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Ezreal Build Guide by lookingforguide

ADC The only guide you'll ever need: Ezreal, The Prodigal Sniper

ADC The only guide you'll ever need: Ezreal, The Prodigal Sniper

Updated on July 29, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author lookingforguide Build Guide By lookingforguide 6 1 6,373 Views 2 Comments
6 1 6,373 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author lookingforguide Ezreal Build Guide By lookingforguide Updated on July 29, 2021
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Legend: Bloodline
Coup de Grace

Manaflow Band

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
Summoners (Normal)
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


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Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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Champion Build Guide

The only guide you'll ever need: Ezreal, The Prodigal Sniper

By lookingforguide
The Begining.
I've played this game since the beginning of season 5. I've mained ADC for 5 years. I've also mained Ezreal for 5 years. He is the only reason I even play this game anymore. So I will go into a little more depth about laning phase, team fight phase, and general tips.
Early Laning Phase.
So early laning phase you want to play pretty safe, until you hit level 2 so that you can dodge abilities with E. In order to get the 1000 gold back, you will need to last hit a lot. You should be Qing as much as possible, try to angle it so if they dodge it, it still hits a minion or monster, or even another champion. This way you get a stack off of tear regardless. Remember, it's not about the Q's you hit, it's about the Q's you land on anything. Use your Q to Farm and take Minions. Your Q is the best way to secure a cannon minion. With boots and Sheen, you can move around the lane and set up high damage WQ Combos, as well as position for a clean E getaway. I would reccomend you try to get Muramana before anything else, since the damage spike applies on basically every one of your abilities and basic attacks.
Dragons and Dragon Control.
Drakes or dragons, whatever you call them, are important. Every dragon benefits Ezreal in some way. Earth dragons allow you to take poke and trade better. Wind dragons lower your ultimate cooldown. Ocean dragons keep you healthy. Fire dragons increase your damage. As the ADC whenever you want to take a dragon, make sure you push the wave first. This is so that the enemy can't attack your turret, or walk upriver to the dragon pit. If you are on the top side of the map, remember to ward over the wall, and ward in general. A 5 man team can have up to 20 wards on the map. 3 Stealth Wards and one control ward. Warding is important, but warding the right areas makes a difference, if you ward deeper into the river, closer to the dragon pit, you can reveal the enemy jungle entrance. This provides you with more time to respond to a gank. If the enemy can jump walls, or walk through them, ward over the wall where the bush is in the river, that way you know if Kayn/Shaco, is going to come into your lane.
When to leave lane.
A lot of low-level/rank ADCs seem to have trouble determining when to leave lane. Ideally, you leave lane when either your tower is gone or the enemy tower is gone. But you can roam as an ADC. If, for example, after a dragon fight, you, the support, and the jungler can go to mid lane and provide a 3 man gank to mid lane. The time to fully leave lane before any towers are taken is usually if you are just that fed or mid is getting pushed by multiple people and first mid tower has already been destroyed.
How to play behind.
If you had a rough early game, join team fights. You can get assists, and get gold this way as well as pick up a kill or two. You want to build damage over defence if you are really getting steamrolled, this is so you still do relevant damage (so if you are 0/3/0 don't build Frozen Heart before more damage.) If your early game was rough but you are still relevant continue with your build (an example of this is if you are 1/3/2.) Don't throw your life away, the more you are dead, the harder it is to bounce back, just farm, participate in team fights, and play safe.
How to play ahead.
If you get fed early, it doesn't mean you rule the rift. Ezreal fed is scary, but to really be scary you need to understand why you are scary. Here are three scenarios and what to do in each.

Scenario 1. You got fed from level one. Keep your CS high, and remember to back. Having 3000 gold is good but it doesn't do anything in your wallet. Also, Spread your lead, help jungle gank, and make a known presence.

Scenario 2. You had a pretty even early game, but with the help of a few good ganks, you manage to get fed. Punish the enemy to keep your lead, keep your CS High, try to get your tower as fast as you can so you can safely leave lane and assist other lanes.

Scenario 3. You're really fed. The enemy support gave you so many kills, however, no other lane is doing good and jungle isn't either. Take your tower, and help the lane that can recover the best. Hopefully, you and the support can provide enough help to get your teammates on their feet.
When to Baron.
The best situation for a baron call is after the death of the enemy jungle and the enemy carry(ies.) Otherwise, if the enemy is pushed in and defending their nexus/inhibitors, or when they are preoccupied with a dragon or taking a tower. When taking Baron, remember to ward over the wall, but don't stand behind Baron as he does more damage to champions who are behind him. As Ezreal, you can take Baron without getting hit once. Just wait for your team and stand at the opening of the pit, use your WQ Combos (remember to thread those basics), and E out of the way of Baron's Telegraphed attacks. After taking Baron you have a choice to make. Back and buy or push a lane. You only need to back if you are low or have enough gold to make a decent purchase (like completing an item or buying something like Phage.)
Ending the game.
Ezreal has great pick and team fight potential. Ezreal's High Damage combos and his ultimate which goes through enemy champions. That being said, after every team fight, you want to look for a tower to push or an objective to take. Push the wave into the tower and remember that Ezreal W can apply on towers, which allows you to deal magic damage to towers (as well as dragons, Herald, Baron, and even Nesus.) Also since Ezreal is a Sheen user, and Sheen works on objectives and structures, Ezreal is a major threat when pushing turrets.
The End.
Ok so there, you got most of my secrets. I am happy with the result and I may consider updating it further. I also might consider making more guides for other champions if people are interested. I know my way around quite a few champs, even some off-meta/off-builds. But I'm off to go actually play league now so bye-bye.
League of Legends Build Guide Author lookingforguide
lookingforguide Ezreal Guide
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The only guide you'll ever need: Ezreal, The Prodigal Sniper

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