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Akali Build Guide by Proneisbeast

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Proneisbeast

The Midlane Akali

Proneisbeast Last updated on April 25, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello I'm Proneisbeast, I'm a Silver Elo summoner who enjoys pwning face as Akali. So, I decided to make a guide here because I've seen too many Akalis lose their lanes because of starting boots and pots or build incredibly wrong. Using this guide, my goal is to help Akalis with the struggle they have before level 6 and help them become a snowballing machine

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My Ranked Stats

These are my ranked stats with Akali so far.

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Pros / Cons of Playing Akali

Pro's Con's
Very mobile Horrible Laning Phase before level 6
Extremely High Burst Very squishy
Has a huge gap closer Easily countered with Pink Wards

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Laning Phase Before Level 6

Before you hit 6, try to stay out of your opponent's range and last hit with your Q, run up and auto them and use your E if you feel that you're safe from being harassed. Don't be too scared of being harassed because you have 9 health pots. You shouldn't have to back until after 6.

When to use your wards: Place your first ward after you hit lvl 3 or if the jungler already came, you should be farming close to your turret anyways. Don't use both wards at the same time, it's nice to have one at level 6 when you start getting aggressive.

Here is a link to know your Akali counterpicks:

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Laning Phase After Level 6

Once you hit level 6 you are one of the most feared mid laners in the game because of your ultimate. You can now start playing aggressive on your opponent. To go in on him, First use your Q to mark him, ult onto him, then press E and go into your shroud. Repeat these steps for a successful kill on your opponent. (Don't forget to ignite during your engage.)

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Team Fights

Your role as Akali is to be an assassin. It is best to focus high priority targets such as the ADC or the opposing AP carry. Although you WANT to kill the other teams high priority targets, there may not always be the opportunity. Far too often do I see other Akalis diving extremely too far just to get one kill then die. This is not what you want to do. If you force somebody completely out of a teamfight, that is nearly as good as a kill. If this happens, turn around and focus whoever your team is on or whoever is the lowest/squishiest. It is extremely easy to over-extend as Akali. Don't constantly get one kill and then die every time(feeder..). If you are going to dive, make sure to utilize your shroud, summoner spells, and zhonya's if you have one.