in 15 games..

A Good Support knows their own CD and Skills
A Great Support knows their ADC CD and Skills
The best Support knows their Enemies CD and Skills

This Guide is far from complete.. I have an exam coming.. So I dont have time to write a full guide.. But I promise.. once Im done with the exam.. The first thing I'll do is to complete this guide.. :]

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You guys might be thinking why I never take GP runes with me.. Here is the reason why..
GP runes are good however 3 quints would generate 300 in 20 minutes time in game..
Mark for mana regen: The reason why I take mana regen instead of magic pene is because Your damage is only W, unless you max your Q and W, but now you are a support, usually you will max your E to help your adc. So I rather to get mana regen for spamming reason.

For seal its a must for it. too important, cause sp is TOO DAMN Squishy.

For the glyph: It is up to you guys to choose MR/lvl or MR.. I choose per lvl because I can dodge the harrass from AP SP type[ lux, nidalee, lulu, and the poker sp] of champion.. so I rather invest it for the mid-late game in MR.. But you can also use MR glyph to increase your MR.

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For the masteries I'm using this masteries for almost all my range supports..
Because as you guys know.. Support champions' CoolDown is very long which is why I love this masteries since it gives:
10% CDR rigth from beginning
Movement speed Bonus which is awesome with Janna
Extra HP
Mana Regen
Armor reduction on exhaust
GP 2 [ This should cover all my GP issues]
Pickpocket :]

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The core Item for Support in my Opinion is WARDS and ORACLE
Always ask your jungler whether he is making a Locket or not.. if he does you can focus on other items..
Usually on First B I would get my SightStone and REMEMBER to always PUMP HP..
and complete my ruby sightstone and start to deward around if they ward the map hardcorely.. if they do not then you can proceed to next items..

Item Sequence

If your jungler is making Locket then you do not have to make another Locket
Item Sequence

Shurelya is good when your team needs escape mechanism or engage "ALWAYS BUY KINDLEGEM FIRST because of the CDR and HP"mechanism
Item Sequence

Get a Mikael when enemies have a heavy cc to protect your main damage dealer
Item Sequence

I Made this when my team is AD oriented " ALWAYS BUY KINDLEGEM FIRST FOR CDR"
Item Sequence

If your team is ap oriented I would suggest to get a WOTA
Playnig as Janna, You do not need boots early game.. Because of the W and Masteries..
Oh ya.. you guys might wondering as well why I do not buy GP items such as Philo or Lucky pick.. It's because of Sightstone is can be considered as a GP item.. Even better haha.. If you do not want to get loss.. Just Spam your wards !! that way you can reach the breakeven.. When you Spam 21 wards from Ruby Sightstone.. It's your BREAKEVEN !! :D

AP items are not neccessary.. I only buy it when it's required..

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Skill Sequence

If you are sure enemy will not invade your jungle or your team is not going to invade enemy's jungle then take E.. If your team wants to invade take Q or when enemies are invading..

For the first 3 levels.. take all the Skills.. lvl 1 and 2 E or Q, lvl 3 W
Do not use your W too fast.. because it gives Movement Speed

the skill sequence is R>E>W>Q

Always prepare your Q,Typhoon, before face checking bush.. if you met anyone just release the Typhoon !!

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For Spells.. I go with the standard Support Spells..

You can use ignite also or heal...It's all depend on your play style.. but i feel that Exhaust and Flash is the best for support..

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So Basically your job is to stick with your ADC No matter what in Team Fight..
Don't be afraid to use your ulti if it can save your ADC..
Be aware for Hero like Kennen, MissFortune, FiddleStick because your ulti can messed theirs up!!
Do not Shield too early because enemy will take advantage of it when the shield is Down..
DO not use your Q for fun or Harassing because it should only be used either cancel enemies initiation or to initiate however I do not recommended it for initiation because it is not your JOB..

Janna is a fun champion to play.. Even if you don't do good.. just keep playing till you are good.. haha.. oh ya.. never get caught.. no matter what roles you are playing.. never get caught !!

When warding or dewarding.. always ask your teammates for assistance.. Because I mostly dead when i try to ward or deward.. haha PEACEE !!