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Renekton Build Guide by XSound

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author XSound

The owner of Top lane - Renekton

XSound Last updated on May 1, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, my name is XSound (in-game tRein27) and I am one of the most affluent and experienced top laners throughout the League of Legends competitive scene. I play Top Lane for my team and am feared for my wide array of Assassins and Bruisers that I play at the highest level. I am known for my hyper aggressive playstyle and will often stop at nothing to kill my enemies!

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Pros / Cons


    Has a gap-close
    Strong AoE damage
    Abilities don't cost mana
    Single-target hard CC
    Can reduce enemy armor for a time period

    Falls off late game
    Relies on snowballing early game
    Can be countered easily

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On a faraway world, Renekton was born a member of a race of bestial guardians created to serve as the rulers and protectors of their people. Alongside his brother Nasus, Renekton oversaw the upkeep of the Great Library, which served as both a vault of ancient knowledge and the repository of the teachings of the Cycle of Life and Death. While the enlightened Nasus taught those scholars who came to study, Renekton served as the Great Library's gatekeeper. He could sense the true natures of those who sought Nasus' teachings, and he sent away those with dark ambitions. Over time, however, his repeated exposure to this evil infected his mind. He grew furious with the malevolence in the hearts of men, and as he descended deeper into madness, he discovered he could quell the fury by cutting the evil from the men who possessed it. Unfortunately, the relief was as short-lived as the subjects, and the ''butcher's rage'', as it came to be known, would resurge even stronger.

Consumed by his anger, Renekton turned on the one being who could defeat him -- his own brother. Nasus pleaded with Renekton to see reason. Realizing that he was beyond redemption, the despondent Nasus valiantly struck down his wayward sibling. Defenseless, Renekton waited eagerly for death's release. It never came. He was spared when summoners from the League of Legends claimed his brother. Caught in the wake of this powerful spell, Renekton tumbled for what seemed like ages between realities. When he finally emerged, he fell deep into the sewers of Zaun. Insane with fury, Renekton languished in his newfound home, driven senseless by his rage. That is until, by happenstance, he caught a familiar scent in the air. Believing that the familiar scent would guide him to the solace that was fading from his memory, he traced his brother to the Institute of War.

''My brother has become hollow. Full of rage, but empty.''
-- Nasus, the Curator of the Sands.

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Why playing as Renekton?

Renekton is a bruiser that excels in mobility and initiating a fight. He is abelongs in the top lane champion since he has great sustain and can while pushing anyone he fights out of the lane. Renekton’s AoE damage and ability to tank makes him exceptionally viable in a team fight, but he also has a decent amount of quick burst for single target.

Pick Renekton if you need someone that can initiate or harass a top lane.

Renekton is fun because of his mobility and his ability to pressure. You can pretty much run around and do whatever you want. I find it fun to never let your opponent have a breathe or a simple lane. It’s amazing how well a Renekton that’s built tanky initiates and survives in a team fight. I also love the fact that his ultimate allows him to just stand there and deal damage.

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Core Items/vs AP Top


Sunfire's Cape
Giant's Belt
The Brutalizer

Negatron Cloak
Spirit Visage

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The Laning Phase
Renekton performs best in a solo lane where he can farm and pressure his opponent. Due to his high mobility and burst damage he can get to just about anyone in the lane. He can farm without fear of ever having to go back due to his life steal and use of Rage. When you build up 50 Rage, your passive kicks in and you gain an extra effect on your spells. With this 50 Rage I like to use Cull the Meek for the extra lifesteal cap and extra damage. His high mobility and burst allow him to pressure almost anyone out of CS or even out of the lane. Once Renekton hits level 6 his ultimate ability allows him to win a 1 on 1 fight against almost any champion. There are few champions that do give Renekton trouble early on with their poke, but once he gets all three of his abilities, you’ll find yourself winning the lane. CS is extremely easy to get with Renekton, almost too easy because you will find yourself always pushing the lane.

Renektons lifesteal allows him to get in your opponents face while keeping him in the lane. Having a rage bar also allows him to constantly pressure without fear of running out of mana. When you gain 50 Rage use Cull the Meek to gain a substantial amount of heal. His mobility also allows him to avoid a gank with ease, and avoid some skill shots. With how far Renekton can go in a short amount of time it is very hard to get a kill on him.

Renekton is a highly effect champion when it comes to harassing his opponent. Not only is he able to trade blows and use his spells on the enemy champion due to his high sustainability, but his skills also provide a substantial amount of burst and control over an engagement. If you want to harass you dive to the target with Slice and Dice (make sure you land it), Cull the Meek, auto attack, Ruthless Predator, auto attack, and dive out again with Slice and Dice. You can switch up the order, but this provides a safe exchange of damage.

Renekton is a quick champion that can jump over small walls as well as quickly dive a large distance if he hits a target with his first dive. If Renekton lands his first Slice and Dice, and your target flashes, you can Slice and Dice again back to them quickly regaining ground without having to use your flash. Renekton’s stun and double dive make it almost impossible to gank him. When it comes to your teammate ganking, it is easy to get to your opponent and stun him, allowing your teammate to catch up.

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Renekton's role in a team fight is a combination of initiator, tank and burst AoE damage.
Renekton will always be the initiator of team fights. It is easy for him to get in and out of the fight. Renekton can just dive in and find a target to stun and dive out. Hopefully when you first dive in your team follows, otherwise you will find it difficult to get out. Because Renekton is also a tanky target, it is possible the enemy will walk right by you to your carries. If this happens dive by them and get to their carries. Renekton does a deceptive amount of damage if left alone and Dominus is up. With Renektons ultimate and Cull of the Meek, Renekton can deal a lot of damage to an entire team. If you find yourself on cooldown, just start auto attacking to build up more rage for your next rotation.

In a solo lane, Renekton can get really aggressive at level 3. At this point you will have one level into all your skills and you can begin to dive in and do your rotation on your enemy. If you become too aggressive off the bat and take to much damage, sit back and try to lifesteal with Cull the Meek. With Cull the Meek and Slice and Dice, you should find it easy to pick up CS. Because Renekton pushes his lane so easily, you may find yourself never unable to get a gank, but with Renekton's ability to harass it may not be necessary. Also as you push the lane into the tower, it should give you the gold advantage over your opponent since he will find it harder to get CS over the tower. Play as aggressively as you can, but make sure you can always make it out of the fight.

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How to farm with Renekton?

Just last hit with your auto attack for the most part. At around level 7-8 you can clear the creep wave with Slice and Dice and Cull the Meek instantly.

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Tips & Tricks

When running from a gank make sure to go through the ganker with Slice, and then dive again with Dice. You can also use Slice and Dice to make it a couple areas over some of the terrain features on the map, most notably Baron and Dragon , but Renekton can also dash over many of the small terrains that are prevalent throughout the jungle.

I’m sure I’ve gone over this enough but when diving in to your opponent, it is easy to pressure them from getting CS while also harassing them. First dive in with Slice, Cull the Meek, auto attack, Ruthless Predator, auto attack and Dive out.

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Last Words

End of Renekton guide. I hope I helped a lot (if they read it with someone this much text: D) for those who want to play with Renekton. This was my first kind of guide. I hope you enjoyed and get put into the game with Renekton.