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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Jinx Build Guide by muntoo

AD Carry The Hyper Hypercarry: Jinx [S4]

AD Carry The Hyper Hypercarry: Jinx [S4]

Updated on March 3, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author muntoo Build Guide By muntoo 35,509 Views 4 Comments
35,509 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author muntoo Jinx Build Guide By muntoo Updated on March 3, 2014
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Jinx
    Bloodthirster Rush
  • LoL Champion: Jinx
    Infinity Rush

Pros / Cons


  • Strong late game
  • 700 range (rocket launcher)
  • Strong wave clear
  • Tower shredder (minigun)
  • High AD ratios
  • On par with Vayne at dueling (minigun attack speed)
  • % HP AoE Global ult helps proc your passive
  • Crowd Control/Self-peel


  • Vulnerable to assassins
  • No escape skills
  • May need a team to protect her against certain enemy compositions
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This guide is still under construction!

However, you will find some useful information and experience of a Platinum player, especially under the notes for the items.
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Doran's Blades

Jinx's minigun attack speed provides her access to an insane amount of lifesteal from Doran's Blade. Don't be afraid to stack two or three of these for better lane performance (any more is overkill, unless you're Genja).

Furthermore, with two Doran's Blades, you can skip buying Vampiric Scepter and go straight to Infinity Edge and Phantom Dancer. You will have enough lifesteal in your minigun form, unlike other AD carries that lack attack speed.

Infinity Edge rush vs Bloodthirster rush.

Both are viable strategies. (BT rush is more popular.)

An Infinity Edge rush allows for a stronger midgame to lategame transition -- you will remain a priority threat in this period, especially if behind in gold, dealing up to an extra 500 damage in a teamfight. Additionally, you will not need to waste time stacking Bloodthirster in case an important teamfight is coming.

The sacrifice, however, is a 30% reduction in HP gained from autoattacking (with a stacked BT). Trinity Force and Bloodthirster are great items if you wish to duel an enemy carry due to the increase in HP (or lifesteal, in the case of Bloodthirster).

Here is a graph showing how your DPS changes over time:Note: This chart assumes a base attack speed of 0.625 and 130% bonus minigun steroid. Also, it is assumed Stattik Shiv procs every 10 autoattacks and deals damage to only a single target (25-30dps).

Do you see that little point after 9000 gold? Shortly thereafter, you will be getting a defensive item so it's actually a longer period than you might think. The difference between IE and Bloodthirster is ~50, but it does add up -- you might be able to kill a tank one second faster with the IE path than if you went BT.

Why not Statikk Shiv?

Statikk Shiv is a good purchase for bursty/duelling AD carries (such as Quinn) or for AD carries lacking wave clear. Jinx is neither of these. Jinx's Rocket Launcher already provides waveclear, and going for burst lowers your overall DPS. Phantom Dancer's passive is also quite useful on an AD carry with very little mobility in the first place.

If you look at the chart above, you will also see a big difference in mid to lategame DPS. Stattik Shiv especially ruins Jinx's rocket form ability which works better with crit and AS.

Is Runaan's Hurricane viable?

Sort of, yes. In terms of single target dps, non-Runaan's Hurricane builds do 25% more dps. However, a Runaan's Jinx will deal 50% more damage if she manages to attack three targets at once.

The problem with Runaan's Hurricane is the current league of bruisers/assassins meta -- Jinx will find it difficult to kill the Vi 1v1 if she opts for Runaan's. Additionally, lowers your kite potential, lacks crit, and lowers your rocket launcher's AoE damage if the Runaan bolts do not land on enemy champions (seondary bolts do not prioritize champions).

Defensive items

Buy defensive if you are in danger of dying. (Assassin, Bruiser, AP Burster meta.) Building a Bloodthirster for "more damage" is meaningless if you are dead.

If you feel like you are not going to be focused down, build BT first.

Guardian Angel: Anti-assassin/reset item.
Quicksilver Sash: Not as strong on Jinx, but viable against Warwick/etc.
Banshee's Veil: Good MR, strong anti-CC.
Randuin's Omen: Anti-bruiser/anti-AD dps. GA is still preferable against AD assassins, unless it's an all-AD comp.
Trinity Force: Not recommended unless you are 100% certain you are unkillable.

Note that HP is the strongest stat on AD carries for long term survivability. A combination of Armor and MR is inferior to flat HP, particularly on low health pool carries. Therefore, if you aren't in danger of getting instagibbed, building a Banshee's Veil or Randuin's Omen is best.
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Ranked Play

  • Positioning is key to Jinx!
  • NEVER get caught out.
  • Be wary of your allies retreating without you. Most frontlines are faster than Jinx and they may leave you behind to get CC'd if you are not alert.
  • Sieging turrets (even with rockets) is hard without an escape, but you can kill undefended turrets insanely fast with minigun.

If you're at a lower level of play (Bronze or Silver), it's unlikely your teammates will peel for you properly. Don't rely on them. Don't complain about lack of peel. Instead, work on your own positioning and become adept at kiting bruisers (see Doublelift's Vayne as an example of masterful kiting). Complaining about lack of peel will get you nowhere, but improving your own gameplay will.
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Lane matchups


Supports with CC are absolutely vital with Jinx. Supports such as Nidalee and Soraka provide very little peel/protection in the aggressive all-in bot lane meta as well as in teamfights against bruisers/assassins.

Leona Most synergistic support with Jinx. She provides peel, AoE CC, and a strong tankline for an escape-less hypercarry like Jinx. Additionally, Jinx+Leona can chain CC: Leona R/Q/passive procs, Jinx E/W/R will kill almost any carry if caught out post 6.
Thresh Good CC/Peel for Jinx.
Annie Strong laning phase, good bursty poke, great snowball potential. Chained ults do immense damage, especially if fed.
Nami Very strong peeling support. There's a reason koreans love her so much in their hypercarry lanes.
Lulu Another hypercarry-friendly support.
Sona If played well, can keep Jinx alive early levels, and provides CC at level 6. Not a bad support in non-hyperaggressive lane matchups (i.e. Janna Draven).
Taric Underrated and underplayed, but a decent support.
Alistar Very few can play him correctly, even in the higher tiers. -_- Requires early dominance or becomes useless in laning phase. Good ally to have in teamfights as he can knock the enemy bruisers away.

Enemy matchups


Burst counters squishy DPS (Jinx) best.

Draven Well, it is the League of Draven, after all!
Lucian Triforce makes him a great duelist against nearly every other AD carry (except Vayne). Great poke. Insane burst. Can avoid CC with his dash.
Graves Passive makes him very tanky so it is hard to poke him down. Has incredible burst and will blow you up if you are caught unaware.
Leona A great ally, but a formidable opponent!
Thresh Jinx has a hard time escaping such CC with her low movement speed and lack of escapes.
Annie Yet again, immense damage!
League of Legends Build Guide Author muntoo
muntoo Jinx Guide
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The Hyper Hypercarry: Jinx [S4]

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