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Twisted Fate Build Guide by InariusShade

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League of Legends Build Guide Author InariusShade

The Hand of Fate Strikes- Twisted Fate Mid

InariusShade Last updated on December 3, 2013
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For those of you who are reading this guide to Twisted Fate, you should know who he is and how he plays, but if you do not, let's start this introduction:

Twisted Fate is a card-throwing, luck-based champion who is a pure Ability Power Champion. He tends to have a bad early game, due to being an absolute mana devourer, but his mid and late game turn into amazing, card trick filled, death sentences. He's one of the most versatile Champions in the game, capable of being on every lane, even jungling, playing any role. He could be an ADC, APC, a Support even. This build, however, is my favorite, making TF both extremely tanky, with quick auto-attacks, and strong Abilities.

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Playing as Twisted Fate: A Guide

TF, our Champion buddy here, is classified as a Ranged Assassin Pusher, who specializes in AP. Playing with him isn't difficult if you know what you're doing. Here is how I play Twisted Fate, which usually leads me to a win.

First of all: Go bot lane, and bring a support. I tend to bring a person playing Sona, Soraka, or Nidalee with me, as they are all extremely helpful when pushing the lane. Whenever you can, try and keep your support from dying. You cannot let them die, unless they're intentionally serving as a massive shield. Supports can make the difference between life and death, or could also be the difference between losing or gaining ground. Always use your Q ability when enemies are vulnerable and close to your turret, as I find it does incredible damage. Whenever you can, push until you believe it's too risky, then fall back.

If you fall behind in levels or need quick gold, go jungling. This Twisted Fate build makes him a pretty decent jungler who can quickly get a good 1000 gold.

For his ability sequence:
Q is your first priority. It's your heaviest output of damage, and your most ranged. Once you get your full set of items and all your spells upgraded, people will be running, but Flash is your guaranteed kill. If you want a quick push into the enemy base, your Ultimate is your best opportunity. Free teleportation into their base, which gives you time to place a vision ward into their base, so you're never unprepared.

Your W and E do not do much, but are helpful for early and even late game.

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There are certain runes you ABSOLUTELY need for an AS-AP based Twisted Fate build.

These runes are runes of Magic Pen., Mana Regen, and basic defensive runes.

There's not much to say about this section, other than that these runes buff TF's game up in general.

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This is an admittedly strange mastery build, but it's effective. If you know how to play Twisted Fate, these Masteries help a LOT.

Starting with the offense Masteries:

4 Points in Sorcery. If you're going to eat mana like fried Oreos, at least take some advantage and a little bit of CDR. Seriously, who wants to wait 12 seconds between casting a spell that throws 3 giant cards which do quite a lot of damage? To me, CDR seems like basic logic.

1 Point in Expose Weakness. You're usually going to go bot lane with this build, why not help your Support help you? Helping them do more seems like a good trade-off for one skill point in my eyes.

3 Points in Mental Force. Reason seen below.

1 Point in Arcane Mastery (Not Ryze's passive, dammit.) 8 AP. Why wouldn't you want this?

1 Point in Executioner. WHY would you not want to be able to finish someone incredibly low on HP off faster than normal? I mean really, most of these masteries are basic logic.

Defensive Masteries:

2 Points in Block. Basic defense is still defense, and TF is squishy to start. We want him tanky, so I don't see why taking a little less damage doesn't help with that.

2 Points in Recovery. I mean, HP Regen can't be bad either.

2 Points in Enchanted Armor. Again, we're making him a tanky cowboy.

3 Points in Veteran Scars. More. Health.

1 Point in Juggernaut. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Utility Masteries:

1 Point in Fleet of Foot. He's slow. Speed the tank up a 'lil bit.

3 Points in Medatation. We discussed Mana Regen earlier.

The other 3 Masteries are for sustainability, I'm sick of talking about masteries.

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This item set is essential for an AS/AP Twisted Fate, assuring him a bit of Armor and an insane amount of Ability Power, which is essential for the power of your Q, your most important poking tool.

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Pros / Cons

Pros of Twisted Fate-
-Can easily harass a lane, and is very flexible as far as what lane he can go.
- Very strong, pokes hard.
-Easy ganks can take place if you go into the jungle.
-Can give vision of every enemy player, making him a great team player.

-Slow Movement Speed. Not very good for getaways.
-Squishy until about mid-game.
-If people take down your support, you're gonna have a tough time 'til they're back
-Consumes mana VERY fast in the first 20-30 minutes.

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I hope this guide to Twisted Fate helps you, and that you could play it effectively. This was my first build guide, so if it's not that good, give me advice. Other than that, thank you for reading my guide!

~Inarius Shade, Summoner