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Fiddlesticks Build Guide by Tekshi

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tekshi

The Horrors of Lanesticks

Tekshi Last updated on December 12, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hellos, I'm a platinum player looking into those quirky unorthodox roles that are outside of the usual meta. My latest craze (that's been on and off) is Lanesticks as you can tell from the title of my guide. I have been through low-mid-high elo playing in both solo que and arranged ranked with him so i'm feeling that he's pretty strong in this current meta. Lanesticks should in general, against any champion that doesn't have a reliable stun, dominate their lane. Once mastered, Fiddlesticks is capable of beating champions that one typically thinks would counter him, such as those with built-in hard CC.

The following is a super in-depth guide that covers all the basics of Lanesticks along with advanced techniques. The rest completely depends on your gaming and ganking sense.

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Patch Updates


With the latest patch, jungle Fiddle is pretty much COMPLETELY worthless. He has terrible clear times and camp clearing powers. Plus he can't even take advantage of red. Ganks become a lot more dangerous as he'll fall behind tremendously and it is important for Fiddle to keep up in exp with all the lanes.

On the other side, with the nerf to jungling, it's become a LOT easier to solo the enemy team's blue if you're on the purple side in lane

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Lanesticks vs. Junglesticks



+Extremely strong counterpick to anyone without a hard CC
+Incredible zoning abilities
+Multiple good matchups
+Ultimate synergizes well with AoE team comps, esp. Amumu
+Extremely strong early-mid game
+Ultimate and fear controls the flow of a match and team fights
+Can shut down a lane in cs and exp
+Allows for another strong jungler to be on your team such as amumu, lee sin, and rammus.
+Can easily roam between top, mid and enemy jungle while giving cs/exp to junglers who can benefit from it.


-Requires a lot of practice to learn how to deal with people to spammable hard cc
-Requires micromanagement in mana
-Squishy champion that melts when focused
-Tapers off mid-late game if you do not succeed in winning your lane or ganking mid/jungle.



+Easy to jungle with.
+Extremely powerful ganking potential in all lanes
+Remains a constant threat, especially with his ability to ult over walls and past wards
+Great dragon control with his ultimate
+One of the few AP junglers out there


-Especially vulnerable to being counter jungled
-Requires blue to maintain jungle speed
-Jungle speed slows down considerably the later the lane goes on
-One of the squishier jungles
-Becomes a fear bot if he does not get any successful ganks.
-You fall behind on exp by a lot now and ganks become a lot more dangerous for you. This is in my opinion terrible for junglesticks.

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Magic Penetration

is the top choice of red runes you can take on Fiddlesticks for obvious reason.
I support Armor red runes if you feel you don't need the magic penetration and will be up against a heavy ad team.


Mana Regen / 18

runes are ideal. You can get away with flat also. Basically keeps you in the lane longer and be able to zone your opponent longer.
One dodge rune just for those clutch dodges. Anything is better than 0%


Flat Cooldown Reduction

runes complement your mana regen runes and helps a ton with the long cooldowns on your ultimate.
Flat AP blue in case you don't have the IP for cooldown reduction.


Flat AP

runes to give you that bit of damage and sustainability.
Movement speed quints if you have the IP for it, but even then I don't suggest it.

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9 points into


(1): For ignite
(1): 1-3 AP does absolutely nothing. AD will help with last hitting.
(2): To help with last hitting.
(4) + Arcane Knowledge: Mage path in offense.

21 points into


(1): For flash
(3): I'd normally NEVER get this in my life, but it leads to Meditation so three points into this.
(3): Helps a lot in Fiddle's laning phase.
(1): No reason not to get it.
(1): Same as above, the longer you have blue the longer you dominate the lane.
(4) (2): Extra gold is infinitely more useful than 3% spell vamp. It's especially important to Fiddlesticks because of his lack of ability to farm mid-late game. Plus +40 gold = boots + 3 pot or doran's ring + pot
(4) : REQUIRED. The extra exp will give you the extra boost in level that will let you pull off the majority of my strategies. Being able to hit levels before your lane can is extremely important.
(1) : Took this over Intelligence because extra health/mana regen is more important than 2% cooldown.
(1) : Already got this far down the list, may as well take it too.

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Summoner Spells


This is without a doubt the best combination for Fiddle. I won't even talk about other spells purely because this gives Fiddle everything he needs.

: gives fiddle MANY things that he needs. You can use your ultimate inside of fog of war, and even if you don't reach them you can flash after and instant fear them putting them under your ultimate's damage. Then there are general usages for it such as escaping from a gank or flashing in to fear someone to save or kill someone.

: gives Fiddle the extra bit of damage in his lane to give him a threatening presence and also to score kills on champions. Be sure if you engage in a 1v1 that you use your ignite when they are at least <50% hp

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Skill Explanation

: Not much to explain, meshes well with your skills and gives you an extra damage boost in lane by lowering their magic resist by 10. Be aware that if you are close enough they can see your debuff on them which can ruin ganks.

*Specific ways on how to use these skills will be explored in the later portions of the guide*

: Your bread and butter skill throughout the game. Disables the enemy ad carry for 3 seconds (they never get merc threads) and gives you the one up in lane. Also can be used defensively to get out of any ganks. You should never spam this in lane without blue as it requires extensive mana use. You should only use it when your lane auto attacks you during a huge creep wave to make them take sustained minion wave damage, when you think there's a possibility that you can kill them, or to escape a gank.

After laning phase it becomes your strongest skill as it allows you to shut down an ap or ad carry for three seconds in a team fight which is MASSIVE. Especially if you take down their AP carry before they can burst your team down.

: Your strongest DPS skill in early game that makes fiddle fiddle. Despite what you may think, you aren't supposed to spam the skill 24/7 until you have blue buff. THE only time to use it in early game is to recover health and to follow up on your E if they get close to you. Must always be maxed first to maximize your DPS potential in 1v1 situations.

: The literal definition of a one point wonder with its change to a set 4 bounces. Allows for powerful level 1 fights to occur especially if their entire team are bunched up together or simply two champions are together. Leaving it at level 1 allows you to have a skill that can be used to infinitely harass your lane. It also slightly pushes the lane leading up to some of my strategies. (On lucky bounces, kill opportunity rises up) Most effective when there are 1-3 creeps left in a wave along with a champion.

*Crow bounces off into champions that are in a bush / fog of war.

: His ultimate is a guaranteed kill in lane skill if it lands on the opponent. There are so many uses for it from securing a kill in lane, forcing the enemy into a direction or to force them to use their flash, and acting as a makeshift flash. Timing his ultimate can decide a team fight. Be sure to always use your ultimate from a position that they can't see you from(fog of war) and/or a position that they can't stop you from (behind a ledge or two)

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Skill Sequence

Very straight forward, put your first point(and only first point) into E for its one point wonder damage, silence and team fighting ability.

From there prioritize on maxing drain first for its high DPS, healing and one v. one capabilities. Give Fiddle more killing power.

Max fear after drain for the three second hard cc.

If you're finding it difficult to use drain, put two points into fear before maxing drain. This allows you to use your fear and then your ultimate directly afterwards.

If you are going support fiddle(which this guide isn't for, but just to add), max fear first, silence second, drain last. Reasoning for this is the CC.

TL;DR Level 1 E: R > W > Q > E

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: This is your primary type of boots if the enemy team has more than two forms of hard CC's. You will often be the focus of attack and skills which is where merc threads will become useful.

: Choose these boots if you are dominating your lane, ahead of every other lane by 2-3 levels and want that extra bit of magic damage.

: If you have an affinity for ganking and are ahead of your lane by A LOT, and they have maybe one hard CC on their team, then pick these boots for the high mobility. Extremely useful during early-mid when you want to roam or help in dragon fights.

x2 : Double doran's ring is infinitely useful to Fiddle in laning phase. It gives him much needed mana regen, health, and AP. I personally ALWAYS go double doran's ring.

: An essential item on fiddlesticks, especially in middle late game where the enemy team will most likely focus fire you down the moment you appear. Combined with Rylai, it gives Fiddlesticks the power to initiate team fights without dieing. I usually obtain this item after either Rylai or Deathcap so that enemies actually die while they're in my ultimate.

: Greatly slows down champions with your drain allowing more procs from it and gives your ultimate a form of CC and annoyance in team fights. The longer they stay in it the better. The health is the primary reason for getting it so you aren't a glass cannon.

: A staple on all AP carries. After having built both your Rylais and Zhonya's, you'll have more than enough AP to benefit from Rabadon's unique passive. Even getting it early in the game will boost your damage by a lot.


99% of games will end around this mark. If it does somehow last longer you will want to focus on cooldown reduction and tankiness while selling your doran's rings.

: Banshee's gives you much needed magic resist, a free spell shield, and health. Useful is all cases.

: Gives 99 armor, a passive that meshes well with your own skill set, and 20% cooldown reduction. It's everything you could ask for against any team that has more than two ADs.

: Just to aid your other AP carry in team fights in combination with his passive. No real reason not to get this unless they only have one AP carry.

: Works well if you have another ap jungle (amumu) and your mid doesn't want to get it. Take this instead of Abyssal if you want another ap item.

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Item Sequence

Below is generally the order you want to get the items in. You should always try to buy a ward whenever you go b. If you have around 60+ gold and waves of creeps are being pushed to your turret, feel free to wait for the extra gold.

*As a note, you should have Zhonya's Hourglass as your first or second completed item.

Item Order 1

Use this if you're against a low-harass lane, particularly champions that have no CC.

Starting Item


First Trip Back

+ + Sight Ward + 2x

Second Trip Back

Buy the most expensive item you can afford

(Against an AD lane only)
(every other item prioritizes over second tier of boots)


Item Order 2

Use this start if you are going to be harassed a lot and can't safely drain. Often used against high-CC champions.

Starting Item

+ 5x (If you can return to base after a quick invasion, do so and wait for the extra gold to get your 5th pot. Otherwise simply head to lane with four hp pots)

First Trip Back

(950, 1600, or 1110): Buy the most expensive item you can afford
*Other options requires blue buff*

Second Trip Back

(1600, 1110, 700)
(if you got double ) Buy the most expensive item you can afford then follow the same path in build 1.

(Against an AD lane only)
(every other item prioritizes over second tier of boots)


If you got a , build it into a and then build a .
If you got , build it into a and then into a .
If you got a build it into either a if you are dominating your lane or a against a heavy AD team. If you got build a next.

In the end you should have the golden trinity of:

If you are against a heavy AD team

For anything else

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I stress in every single one of my games to invade their jungle no matter what. People in <1600 elo have grown stale in defending jungles because it just simply doesn't happen often enough. When invading blue, you want to move down mid and into the bush rather than going from river into bush so that if, on the off chance there is someone camping there, the won't see you enter the bush. Then when everyone is in the bush, ask for a cv to cover the three bushes (ping where the ping in the picture is).

Then after cv goes down invade. Silence so they can't flash so everyone else on your team can lay down their burst or even their hard CC. Works best if they're near someone. Afterwards just travel around to their blue and either fight for it or let your jungle do their thing. Always interrupts the flow of the game to your side in low elo matches unless someone derps and suicides.

If you want to invade red or double golems which is a common start for Lee Sin and Xin Zhao, move down river and into the bush near their top turret(if you're on purple) or bottom bush (near their bottom turret). Ask for a cv covering doubles bush and lizard bush then rush in while you have vision of them.


CV spots

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Lane Phase tl;dr

Spam E whenever they get in range
Use Q sparingly to either escape a gank or to get a sure-kill.
Use W to zone no-CC champions or after silencing a champion.
Use your ultimate from fog of war / bush. The sooner you do it after you hit 6 the better. Auto-zones champions whenever you walk into a bush.
Don't be afraid to dive if they are <50% hp. Q, E, W ignite should do the trick. Flash away if you are <40% hp and can live.
Roam around if you dominated your lane / your top can come top.
Use drain on a melee / cannon minion to freeze lane at your turret.
Keep track of where your lane has put their ward.
Mark down when their jungler has done blue and immediately after four minutes.

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Lane Phase *Advanced*

If you want to skip the wall of text, scroll down to the video to see most of my demonstrations in a live game against Jarvan at 1500 elo or look above.

This is where Fiddlesticks currently shines and controls the flow of the match. With level 1 invading out of the way, I will now go into strict detail about everything related to the laning phase portion of Fiddlesticks which will 90% of the time lead to a shut down lane and 4v5 game for your team.

It is important to harass harass harass with Fiddle's E every time it's off cooldown, especially when they come in to last hit. Bonus point if there are only three creeps nearby the enemy champion as there is a higher chance to bounce back and force between the champion and the minion. A crow bouncing off onto a champion just once will deal around 150 damage (assuming you casted it on him in the first place which you should be doing).

While harassing at level 1 and last hitting, you have to take care not to get harassed too hard, especially by champions with a form of hard CC or burst. At most you should drop to 75% of your health by level 2.

By level 2, you want to continue doing harassing with your E, but at the same time using drain in combination with your silence when they come in for a last hit. You should not be draining at the bare range of the drain. The closer to you the better for obvious reasons. If your health drops to 50% and you can't get close to a champion, feel free to drain from a melee or cannon minion.

Level 3 is when you start making decisions. Your lane should be sufficiently pushed by now unless you are going against a champion such as morganna. If you are up against farming champions like her, and are not making any progress in pushing, keep harassing away with E and W.

Now, if it seems like your minions are going to reach the turret before you can hit level 4, put a point into fear.

If you manage to fit another wave in front of the turret and can hit 4 by the end of the next enemy wave get drain at level 3.

In either case, this has a 75/25 chance of working. Try to bait the enemy to auto attack you by whacking away at the turret and walking in front of minions that he wants to last hit. If he auto attacks you even once, IMMEDIATELY fear.

Then if he has 50% hp you will want to cast E, W, ignite and go for the kill. This is so that he will receive the full brunt of the minion wave for 1.5-2 seconds(fear+silence) along with drain and ignite damage.

Forcing him to flash or leave lane will result in a victory for you as your lane will fall behind in exp by at least a level or two and you will get your ultimate first.

*Must have a good grasp on diving before attempting above.
*If you are on blue team, ask for cvs on double golems and red buff to check where their jungler is. At around this time they'll be lurking around there if they started at blue buff so be careful.

Afterwards, push your wave with E, W use all your mana so that another wave runs into the enemy turret. If you're cautious keep enough mana so you have enough for one fear. Now you want to immediately back because chances are their jungler is going to want to gank you.

If you are doing it right, you should have around 800-1000 gold. With this much gold you will want to buy a doran's ring and boots (or two doran's ring if you got boots at the start) or even a giant's belt. In any case make sure you buy a least one ward.

This should be around the 4:30-5:00 minute mark.

*Purple Team Only*

If top has not warded their lane yet and/or they have a lee sin who have not done their blue buff yet, head directly to their blue buff and ward the bush on the Golem's side. Then if you want to be a risk taker, take the blue yourself with drain and save your fear / silence to escape or to secure the blue buff.

If their jungler started at blue, wait until the 5:00-5:30 minute mark before heading down to ward their blue buff. Then you should have your ultimate by the time it spawns(which is around 6:00) so it is easy pickings if you want a free blue buff and/or a kill. (To be safe buying a pink ward is a good investment at top lane to kill their vision at top)

*Purple Team Only*

When you're back in lane basically do what you did before. There are four situations where you should use fear. The first being if they attack you in the middle of your creep wave so they will take more damage from creeps. The second is if you have a lot of mana to burn or have blue buff. Third is if you can maximize the damage from drain by being right next to them. Lastly is to fear a jungler to avoid a gank or to fear the enemy when your lane wants to gank and it is warded.

Now the real fun part is when you are about to hit level 6. At this point in time if you are doing it right you should have both lane dominance and bush control. At least fulfilling one of these requirements is necessary. In short, when you are one minion away from hitting 6 and a minion is about to die, go into the top bush.

The moment you hit 6, use it if they are at the very least in front of turret range. Safer if its in the middle of the lane. 90% of the time they will not expect it. If you hit 6 while they have vision of you and you are pushing the lane, continue harassing them down until they are <50% hp. After pushing at least two waves of minions onto their turret head into the fog of war. From there use your ultimate and use everything you have (fear, silence, drain, ignite).

If they do not have flash simply fear silence and walk next to them before draining to maximize your damage output. Do not be afraid to dive with a crowstorm if there are multiple minion waves on the enemy turret. This will further deny your opponent exp while giving yourself a huge exp + cs advantage.

*As a word of note, if you are ulting past walls, your crowstorm will land on the opposite side as long as you select past the middle point of the wall.*

The dots on the minimap represent where the fog of war is from where you can ult. The lines point to where the champions should be from where you are ulting.

From there you have the ultimate zoning and killing weapon. Every time you run into a bush your opponent will back off in sheer fear of your ultimate. By the time you have gotten a kill with a crowstorm, you should now focus completely on zoning.

To zone, you basically keep the minion wave in front of your turret by draining melee or cannon minions to reduce the damage taken from keeping waves in front of the turret. With fiddle's terrible pushing skill set, the lane should more or less be permanently stuck in front of your turret and in turn make it impossible for your opponent to farm. The below video is an example of everything I do in lane to an unfortunate jarvan and how I deal with ganks.

*When you are level 8 you can use fear and directly use your ultimate afterwards for a guaranteed ultimate assuming they don't have merc threads. Best used when their flash is down / they have just used a hard CC*

The full match can be downloaded here which includes things such as how I am zoning and when I take blue buff and can be viewed on lolreplay.

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Laning Phase *If you lose*

There are always times where their jungler babysits top, or the enemy is simply just too good for you. Even if you feed them 2-3 times don't be discouraged (unless he's five levels above you, then just /ff). I have a saying, if this guy is too good for me, attack the rest of his team as chances are he's the oddball good player.

By this I mean whenever you have a chance after level 6, roam around and gank mid or help with dragon even if your opponent takes your turret (there's really no point in keeping that turret alive if you're losing horribly For 1. you're losing cs to turret and 2. you can cs freely in front of your inner turret or else he'll die to easy ganks)

Basically roam roam roam, return to turret when 2-3 waves has built up and he's still trying to push, then roam some more and attack the weak spots in his team. Just focus on making it hell for the rest of the lanes and super defensive play against whoever is dominating you.

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Lane Matchups

The following is a list of lanes I have personally went up against. Will be updated the more lanes I have experienced.


: Has two instant CC's that can break your drain. You could lane against him, but everything that makes Fiddle good is useless against him.

: A knock up and instant silence. Along with his ult he can melt fiddle and fiddle can't burst him down.

: With his two turrets, rockets, and his own stun you'll take far more damage than he will. You can begin to win the lane at level 6, but by then you'll be terribly outcs'd unless you're really good at last hitting on the turret.

He has a LOT of burst damage, far more than Fiddle can take. The only possible Renekton you can beat is a free week Renekton.

: This is me theory crafting against a good Sion which I haven't met. So I can't commentate on it, but everything says he should win (though I said the same thing about Riven....)


Anyone with no hard CC, dash, or movement speed boost. You will automatically win the lane against anyone without these. Just start with Doran's Ring and hit them with auto attacks, E, and W whenever they want to last hit.

: Absolutely no way you will lose to Akali in any case unless you die to her at level 12.
: Fiddle out DPS's Yorick and pretty much wrecks him especially by level 6. Just continue spamming E and only 1v1 him with drain if you're at <40% hp


(Don't be afraid to use potions level 1)
In general you should go boots + (4)5 health pot against champions with a lot of ranged harass/poke and CC who won't want to engage directly on you.

: Spam E, try to dodge dem skill shots. Dont be afraid to use pots. Your hp pots will outlast her mana. Weaken her down so you have a considerately higher hp than her before engaging for a 1v1 / kill.

: Aggressive GP requires 3 pots as you'll end up pretty hurt from exchanges. Not much of a difference really, just use your fear even less against GP.

: He runs out of mana far too quickly and is generally useless against Fiddle top lane. Might change if Kass switches from mid when he's 6. Otherwise just continue poking him and healing off any harass he does to you until he runs out of mana.

: Have to play careful level 12. Can't get harassed at level 1 too much because then he can twoskill combo you to death if you try to come in and heal off the harass with drain.

: Crows troll pretty hard against Riven. Have to make sure to drain when their either silenced or have used their CC / shield. Against aggressive Rivens play a lot more careful. At level 1 she'll deal tons of damage so first focus on hitting level 2. Be sure to use pots plenty. From here just spam E W as much as you can while being aware of her CC / dash.

: Pretty close early on, especially if talon plays passive.which stops the primary brunt of my strategies of diving. Lane will snowball to either side if they get a kill over another. Fiddle with blue = gg. BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL WHEN DIVING ESPECIALLY WHEN HE HITS 6.

: After first blood you dominate. Otherwise he'll harass you down and stop you from healing. Pots will outlast his mana supply and will win you the lane even if he hits every skill shot and blue card (don't let him).

: Keep harassing with E and let Rumble push in the lane with his flamethrower. Don't bother engaging in a 1v1 until you're at least level 3. Always try to fight him when you're in the middle of a creep wave. Only engage in a 1v1 with drain when you're at <50% hp. Don't be stingy with the health pots.


: Try not to get poked too hard level 1. Don't engage with less than 50% of your hp. Silence then drain a minion to heal up if their stun is up.

: Easy enough, spam E, drain after a silence, blah blah blah. The only real way they might be able to compete with you is cloth 5.

: Fiddle wins for the most part with his silence. Harder for fiddle early on but gets better. Have to make sure not to get kicked out of ult.

: Despite the fact that she's ranged, she has no really reliable harass or way to kill you, especially from 15. All you have to do is spam your crows and drain whenever possible. This lane is a lot easier since her heal nerf.

: Just Spam E and keep him consistently at 50% hp so he can't try to fight you in a 1v1. Play extremely safe at level 1, but try to hit level 2 before he does so you can harass him down easier.

: Fiddle crushes him early on. Might get worse later into the game but they'll be csdeprived.

: Be careful from the burst from his double attack with his q. Otherwise you'll be just fine. Just make sure not to fight him outside of your creep wave if you are <30% hp.

: Spam E, don't engage with him level 1. Try to hit level 2 before he does then start draining the moment he comes in to cs. If you can drive him out to lane and you're around level 6 hide into a bush and camp there. Use the ultimate the moment he comes in to cs and try to kill him before he hits 6.

: Continue to harass with E. If he didn't start with bear, try to hit level 2 before him while zoning so the moment you hit level 2 you can drain him when he comes in to finish off a creep. Extremely easy to zone him if he's level 1 and you're level 2. After that just spam E and only engage if you feel you can kill him. (You should at the very least have 2x his hp before engaging in a fight with him) Save your fear for the killing blow or to escape after he blows an exhaust or ignite after you.

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Mid-Late Game + Team Fights

Mid-Late game is essentially the same for all type of fiddlesticks. In my eyes, mid game starts when turrets have fallen for either sides and the team needs your help in team fights.

If your jungler has fallen behind and you have already gotten 1/3rd of your core items you can switch jobs and let him take most of the farm/exp top so that he gains a level advantage over the enemy jungler. You primary duty is helping out lanes and helping with team fights / skirmishes. This has become especially stronger with the latest nerf to jungling.

Late game starts in my perspective, when your team is sticking together for the most part and you have to stay around baron or else they will steal it.

From here you are basically an ult and cc bot with a zhonya's active (which you should have farmed by now). Make sure to stay out of sight and keep the element of surprise so you can CAW CAW CAW your way to victory in a team fight. Be sure to never be late to a team fight as you're useless if your entire team is dead

There are several key strategies and things to know to play Fiddlesticks effectively during these phases in the game.

1. Get or ask for an oracle. Killing the enemy's vision of you is NUMBER ONE priority as unsurprisingly, surprising the enemy will guarantee you kills. If you can't get rid of the wards, try to keep track of where they placed them so you can move in a way to avoid their vision of you. By this I mean ask your lanes to keep track of their lane and tell where they placed a ward, or even cv after a champion if they make a move towards a river. To check if a ward is in a bush or area when ganking a lane, move into a bush and wait approximately 5 seconds. If their actions suddenly change or they walk back to turret that usually means you passed by a ward.

2. Fear is an instant cast. Silence is not. You should always use your fear first in a gank and save your silence after approximately one-two seconds when they are feared. This will allow you to get the full duration of the cc's. Not particularly important if you feel that fear + drain is enough to land a kill on the lane.

3. The most important part of using your ultimate is being in the fog of war so that your opponent can't react. The optimal positions to use your ultimate is behind ledges and walls. This is to limit the possibility that someone on their team can stop your ultimate. If you are confident that you are in the fog of war / out of their vision, it is possible to use your ultimate even in the middle of a lane or river (with the help of flash at least).

4. You will begin to use drain less and less the later a game goes on. In team fights where you are initiating or taking the brunt of the damage, you will want to first get off your fear and silence in team fights over anything else. Double points if you are interrupting someone's channel or fearing their carry(or any champion really that doesn't have mercury threads) It is also better if you aren't being focused to walk around in the team fight to make everyone absorb the most damage. If you are however, zhonya after using all of your CC's.

5. If you have rushed Zhonya's Ring, you can initiate into team fights with your ult + fear + silence and use the active effect on zhonya's ring. If you went for Rylai or Rabadon, it would be better to wait for the team fight to start before going in. Your job is basically to fear any squishy champions or champions that are on your carry.

6. After your ultimate is over or if you don't even have an ultimate, prioritize on using your fears and silences over your drain to help the team out more. Drain whatever is close (the squishier the better) when they are both on cooldown.

7. Just to add to make sure, unless you are farming three-four waves on a turret be SURE to stay with your team if they want to do something. Especially if it's something such as a dragon or baron fight.

8. If you kill either their jungle or two of their team around mid/top while your team maintains minimal losses in health, head for baron. With your drain you can tank most of the damage and if you happen to fall below 50% you can trade off damage with your jungler to heal with drain and go back to tanking. If they actually want to fight you from cbehind, stop fighting baron and tell your team to fight them. It's 3v5, there's absolutely no reason not to fight them unless you are all about to die.

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Special thanks to:
astrolia & FYA Umashi for tips on how to improve my guide.
William the Kupo for uploading that video for me.
Aeonsusaki, Situationalz for proofreading and checking up on my guide.
TheKMAP for his clairvoyance picture and suggestions.
People on the League forums who helped me try out lanes against their best champions in