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Veigar Build Guide by Virusal

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Virusal

The Midget of Evil - Your guide to victory

Virusal Last updated on February 24, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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So you've found yourself a midget to get pleased with? Very well then.. I shall teach you how to use this little fellow properly. But also, please remember; DONT TELL HIM SHORT JOKES.

Veigar is an AP burster perfect for bursting down singletargets, especially AP carries like Leblanc or Master Yi if he builds AP. Trust me, AP Yi is a living hell..

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Pros / Cons

Insane AP farm
Insane damage
Insane insane
Sane Insane
A midget, so he's hard to see in bushes
Can take down any AP carry in a few seconds
Really helpful with his stun :) If you can hit with it lol

Item dependent
Rage-o-holic with .. You'll get it when the minions survive with around 10 hp after you use it..

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Abilities and Skill sequence

Veigar's passive is that he regenerates 0.75% per 1% mana he's missing. I haven't really tried it out, but I believe Chalice of Harmony would fit really good with this passive, but it won't give you the same damage output if you switch one of them out. And late game you won't be needing that much mana regen because you will grab blue buff every time you can.

This ability is your most important skill in early - mid game. It is utterly important that you farm with this ability as much as possible. You want to have atleast 9 out of 10 minion kills with this so you can increase your AP with as much as possible. You get 1 AP per minion kill from this ability, and at level 1/2/3/4/5 you will get 1/2/3/4/5 AP for a champion kill from any source of damage. Really great for early AP farming.
^You want to max this second as this isn't your main damage source.

This is your most important damage ability. Though your ultimate deals tons of tons of damage, this will be your key to either harass the enemy team or kill/secure a kill. A combination of good, early farming with Baleful Strike and this is great. This ability does take a little while to cast, but when it hits it deals 170/220/270/320 magic damage + 100% of your AP. I don't recommend harassing with this untill it's level 3. This way you will(if having it your way) have a good farm with Baleful Strike and this will deal a great amount of damage.
^You want to max this first, as it's your main damage source.

Event Horizon, hard to use properly without practise. What you want to do is placing the circle walls on the target, a few cm behind or in front of the target, depending on which direction they're running. By doing this you can turn a death into a kill ;) And it's utterly important that you land Dark Matter the split second you pop this shield as they are only stunned for 1.5 seconds at level 1. If you see their team building Mercury's Treads already it might be clever to level Event Horizon to level 2 right after you've leveled up Primordial Burst to level 1.
^Max this ability last as it's just a stun and the early levels are good for escaping.

Ah.. Your ultimate.. The main source of LOVE. Annoying Leblanc is annoying you? harassing you? Well, look no further! When you got this skill.. You gotta wait for your Dark Matter to be level 3, because if not you won't be able to get any kills :( Ofcourse, you could waste a little mana on harassing and MAYBE get a kill with Primordial Burst and Baleful Strike. You want to use Baleful Strike last. Don't ask me why, JUST DO IT!
"Why is this ability so special?" Hahaha.. go kill yourself.. No, but seriously, this ability is an Anti-AP carry or Anti-AP at all. It deals 250/375/500 magic damage + 120% of your AP. "So what?" Say what? Did I forget to mention it also does 80% of the enemy target's AP? That's why it can easily burst down an AP carry.


This isn't hard to learn at all, but all you have to do is hit properly with your stun instead of putting it all around him.

*** - - - -

"oh why, oh why deathfire before the others?" Because deathfire deals a percentage of their current health as damage. That's why. Don't like it? Then don't play Veigar.

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Runes are utterly important when around 20 to 30. And ofcourse, if you don't have mana regen runes like the ones I've chosen, either flat mana regen or mana regen/lvl, you will have a hard time farming as much as you should with Baleful Strike.

Greater Mark of Insight; Why? You will be needing as much MrP as possible so your burst will deal as much damage as possible. You wouldn't do much damage if the team stacked mr and you had no penetration, would you?

Greater Seal of Clarity. Mana regen. Nuf' said. You will be needing mana regen for early - mid game so you can farm as much as possible early game and harass as much as possible in mid game. In late game you'll be getting blue buff, also in mid game though. You can also change these for Greater Seal of Replenishment Greater Seal of Replenishment or Greater Seal of Potency.

Greater Glyph of Focus will help you a lot in early game farm. You want to be farming as much as possible, so this is a great pick for that. You can, however, switch these for Greater Glyph of Potency if you feel like being aggressive, but I don't recommend that in early game.

Greater Quintessence of Potency. This.. Is a must, really. great for early game farming, and early-mid game harassing when you have enough damage for it. If you want, you can switch these for Greater Quintessence of Focus for a slightly better early game farming, though you will have to wait a little while longer before you can last hit them with Baleful Strike, but when you've gotten enough farm with it, you don't have to wait for that long.

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2 Builds 2 Masteries

Build No. 1

This build is based on pure damage and bursting down enemies. Though it got a lot of damage, it won't have much defensive stats so you will be taken down quicker than a snail saltbathing.

Build No. 2

This build got the same runes and the same order on the abilites, but this time it has different masteries and items :D The masteries are more utility rather than offense, as you can see. And the items are now for more survivability, so if you die too much or are too squishy to stay in the teamfights, go for this one. Helps a lot.

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Summoner Spells

Summoner spells I recommend:

Great for escaping, or flashing in to secure a kill ;)

Same as Flash, but you won't be able to get over walls with this one, so you gotta walk all the way around.

Ofcourse, if you like to be an aggressive little b*tch, take this one. But I take teleport so I can get to the minions as soon as possible for farm and exp :)

Just told you.

Summoner spells that I don't usually use, but can be good:

Can be a smart choice if you want to troll the opponent: "He got 100 hp, I'll just turret dive!" (example) Kassadin jumps you at tower and uses the silence ball *heal* Kassadin dies and says: "FUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-" :D

Might be good if you spam your abilites a lot, but you shouldn't do that untill you have your Dark Matter at level 3 or higher :P

Good if an AD carry or so jumps you at the tower, you just exhaust him and run around the tower, then just before it dissapears you stun him :D Free kill for the win!

Well.. I wouldn't really RECOMMEND this, but ofcourse, if the other team got exhausts or anything that slows, pop this and run :)

Spells I do not recommend:

lol wut?,r:5,s:0

Are you a support? LOL

--> click thi.. It's not even funny anymore...

hmm... lasts a few seconds, but those seconds you should just pop and run, so.. wasted.

"You forgot Smi.." SHUT UP! ARE YOU FU**ING KIDDING ME?!

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Baleful Strike. Kill every SINGLE minion with this. If there's some of them that dies just before you can use baleful, just last hit them with a basic attack.

When you get around 100 - 150 AP you can last hit the mage minions with Dark Matter, but if you want to get the most AP possible, use Baleful Strike instead.

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Items - Starting Items + Early Game

Starting Items

These items if you're going solo mid. Meki Pendant for enough mana regen so you can stay in lane for farming. I don't recommend harassing at start.

I recommend this item in duo lane, since in solo mid lane you want potions so you can regen your health, while in duo lanes your partner can stay and def untill you come back.

Early Game


The 'Tear' I get early game if I know I will do good, so I can get more mana + building towards my 'Archangel's Staff', but if I'm having a passive to hard time in mid lane, and the other team got 1 or more tanks on their team, I get a 'Fiendish Codex' so I can get my Deathfire Grasp earlier.
Note: The 'Tear' should only be bought if you wish to get Archangel's staff. Other items are also viable, it's just an option.

Fiendish Codex is for building a Deathfire Grasp. If you're doing passively good or a little bit bad I get this item in case, because of the cooldown reduction. This will help even more with my farming, which is needed to do better mid to late game. What does Deathfire Grasp really do? Read more of this under the Deathfire Grasp below.


Can't afford your Tear of Fiendish Codex yet? Grab these boots for immobility so you can dodge Lux's stun or maybe get out of a gank?
The potions is ONLY if you're having a hard time in lane, getting harassed. Maybe Annie got her ultimate yet?

Gold per second item. Great early game, recommending it if you can afford both this and Boots of Speed, but not Fiendish Codex. It gives enough AP to get your farm going better, and the gold per second helps even more reaching out to the Deathfire Grasp and other items.

Are you doing tremendously bad? Are you about to ragequit because you've fed Brand with 5 kills and can't do anything against him?

Get one more of this, or maybe two if needed.

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Items Mid Game

Mid Game

By now you should ATLEAST have 20 kills, right? Don't worry, I'm just joking.
But I hope you got a lot of farm? No? Then GET A BETTER FARM, DUMBASS!

This is a must if their team got pretty tanky people. And in ranked I see it as a must because they got a solo top, which will be a tank, their jungler(if he's tanky, ex. Gangplank or Lee Sin), and maybe they got a pain-in-the-*** Morgana stacking health to survive teamfights?

Doing really good, your jungler is ganking your lane a lot and you get kills + assists? And also a great farm? Get this item to ruin their day even further! This little guy will annoy the hell out of them because of the stacks you will get if you know how to play. Don't know how to play her yet?

"But what else should I get then?" You can read all about that in the 'Optionable Items' section.

These two are the main items you should focus on in mid game. After these you can go for stronger items.

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Items - Late Game

Late Game

Main damage item. Whatever the team is built on(health, mr, etc), this is a must. This item is your main damage source for your abilities.

Getting focused in teamfights? Their AD carry kills you in a few hits? Well look no further then. This item got great armor, and also 100 AP, so it won't ruin your damage. You can change your Archangel's StaffArchangel's Staff or Void StaffVoid Staff with this one for more sustain and survivability. Oh, did I forget to mention the PASSIVE? It's passive removes all damage on you(ignite, poison, etc) and leaves you untargetable and invulnerable.

This item is really great if you build enough mana for it. It does give 1400 mana when your 'Tear' is maxed out. This item is for pure damage only, so if you want more survivability trade this out for Zhonya's Hourglass or maybe a Banshee's Veil.

In ranked their team is smart enough to stack MR, often early game too, so this item will take you from no-dmg-at-all to raping-them-all again. :)

This item is great because of the cooldown reduction. I recommend this if you're doing passively good(or bad), and your 'Mejai's Soulstealer' doesn't look like an option anymore.

Guide Top

Optionable items

You didn't think I would forget this, did you? What would any champion be without optionable items?

***** Great item if they got either Karthus or any other champion with a pain-in-the-*** skill.

*** As it is good because of the armor and mr, it doesn't really HELP you. Yes, it gives you more survivability so their AD and AP carries won't rape you that easily, and its passive is also great, but that's why we got Zhonya's Hourglass. If their carries jumps you and your teammates are around, just pop your Zhonya's and you will survive(if your team is good).

****** This item is just GREAT. It's perfect for little Veigar, because after his burst he won't do that much rather than just popping his Baleful StrikeBaleful Strike once a while.

***** If their team got AP bursters like LeBlanc, Brand, Annie, etc.