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League of Legends Build Guide Author iownedya

The Legendary Acing Team

iownedya Last updated on December 28, 2011
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This team is inspired by the champions I have. Fiddlesticks and Nocturne are mainly protecting the main damage (Annie and Tryndamere.) Rammus is the main dps tank. Annie and Tryndamere are only the main damage for a couple of reasons. I will explain why furthur into the chapters. There are also many jungling and soloing tips. Just so you know, I don't really say much about Annie because she stays mid. She is pretty much self-explanatory.

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This Annie build will at least give you 1000 ability power. Since Annie is quick burst, she will be the main AP damage. Fiddles will heal from drain and spell vamp, so i put him as a kindy of tanky AP. Rammus is main tank and gets his attack damage from his armor. Nocturne is strong, but Tryndamere has his ult so I made Nocturne a kind of tanky DPS. Nocturne will place wards into the brushes to check for jungle ganks, ganks, and to check for enemies.

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These masteries can be slightly adjusted to fit your needs on pushing, killing, etc. These are mainly for Annie as mid, Fiddlesticks and Rammus together, and Tryndamere and Nocturne together in lanes. Rammus can taunt while Fiddlesticks drains, silences, and fears. Nocturne will basically harrass with his q until Tryndamere decides to jump in and attack with heavy damage. Nocturne should not waste a lot of mana harrassing. I reccommend chasing enemies until they are feared when on top of duskbringer and unspeakable horror on the enemy. This will prevent the enemy from escaping and let you deal more damage.

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These runes aren't really necessary. I just put them there just in case you want to try this build exactly. These runes could be adjusted for your needs. Annie gets mana for her archangels. Fiddlesticks needs magic because it goes well with the void staff and the sorcerers shoes. Rammus gets armor because he gets AD for 25% of his armor. Tryndamere needs critical damage because he has a lot of critical hits from his passive and those phantom dancers. Also, Infinity Edge gives 25% critical strike chance and greatly increases his critical strike damage.

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Skill Sequence

Fiddlesticks has Dark Wind only because he is laning, so his Dark Wind will bounce between the champions silencing them each. Upgrading drain will let Fiddlesticks drain more and heal more from it. Nocturne gets W because of the extra AS from blocking any harrass skills. Nocturne's duskbringer lets Nocturne move faster for chasing and do extra damage with each upgrade. Annie mainly needs her disintegrate for farming minions and incinerate will do an AoE stun. Rammus gets powerball for the speed, nothing else. Defensive ball curl allows Rammus to get more attack damage from his passive and a lot more armor and magic resist. Tryndamere will heal more from his bloodlust with each upgrade and spinning slash allows him to chase enemies with mocking shout, which reduces their damage and their speed if they are facing him with his back.

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Summoner Spells

There really is nothing to say about the summoner spells, except maybe they need it to catch the enemy off guard. Exhaust will slow them, while ignite will deal true damage. Flash can activate Annie's stun and go in for the kill. Ghost is excellent for escaping and chasing enemies. Tryndamere needs to slow after mocking shout because his mocking shout doesn't last very long, so the enemy champion may be able to escape. Nocturne is also a good jungler if he ges smite.

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Jungling Nocturne

As i said, Nocturne can jungle with smite. He can start with vampiric scepter and build to wrigglers before he gets boots. Nocturne could also start with the standard jungle start (cloth armor and 5 hp pots.) He could then build on to madreds razors then wrigglers lantern. Nocturne can then carry on with the build I with minimum changes made. Nocturne can start off at blue with a leash. He can wait for cooldowns and his passive by killing the yound lizards first, then circling the golem, and finally, kill the bluee buff. It is best for Nocturne to gank at level 6 because the enemy may flash, so Nocturne can chase with his ult. This may prrvent any help from Soraka, if the enemy team has a Soraka. In this build, you may upgrade both duskbringer and/or shroud of darkness. Don't get unspeakable horror until level 4.

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Jungling Rammus

Well... Apparently there is jungling rammus now eh? I was recommended to give you a jungle guide for Rammus, so you'll get one. I would start with defensive ball curl for extra armor and attack damage from his passive. Then go to puncturing taunt for reduced armor. Try to max out defensive ball curl ASAP. Powerball would be good if you want to gank someone. Open with powerball then use puncturing taunt with defensive ball curl, and tremors if you have it. This jungle Rammus should start with cloth armor and build it into ninja tabi and thornmail or warmogs. If they have a lot of AP, get force of nature, guardian angel, or aegis of the legion earlier.

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Jungling Fiddlesticks

I jungled a few times with Fiddlesticks before, but I'm not really good with jungling Fiddlesticks. I tried to start with blue before, but even the leash didnt help me much. I recommend starting with regular golems to at least get one level before you start other places. When ganking people, start with crowstorm in the brush then fear and silence them. This will allow you to drain them without any problems. Also, your ally could use some cc to stop them and let you fully drain. Like the regular build, upgrade drain and everything in the same order, but don't get dark wind until level 4.

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Solo Rammus

Rammus excels at soloing if Nocturne is jungling. Rammus has defensive bal curl to prevent death. Rollerball and ghost may be able to help escape from enemies. Teleport is also a very useful spell here because if he dies or needs to go back, teleport can get Rammus back to defend the turret quickly. Rammus is the best one to solo, but he can leave it to the others. If taunt is used under the turret, the person can be forced to go back or the champion will die. There will be two more chapters on two possible champions that can solo well, but not as well as Rammus.

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Solo Tryndamere

Trndamere can solo, but he is not as strong as rammus, survivability-wise. He is able to maintain the lane, but Rammus's taunt can really do a lot of damage when under the turret. Tryndamere can get farmed and get his ultimate ready which could let him kill some of the champions. His mocking shout can reduce attack damage and slow if they are running from the turret. Tryndamere is very good at scaring people away from the turret. As i said, teleport is extremely good here for turret sustainability. Tryndamere's ult can allow him to dive into a turret and take a kill, so if they have EXTREMELY low health, dive in with spinning slash, heal, and ult if necessary.

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Solo Nocturne

Nocturne can solo, but not very well. Nocturne will have some healing from his passive. His passive allows him to heal with each enemy hit, so if he hits 5 enemies, he will heal a lot more.he can escape with duskbringer and fear the enemy champion with unspeakable horror. This could prove to be an advantage if you succeed in making the enemy walk into the turret's range. If the enemy has thornmail, simply hit the enemy in the turret's range, so the turret would do damage to that champion. Nocturne's ult can help him gank mid if the top turret is lost. He will be able to jump to the enemy without any disables.

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Solo Fiddlesticks

Fiddlesticks would be my last choice to choose to solo mext to Annie. He does have a little sustainability, but it won't be very much. He should get rylais crystal scepter as soon as possible because it will allow fiddles to survive longer with 700 health. Will of the ancients will also allow Fiddlesticks to heal much more from his drain. Just hextech revolver could be enough for him to survive. You abyssal scepter to get magic resist if there is a mage or two. Fiddlesticks is more of a channel burst, which means he needs a lot of cc to keep the enemies still. This would allow him to finish his spells and do massive amounts of damage. If the jungler wants to gank, start off with crowstorm right into two enemies, turn that into a dark wind, and finish off with the famous terrify/drain combo.

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Farming and Last Hitting

Annie personally is my favorite at farming because of her Q. She receives all of her mana back if she kills the enemy minion. Nocturne can use his passive against a big group of minions and last hit at least three minions that way. Tryndamere can usually attack a minion with a critical strike, so that makes it a lot easier to farm. If Fiddlesticks is using drain, I recommend using it on a siege minon. That allows him to deal more damage and heal much more. Do not intrrupt Fiddlesticks's draining if he is using it for healing. Rammus... I can't really say much, since he really has nothing to last hit. He should just get a lot of armor for AD and attack minions with low health. Rammus can farm a lot better if he is soloing because the enemies will be scared of a taunt.

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Pros and Cons

Pros: 1) Annie is exceptionally good at farming minions with her disintegrate because she receives the mana cost back if she manages to kill a minion.
2) Nocturne's passive allows him to heal depending on the amount of enemies he hits, so it is best to hit a whole herd of caster minions rather than the melee minions. Also, it is possible to hit a champion and receive some healing from that champion , too.
3) Rammus's taunt can be used under a turret to ensure the enemy gets hit by many turrets.
4) Rammus can use his defensive ball curl and/or rollerball to ensure a clean escape. Taunting can be used to save an ally if they have low health.
5) Back to Nocturne - Nocturne's spell shield grants him attack speed if he blocks one spell. Also, he takes no damage from the spell.
6) Fiddlesticks can gank very easily because his ult teleports him to a nearby spot and does damage over time.
7) Fiddlesticks can fear an enemy into the range of a turret.
8) Tryndamere is amazing at chasing and/or escaping. His mocking shout allows him to chase with the spinning slash. He can spinning slash over a wall to escape.

Cons: 1) Annie will be the squishiest one in the team, so she will be an easy target for the enemy.
2) Nocturne will waste mana when activating his spell shield. Also, he may not need his spell shield and accidentally use it, thherefore, wasting mana even more.
3) Rammus cannot have defensive ball curl on at the same time as rollerball. He may need both, but can only use one. Also, he cannot taunt while in rollerball mode.
4) Sometimes Tryndamere cannot spin through the wall. If he is at low health, tyere is a good chance he will die.
5) Fiddlesticks is a channeling burst and any snares or stuns will make him reach maximum damage to the enemy champion.

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So... this is the build on the team that I personally enjoy seeing together. If they finished their builds... Well... The enemy team could just surrender then and there. These champions and their builds could be perfect if you are able to do this build. Annie is not recommended for soloing because Annie doesnt have much heal or protection. Just so you know, Annie WILL have 1000 AP. For some reason, Mobafire doesn't show their unique passives like rabadans and archangels. Rammus and Nocturne have warmogs, so their health will be greatly increased if they max it out. Tryndamere will have at least 400 attack damage from the two bloodthristers passives. The less health he has, the more attack damage he will have. So the dark child, the eternal nightmare, the armadillo, the barbarian king and the harbringer of doom join together to form the invincible team.


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