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League of Legends Build Guide Author Weeznaz

The One True Sheen Master

Weeznaz Last updated on January 31, 2015
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Hello Summoners, my name is Weeznaz and I am here to give you my guide on Corki. Bear in mind this is my humble opinion on how he should be played, and is not the one and only way to play him, so take what I say with a grain of salt. I would love to discuss any points or opinions you may have on my guide. Corki is an AD Caster who is played in the bot lane as the "AD Carry". Corki has an amazing mid game powerspike and can carry you through almost any situation. His kit is designed to help him deal with almost any ADC in the early-mid game.

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Early game

Early game Corki has almost everything you could ask for. His auto attacks deal true damage equal to 10 percent of his max attack damage, his Phohphorous Bombs and Missile Barrage deal magic damage, and his gatling gun deals physical damage as well as temporary armor reduction, similar to Black Cleaver's unique passive. So when you hear Corki has "mixed damage" this is what they are referring to. In the laning phase level 1 trade, lead with your Phosphorous Bomb and repeatedly auto attack him. You need to establish the tone of the lane, that it is yours to command. You will out trade almost everyone with this initial strategy. Once you hit level 3, when you want to trade with an ADC, launch Phosphorous Bomb, then turn on Gatling gun and auto attack them. With gatling gun's armor reduction you will do even more damage as you continue fighting.

An important thing to note: Don't be over zealous to get a kill. Don't get out of position by Flashing or using Valkarie. It is very easy to be over zealous with Valkarie to go for a kill. The danger here is that you go too far behing "enemy lines" and are easy to gank or attack. And since Valkarie takes you a farther distance than Flash does, you may dig your self into a deep hole.

An important thing to note about Corki is when to go back to the Shop and pick up your first item, Sheen. The best time to do this is at level 6. By this time you should have farmed the minimum 1200 gold, more importantly going back to base gives you time to prime and charge all 7 shots of missile barrage.

Once you get back into lane, don't use your phosphorous bombs as much. They cost as more mana than Missile Barrage. Instead use Missile Barrage for trading with the enemy ADC and to have decent waveclear. Only after using the Missile Barrage charges, if you need to further waveclear or trade use phosphorous bombs. Note, Missile Barrage is also a more effective/ quicker sheen proc to use for trades than any of your spells.

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Explaining your core item purchase order

Trinity Force is a core item on Corki, and it should be the first major item you complete. You take advantage of every statistic, especially the Sheen Procs. They synergize perfectly with Missile Barrage. Just this one item can give you great dueling potential. It is wise to rush this as a first item.

At this point I recommend buying Sorceor's Shoes, not Berserker's Grieves or Ionian Boots. The reason behind this is that Phosphorous Bombs and Missile Barrage deal magic damage, and you want both of these spells to hit harder. Since Corki is very reliant on Sheen proc-ing in the early game, he will get more out of Sorc Shoes. You don't go Ionian Boots because your primary assault spell, Missile Barrage, is already at an incredibly short cooldown.

Your next big item is a personal preference between Infinity Edge, Bloodthirster, or Blade of the ruin King Infinity Edge. My personal favorite second item is the Infinity Edge. The Infinity Edge is simply a powerful item that makes your standard attacks and Sheen empowered auto attacks deal massive damage. I don't buy a Bloodthirster instead of an infinity edge because Bloodthirster has become more of an defensive item in recent months. By this time in the game most AD Carries have rushed an Infinity Edge as their first item, you don't want to be left behind in damage trades with them. In opinion, you also don't get a Blade of the Ruin King before you Infinity Edge because Tri Force + BORK does not nearly offer the same powerspike as Tri Force + Infinity Edge. If you are having problems in lane, since Blade of hte Ruin King is very cheap in components, this might be a good time to consider buying it.

Because of your innate mixed damage, you can afford not to buy a Last Whisper as early as other ADC's may have to. It is at this time I pick up my third item, which for me is a choice between Blade of the Ruin King or Bloodthirster. I perfer Blade of the Ruin King, BORK for short, because it has a little of everything: Attack Speed, Attack Damage, and all important Life Steal. There are two main reasons I get BORK instead of Bloodthirster. Number 1, we lvfe in an age of extremely tanky top laners: Mundo, Maoki, Gnar, and Full tank Irelia are all the rage at the moment. Buying a Bloodthirster with Flat AD, while great against squishy targets and turrets, doesn't help you nearly as much at killing super tanks. Against a super tank, having percent damage on your auto attacks can be better than hading higher flat damage on your auto attacks. Also, if you are ahead BORK can be used to slow down and burst down targets. BORKs active can also help you escape bad situations. Reason 2 is that, without BORK Corki has very little attack speed, and in the latter parts of the game would otherwise start to loose out on the Damage per second when compared to other AD Carries. Tri Force+ Bork gives you plenty of attack speed, and these two items have amazing synergy.

While not listed as a core item, Last Whisper is pretty much a core item. It helps greatly against targets with high armor, which seems to happen frequently. Last Whisper is also very cheap. Good late game item.

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Explaining your situation item purchase order

There are many possible situational items to choose from, and it is important to recognize when to buy each.

If you are doing absurdly well in your game and want a 6th item, look no further than Bloodthirster. It has great attack damage and amazing life steal. Will help you close out the game.

If the enemy team has ONE very crucial form of CC that can lock you down/kill you, take Mercucial Shimitar. Examples of when to use this include but are not exclusive to: Zed's Death Mark, Fizz's Chum the Waters, Sona's Crescendo, Urgot's Hyper- Kinetic Position Reverser, Syndra's Scatter of the Weak, Gnar's ultimate, etc.

If you are against a team with multiple threatening AP champions, there are a number of options.
The most aggressive of these options is Hexdrinker into Maw of Malmortious. These items give a respective 250 and 400 health shield after you loose 70% of your max health. This item can allwo you to push yourself harder.

More defensive options are Banshe's Veil and Guardian Angel. Both are excellent survival items, and it really comes down to personal preference.

Last Whisper: You Should buy this item if the enemy team has high armor, which is almost every game. This item might as well be a core item, but for the once in a life time chance you fight a team that doesn't build armor, don't buy this item.

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Top 5 Best and Worst Supports with Corki

Being Corki means you have a powerful mid game powerspike, and you want a support that either has one as well or can get you to that point the most efficiently. Then there are supports that don't do either of these as effectively.

Top 5 Supports
Nami: Nami has a little bit of everything you want in a laning phase. She has sustain, disengage, engage, slight auto attack buffs, and can speed you up. This can allow you to be more aggressive in lane and have fewer negative trades. Only problem with Nami is her strenth is her weakness, she has a little of everything, but doesn't excel in any of these. She has sustain, but not superior to Sona or Soraka. She has Disengage, but not as much as Janna or Allistar. She has engage, but as strong as that from Sona, Annie, Thresh, Morgana, Leona, and etc. In addition, Nami doesn't scale hard with AP and makes for an ok tank. However, it is the combination of her assets into an early laning package that make her work with just about any AD Carry.

Thresh: He builds tanky, can give his lantern which can allow you to use Valkarie more aggressively without being out of position, and has CATCH POTENTIAL. If Thresh lands a good Death Sentence onto a target and then holds them there for you, they are likely to die. This is one of the safest Kill Lanes you can pick, as it offers not only safety and utility but also immense kill threat. Only problem with Thresh is early game he has no armor: meaning he is relatively squishier than most tank oriented supports.

Annie: Both Annie and Corki have a mid game powerspike. Annie has immense burst without any items, can hold the enemies in place for some easy attacks and trades. Only issue with this is Annie offers no real utility and can't save you if you get out of position. Still though, her burst is immense and can easily get you to your mid game power spike. Sidenote, if you want to learn how to play Annie, check out my guide to Annie here

Allistar: Is a beefy tank, and with Face of the Mountain can become a make shift sustain lane. Allistar has amazing disengage with his pulverize and headbut. Under the right circumstances, Allistar can also use his immense CC to become a kill lane, and with Allistar's ultimate can absorb more damage and go harder on an all in than most supports.

Braum: very similar to Allistar, biggest difference is that Braum can offer better level 1 trading with his passive and can poke the enemy team with his Winter's Bite. He has a stronger laning phase than Allistar, and just like Allistar while having Face of the Mountain can create for you a makeshift sustain lane. The biggest problem with Braum is that, outside of his Glacial Fissure Braum has no immediate hard CC, or hard response to engage. Allistar can knock enemies up and knock them away, which great disengage that can save you life. Braum doesn't possess this level of disengage. Still though, a powerhouse for Corki to rock with. The choiec between Braum and Allistar is ultimately up to your personal preference.

Top 5 Worst Supports
Sona: While Sona has amazing sustain and eventual damage, outside of her Crescendo has no hard response to hard engage. She has no disengage in her basic abilities. It is better to Play a Nami.

Soraka: Very Similar to Sona. While Soraka does have a CC field, giving a silence into a stun depending on enemy time duration in the sphere. However, she has NO hard response to hard CC or engage.

Zyra: you are playing a sub par Annie

Zillean: While Zillean has great poke damage, outside of Zillean's Chronoshift has no response to hard CC or engage.

Lulu: While Lulu does have a little bit of everything: a polymorph, poke, speed up/slow, and an ultimate that gives you health, Lulu's playstyle is not the most adequate with Corki. Corki is a poke champion that transition into a kill champion, while Lulu is only a poke champion. Lulu is definately the strongest matchup in this Worst Top 5 list, and while I have seen amazing support Lulu's in my day, there are just too many people who can support better than this wonderful, whimsical, and fun to play champion.

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Your post 6 trading

As Corki, you want to take advantage of your mid game power spike. For this combo to works a few things need to happen. 1, your support build sightstone and makes sure no one is around when you are about to initiate. 2, you need a minimum of a Sheen in your inventory. To start you initiation, you may need to activate Valkarie. During this time activate Gatling Gun. Once you hit the ground, auto attack the enemy ADC. Then use your Phosphorous Bomb, then auto. Then use your sheen proc by spell wieving Missile Barrage and auto attacks. With help from you support you should be given a kill or two.

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The Problem

Corki has an excellent mid game, with mixed damage and powerful sheen procs. However, in the late game, Corki falls of hard. In the late game, damage per second and auto attacks are superior to spell weaving. Champions such as Tristana, Kog Maw, Vayne, Caitlyn, Graves will defeat you eaily. Do not let the game get to this point, when you get the smallest of leads, use it, Otherwise, time will not be on your side and you can easily start to loose teamfights.