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Talon Build Guide by ccseancc143

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ccseancc143

The Guide to New Talon players.

ccseancc143 Last updated on August 29, 2015
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Threats to Talon with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Ahri Hide behind minion or lvl 6 wait for her to use her Q then jump on her and kill her.
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Early Game

Talon has very weak early game, maybe the weakest of any champion to be honest. With the removal of his silence his early game trades are even more garbage. So you want to focus on letting your lane opponent know that. Try to poke with your rake 1-3 times just to let your laner know you have 0 damage making them feel comfortable. once to get 2 points in your rake try not to poke any more and use it to farm. You still might need to poke every once in awhile to let your lane opponent know he isn't going against a sandbag. Now just farm under tower until your enemy laner backs and clear the wave then back accordingly. Now once you have your 3 long swords or better yet your brutalizer and long sword you can most likely 1v1 them now if you have ignite. Try to wait until the enemy laner uses one of his main damaging spell that have a long CD before going in, two examples are khazix's w or zed's w showadow that duplicates his q and e. You want to get any advantage you can get. Also do not go in unless lvl 6, if not sit tight and wait until 6. Now your lvl 6 you want to E->Q->W->AA-AA-AA until you know your ult can kill them , then ult and AA accordingly and ignite. they should die after that and now that you have killed them the early game is done.

P.S. With the 10% Cooldown from your runes and masteries, your ult will be up almost 2 times before your lane opponents comes off the cooldown from the first use, make sure to abuse that and engage before they get their ult.

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Mid Game

Mid game is very iffy for Talon, You can either roam and risk your tower being taken while roaming (which is very bad) or kill you lane opponent 1-3 more times and take his tower than roam. If you do decide to stay in lane you want to buy alot of wards and ward up so you don't get ganked and lose your lead. Make sure to try to kill your opponent as fast as possible and as often as possible so you can get alot of damage on his tower so you can start roaming. If you go decide to roam then rush mobility boots so you can fly around the map quickly. When roaming try not to get into 2v1. You are Talon a single target explosive burst assassin with 0 escapes and dueling potential. You rely on your combo to do damage and your only low CD skill is your Q which doesn't do alot of damage early-mid game so stick to picking out weak or isolated targets.

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Late Game

If you have died a couple times along the way to the 30 minute mark of the game then you most likely will be fed but, not ridiculously fed. You will be able to one shot probably anyone on the enemy team except maybe for the tanks. But, remember Talon is an suicide assassin, going into a group of 3 for 1 kill and dying is not worth it. Talon does best in the confusion of a team fight. Unless their ADC or APC are going off on there own you wont be able to kill them and live most likely. So save it for right before the team fight or during. Remember you aren't Zed, you can't go in and R to get out, you go in do your combo and R and maybe if your lucky you can get out but, don't count on it. Now if you have around 5-10 kills with 0 deaths you most likely will be extremely fed and your ult can win team fights alone. Let your team engage, ult and e to the farthest back enemy champion in the team fight so your ult travels through everyone. Kill your target and get out or continue fighting and die.

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The reason for this guide.

This is just a basic guide for starting Talon player, if you are already good at Talon this build will most likely not help at all. I am always available to help you get better at Talon if you would like to friend me my summoner name is ccseancc143.