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Diana Build Guide by koyomilikesbloods

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author koyomilikesbloods

The Moon Rises...

koyomilikesbloods Last updated on October 28, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi, I'm KoyomiLikeBloods, a.k.a. KissShotAcerolaO, and I will be showing everyone how I see Diana. I was drawn to Diana since the first time I saw her Original splash art--it was pretty much love at first sight. I've gone on many adventures with Diana; Full AD top Diana, AP assassin mid Diana, Runeglave mid Diana, Full AD jg Diana, etc. One thing that I've discovered while playing Diana is that I love to stack attack speed on her. Attack speed is generally a very strong thing to get on champions that have stackable on-hit effects such as MF, Vayne,Gnar and the latter. Diana's feels different though. After your tank or support initiate a fight, you can Q and R into their entire team to deal some pretty crazy AOE damage; attack speed allows for me to proc Diana's passive as many times as possible while stacking CC. You can also kite around a fight by just AA'ing as Diana--by walking around the fight and hitting whatever is close to you just to cleave everyone for a huge chunk of their health is very satisfying. Since I play a lot of ADC, the attack-move command is something I do with every champion that I play, and it's found its use to be especially powerful when using Diana.

After playing lots of Diana, I have found out about the different things that she can do--it's pretty amazing to say the least. With max cdr, Diana's Q will be up pretty much every other second; this means that instead of using your ultimate twice and putting it on cooldown for half of a minute you can use Q every time you are going to jump. Another thing that I've found that Diana can do is build AD and AP perfectly. Her abilities scale with AP but if you build 1 or sometimes 2 AP items and the rest AD she can become a bruiser. Another, and more fascinating thing that I've discovered is the amount of DPS you can achieve with the [*] Sated Devourer tool. Since this makes her passive proc every 2 hits, she is able to destroy everything in a matter of seconds. Her split pushing ability when combined with this tool skyrockets--she doesn't need to use any mana on clearing because it will be slower than if she were to just auto the creep wave. Since her passive procs on towers as well, she is able to shred them. This kind of pushing can really only be achieved through this build since it has a mix of attack speed, AD, and AP. Her AD of AP won't be very significant on their own, but it's all about the combo.

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Pros / Cons


    High Damage Output
    Hard To Build Against
    A Very Versatile Pick
    Isn't Easy To One-Shot

    Vulnerable To Early Invades
    Won't Be Able To Gank Easily Pre-lvl.6
    You Need To Learn To Attack-Move

Diana's Usually farm til they hit level 6 before they gank anywhere. With this build, I would really encourage you to refrain from ganking anywhere that is incredibly inconvenient to get to. Farm is too important, and to reach maximum effectiveness you are gonna want to get your Sated Devouerer ASAP.

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Runes and Masteries

The runes and masteries are the same for both of these builds since they are both the best for Diana no matter what items she will be building.

9 Marks of AD
6 Seals of Scaling Armor and 3 Seals of Scaling MR
6 Glyphs of AP and 3 Glyphs of Scaling MR
and 3 Quints of AP

[*] The Marks of AD are more effective than marks of AP, especially on Diana, since it remedies her lack of damage needed for early clears and helps her conserve Mana in the jungle by allowing her to rely on basic attacks for clears instead of mostly spells. These Marks also make starting on the Red side of the jungle a lot easier.

[*] The mixed Seals, being that of mostly Scaling Armor and a few of Scaling MR, are basically just sacrificing a bit of Diana's resistances in the early game for a mid-game power spike and more damage at all stages of the game. After level 6, these Scaling Seals of MR and Armor will be more effective, and will continue to become more effective, than flat Armor and MR values. In the mid game, which will be when Diana is level 9-11 (roughly), these Scaling runes will be 1.5x more effective than flat values. At level 11, Scaling runes will be about 1.9x more effective than flat values.

[*] The mixed Seals allow for mixed Glyphs of Scaling MR and flat AP, which doesn't sacrifice defensive stats for the offensive at all. Diana will be a bit squishier pre-level 6 than she normally would, but will actually be a bit tanker, increasingly so as more time goes on, post-level 6. Scaling MR Glyphs take a two more levels than Scaling Armor Seals to be more effective than their flat value counterparts because the flat MR Glyphs give 1.34 MR instead of the 1 Armor of a flat Armor Seal. At level 8, Scaling MR Glyphs will be 1.01% more effective than flat MR Glyphs. This small sacrifice was made for the 7.14 AP that Diana will be getting from the 6 AP Glyphs in these rune pages.

[*] AP Quints are pretty necessary, and even though scaling AP Quints will give Diana more AP overall, they take 12 levels to become more effective than flat AP Quints and are really not worth it.

These masteries are pretty standard for Diana so I will briefly go over their usefulness.

[*] Fury gives Diana some extra attack speed scaling that is really noticeable in the late game, but is less noticeable and more important in the early game. Attack speed helps Diana expend her passive more quickly, and pre-level 4 clears are sped up greatly by this mastery.

[*] The Mental Force, Arcane Mastery, Archmage, Devastating Strikes, and Havoc masteries are just there to scale Diana's damage as much as possible. Mental Force, Arcane Mastery, Archmage, and Havoc masteries literally just scale AP and AD numbers; AP by 8% and AD by 3%. Devastating Strikes scales magic and armor penetration by 6%, which is pretty important. Not having this mastery will greatly decrease the damage that any champion will do at all points of the game and is VERY VERY noticeable.

[*] Spell Weaving and Arcane Blade helps to increase the overall damage that Diana does at all points in the game by making her basic attack damage scale with her AP and making her spells scale by how many times she's auto attacked an enemy. Spell Weaving increases spell damage, for a max amplification of 3%, based on how many times Diana has auto attacked an enemy and works very well with this build since she will be relying on both of these things to kill enemies. She's a burst mage and a fighter whose damage can be maximized by exploiting both of her strengths as much as possible.

[*] Defensive masteries basically just increase her HP and HP regeneration while also making her more resistant to the damage produced by jungle monsters. Pretty much every jungler need these masteries since it will allow them to survive through the camps. If they don't get them, then they will have to back after every single camp. The jungle is very harsh environment, so much so that there are masteries, items, and a strong summoner spell that were designed to help junglers survive in such an environment.

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Skill Sequence

I am a man of W first--if you simply look at what you are getting, I'm sure you'll become one of the W as well. Diana's W works somewhat like Ahri's except you have to be a lot closer for the orbs to dissolve in exchange for a shield. Once you get your W to lvl 2 (when you hit lvl 3) this shield will absorb 55 + 30% of your AP's worth of damage. That's basically negating 2 hits from blue buff. It's a great thing to skill first and third.
You want to get you Q skilled at lvl 2 in order to prepare it for the amount of times it'll be leveled in the next few levels. Q will be the ability that helps you clear before you get Nashor's. Also, if you decide to gank and aren't able to go on them, the least you can do is land a very well placed Q.
Get your E at level 4--it helps you gather camps into the area of your cleave as well as making it so that your Q will be guaranteed to hit every single monster in the camp. Her E ability is also very good for ganking as it provides a slow and a short-duration knock up. I mean, you won't be ganking pre. 6 anyways, but if the gank is that easy then there's all the more reason to get this ability. If you choose not to, then you need to get it when you hit level 5.
Once you get points into your ultimate and secure a blue buff you are able to flash farm. Once you hit a monster of a camp with your Q, proceed to jump into that camp using your ultimate--don't cast it a second time because not only is it a waste of mana and a cooldown, it could be quite dangerous. What if you get attacked while you are jungling a camp? You wan't to make sure that your R is always available as it is your only escape ability.

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I have found that I like the devouerer enchantment quite a bit. Why? Stacking it is a pain and very often a priority as it is too weak if not sated and too powerful of an upgrade to pass up.

It seems like a huge hassle to be honest--but maybe that's why I enjoy utilizing this enchantment so much: It's hard to use. To be able to get this tool to become sated you are risking a lot; you are risking your early game and sometimes mid game by, instead of ganking and trying to create map pressure, are trying to reach 30 devouerer stacks. The skill comes from being able to do it quickly why also obtaining objectives around the map that will (1) get you stacks and (2) give your team more map control.

These things are important, and as important as they may be you need to be careful not to over-prioritize farming for sated as to ignore things that are going on around the map that you could effect. Just using this tool correctly is a skill in and of it's own. Although auto-attacking isn't that difficult, changing your build completely in order to compensate for the change in your source of damage is something that needs to be thought out quite thoroughly. And that's just what I've done with this build--of course it won't work for everyone because everyone plays the game differently--but ideally this build should be quite overpowered.

It's actually not overpowered meaning it lacks counterplay and results in an almost broken amount of damage but it's overpowered because it's hard to recognize what's actually going on here. With this build, your damage will be coming from multiple sources; stacking Armor or MR won't help. And you can't stack both at the same time without becoming weaker to each type of champion. If you stack armor relentlessly because a team may have an AD heavy comp, the AP champions of the other team will be doing some damage to you (and vice versa). If you build against both equally then everyone else will just do way more damage than they would do if you built resistances like you regularly would. Therein lies the strength in the sated devouerer tool when combined with Diana.

-Attack Speed-
Nashor's tooth is an item that, I believe, was made for Diana. It quite literally solves all of her issues in one swift and easy purchase: She needs attack speed in order to proc her passive more quickly; She needs AP to scale her abilities; She needs CDR. Look no further--Nashor's tooth has all. It also has an extra passive that works just like an Arcane Blade by converting a portion (quite a large actually), a whopping 15%, of her AP into on-hit magic damage. Like seriously this item was created for Diana.

-Iceborn Gauntlet and Lich Bane-
These items are both quite potent, but they are to be used differently. You get Iceborn Gauntlet when you are planning on stacking AP instead of going for the hybrid approach because of the way that damage is applied.

Iceborn Gauntlet is better when going for the more AP oriented build because of the damage you are able to do. Due to the scaling of Nashor's Tooth, the more AP you have, the harder your basic attacks will hit. Nashor's and Devourer are basically base AD scaling items that, instead of scaling physical damage, scales something called on-hit magic damage. On-hit magic damage, in the cases of these items, are basically on-hit AP damage. Iceborn Gauntlet scales with on-hit magic damage and AD; Nashor's Tooth does on-hit damage equal to 15 (+15% of AP), which will be a lot once you get all of your items; Sated Devourer gives you 60 on-hit magic damage. Iceborn Gauntlet procs will do lots of damage once you get it, and will scale like crazy once you finish your build.

Lich Bane is the item you want to get when you are going for the hybrid build because Lick Bane procs scale better for hybrids. Due to the mixed scaling on the Lich Bane proc, no damage will be wasted. The Lich Bane proc does 75% base AD (+50% of AP)'s worth in damage for one basic attack after the usage of an ability. On-hit magic damage is included in your base AD but not your AP scaling of the Lich Bane proc. Since you will have lots of On-hit magic damage and a fair amount of AD because of Hydra and lots of AP from items and runes, the Lich Bane proc will do lots of damage.

You'd think that because of the mix of damage from the hybrid build and tons more AD the Iceborn Gauntlet would do more damage than Lich Bane--it doesn't. Iceborn Gauntlet is a less effecient source of damage for hybrids because it only scales from one stat while Lich Bane scales from the two sources of damage that hybrids will be building. Just trust me on this one--I've played it many times to know. It doesn't really make lots of sense on paper, but one you try it out in-game, you will see what I'm talking about.

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Jungle Pathing

-Non-Invasive Route-
Like every good Diana you should start on gromp. You don't necessarily need a leash but if you get one it will just make your first clear a lot faster. If you think that the enemy jungler will go for a red steal--hell even if it's just to be safe, sacrifice your hpots for a green ward. If they are going for a steal, then you've just got yourself a leash and possibly even a free kill. Just make sure that you ward it at 1:20. Any sooner or later and you'll either not have enough time to get to your red before the ward runs dry or you'll be late for your leash. If you are going against a champion that starts red and has quite rough early clears then you may want to start Krugs in preparation for an invade. You can literally go Krugs/Gromp and straight for the jungle invade simply because you will be able to steal more from them if you go sooner. Once (if) you steal from them, go for a full jungle clear. The next time you home you want to put a pink ward at your blue to keep them from taking your precious.

The normal non-invasive jungle path would consist of Gromp/Blue/Wolves/Wraiths/Red/Krugs/Gromp on their side/Wolves on their side/Home. The route for, if you started Krugs, would be Krugs/Red/Wraiths/Wolves/Blue/Gromp/Wraiths their side/Krugs their side. The reason you would go to their side to counter jungle in such a manor would be because the enemy jungler would most likely be at those camps if they had gone through the regular jungle rotation. If you find them, go fight them; if you don't and the camp is there, take it; if both are missing them go back to your jungle. Don't back unless you have enough for devouerer or at least enough for Stalker's and Recurve.

-Invasive Diana-
Diana can invade enemy jungle camps because she easily has the fastest jungle clears of any champion at all stages of the game. When invading, you really have to look at where the enemy jungler is starting and then make an assumption as to which camps they will take and when they will take them.

For example, Lee Sin will usually start Krugs and then go to Red because he doesn't need the mana and CDR that Blue gives you but does rely on the damage you get from Red and the smite bonus from Krugs. His invades are very good because he can just kill the enemy jungler after they take the buff since his early game damage is very high. His clears aren't nearly quick enough to try and kill Diana at her Blue since he will probably just be starting to take Red while she will have almost finished Blue. Lee Sin will, instead, walk over to your Red and try to kill you there; you can turn this into an advantage for yourself.

Starting Krugs in this case would be the more advantageous approach to this jungle match-up since all you will really need to do is avoid Lee Sin at earlier levels. If he's likely to invade your Red after you take Blue, then start Krugs, get Red, then take his Blue. He can't react fast enough to this because your clear speeds are high and he probably won't expect you to start Red side. Then you can probably take some of his jungle camps--this is something you should only do if you know where Lee Sin is, because if you take his Blue and go to his wolves and it turns that he never invaded, found a missing blue camp, and found you in his jungle, that's an easy early lead for Lee. But if you are able to successfully secure two blue buffs, give yours to your mid if they use mana, and then continue to farm jungle camps in this order: Krugs=>Wraiths=>Wolves=>Gromp. Once you clear these four camps in this order two times, your Red will be up at about 20 seconds after you start Krugs. After you finish Gromp your Blue will be up. Since Lee won't have the spawn timer for his Blue you can just keep taking it and giving yours to your mid.

Every jungler is different, but I'd encourage you to take a similar analytical approach to determining whether or not invading a good thing to do. It always is if you can do it correctly, but there is a confidence factor in there. Don't invade if you are hesitant--if you waste time, you could not get a buff or even die for it.