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Quinn Build Guide by blinder002

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author blinder002

The Quinn The Bird And The Jungle

blinder002 Last updated on April 22, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi, I am Blinder AKA neznamnijakako and I play on EUNE. I main mid champs and ADC. Yet I can play quite a bit of junglers.

I played Quinn on PBE a lot, she wasn't bad as ADC but I though she can do better as a jungler, and I was thinking: why not? She has an awesome passive for extra DMG and an AoE blind.

It worked!!! I successfully played Quinn without larger problems.

I rarely play ranked, it is cause I often lag in champion select and usually I end up with the wrong champ, or I have no communication with the team (connection timeout) so I avoid playing ranked much.

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Pros / Cons


-Has a bird
-Has pretty good clear time
-Above average ganks with Vault and Tag Team
-Deals massive damage late game.
-Gives a possibility for two massive dealing damage champions (ADC)
-Counter-mechanism for gap-closer- Vault
-Has a bird


-Low sustain before Vampiric Scepter.
-Vunerable to counter-jungling unless performed well
-Has lower range then most ADC, yet she has more range than most junglers
-Risky to gank a warded lane since she has lower HP than most junglers

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- Usual jungler spells, improves clear time and amazing synergy with W if you think that enemy is at any larger buff where not warded.

- The safest spell to play on, good initiating/escaping tool.

Other Viable Spells

- One of my fav. spells, gives everything you need to lock down and destroy a target.

- Not recommended but still viable tool similar to flash yet you cant go over walls.

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Skills Explenation

Passive: Harrier


One of best passives in LoL is harrier.

She deals high damage that is needed early in the game and yet it gives vision of an enemy that has the debuff, gives descently high attack speed while triggered with AA cause of her Heightened Senses passive.

Q: Blinding Assault


This is your main ability, a skillshot that deals descent damage and blinds all enemies hit, good tool for jungling and an anti-ADC ability that boosts your efficiency vs AD champs.

W: Heightened Senses


Great attack speed buff that helps Quinn greatly with clear times and dealing damage faster.

Ashe-like ability except that you lower its CD while leveled up and you reveal only enemies around you in a radius, good tool and can be used in many ways.

E: Vault


This is your, gap closer I guess. It gives a high slow and gives the Harrier debuff to the enemy, pretty good ability, and can be used in many ways to initiate or escape.

R: Tag Team / Skystrike


This is... your bird.

You are melee and granted HUGE MS boost, easy for catching enemies.


DO NOT USE THIS IN TEAMFIGHTS UNLESS THEY ARE LOW ON HP. You die much quicker, and you dont proc enough damage.

3 ways to use it:

1. In teamfights where a few enemies are dead and you just want to finish them.

2. Chasing down low-HPed enemies.

3. Pushing,Backdooring cause of MS where you can run away safely and the W attack speed bonus.


You deal nice damage, good for finishing off teamfights. Best used when enemies are a little lower than half HP and killing them.

Now for the Birds changed abilities:

Passive- Remains the same

Q- Remains the same except that you blind enemies only in your melee range

W- Passive: you have pernament attack speed instead of triggered with Harrier Active: Remains the same

E- Remeins the same except that you get in your melee range, not in your Quinn range, in Valor range.

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Skill Sequence

Now many may disagree with me on this but try it:

Blinding Assault: Max this first, its your main skill.

Heightened Senses: Max this second, why you may ask? Because you benefit greatly that AS buff.

Vault: Max this last, take it early, but the bonus damage isnt really high and you will benefit more from AS buff on W.

Tag Team/Skystrike: Max whenever you can.

About the early levels:

You will need Q for the first clear, and W for the AS boost in the 2nd and 3rd clear. Gank when you have the opportunuty, if not wait till level 3 and gank with Vault. Later you may also gank with Tag team.

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Starting items:

The regular jungler starting items, Hunter's Machette and 5 HP potions. You can buy HP potions whenever you want later on, but limit at 3, you wont need so much HP pots after Mardreds.

Core items:

Get first before all of this.

Mardreds grant massive improvement in jungling speed, yet Wriggle's Lantern isn't needed, just a waste of gold, you wont need the ward, about the life steal you will get Vampiric Scepter and build it into BT.

Tier 2 boots are as if on a regular ADC, the enchantment is for fast getting back in a battle, and for being able to def faster.

Buy after this.

Stattik Shiv is one of the best items for Quinn.

It grants her MS, Crit Chance and MS. But the passive is amazing for Quinn, it gives her larger damage potential.

Early-Mid game items:

Depends on how much gold do you have, still you will want this items as soon as you can.

Bloodthrister is the item that can grant the most AD of all items and your only LS item in the build.

Frozen mallet gives high sustain, and a slow. Since Quinn has one high-CD slow and a slightly low range, this item is perfect for Quinn.

Late game items:

Infinity gives high AD and high Critical strike potential, one good tool for Quinn.

Runaan is a high-AS item and its passive boosts wave clear time highly

Situational Items

Maw is useful vs high-damage mage teams and replace any of the late game items with this. IF they are focusing you early buy hexdrinker early but save maw for last item.

Warmogs isnt the best option since you have Frozen Mallet.

Guardian Angel, Thornmail an Randuin work well too depending on your opponent.

Yet if you need more survivability, take one of these items depending on the enemy team.

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This is the jungle route:

Start at blue buff, you will need the CDR more than mana regen so u can use blind more often.

Next go the usual jungle route:


Now you may choose to gank top mid or bot (depends on what side are you)

Now if you have HP- go red.

If not go back buy some HP potions and if you have money, something more.

Kill golems if u are on the blue side, if on purple kill wraiths then in both scenarios red buff.

Then you mostly do any camp that spawns and gank every lane that needs it.

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The masteries are stantard AD jungler masteries.

Runes are the combination of AD, AS and Armor Penetration, I play aggressive Quinn and I tend to do most damage I can.

Yet you may choose armor Yellows, and AS Blues and rest remain the same, it can work too.

Nothing really specific to say about this. Any AD runes will do fine, I found this is the best (tested on PBE).

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Akali - Pre 6 you will probably kill her easily. But post 6 you are dead meat, avoid counter-jungling her unless you have someone on your team near you.

Amumu - This is a medium-hard matchup. If he starts coming to you with Q you can Vault to safety and attack him. Do not use Vault unless he has low HP, this is your only ability that gets you away from his range.

Cho'Gath - Fairly interesting matchup. If he hits with Rupture you are most likely screwed. IF he misses you still can kill him. Cho'gath usually builds tanky with armor so ask help from an ally when needed. Post 6 do anything to AVOID HIS ULT RANGE. If he gets close you are deal 99%

Diana - Pre 6 this is an easy matchup, post 6 she has a gap closer and it is much harder to kill her. It is still possible though.

Dr. Mundo - The most frustrating matchup ever. He has high HP, high HP regen and a good Mundo never misses his Q... in jungle minions rarely block his Q damage so you cant really do much. Avoid battling with Mundo alone.

Evelynn - Kind of an easy matchup pre 6. Post 6 she has her ult shield and everything can change. Pre 6 try to kill her.

Fiora Pre 6 an easy matchup blind destroys her, you can use Vault after she Lunges twice. Post 6 she gets her ult and you are pretty much screwed. Save Vault for after she ults if you are full HP so you can be in a safe distance.

Hecarim - This is a hard matchup. Most hecarims build tanky so you cant do much. He has his low CD Q and even if you blind him nothing much can be done.

Jax - Pre 6 its all about the skill of you and the enemy. Post 6 you lose this matchup.

Kha'Zix - His Q is a large problem in the jungle. You will want to be close to allies for potential Kha'zix counter-jungles. He can still be killed with a help of any ally.

Lee Sin - This is... annoying or easy depending on his skill. Blinding the Blind Monk doesn't work as expected. Still post 6 if he doesn't Q R Q you you still have a chance.

Malphite - He wrecks you hard. If he lowers your attack speed you blind him, this will slightly get things even, still it is hard to kill him due to his passive.

Maokai - Easy matchup, if he comes to CC you, good cause you will deal much more damage to him than he will do to you. Avoid his sapling, E if you have and you will probably kill him.

Nocturne - Medium Matchup, if he hits you with Q, blind him when he comes near. When he tries to fear, go Vault. Basically it depends on the skill.

Rammus - Hardest matchup ever. He wrecks you totally. Avoid battling with him alone at any price possible.

Rengar - He is sort of easy, just blind him when he comes close, avoid bushes and you will most likely kill him.

Sejuani - She can be a pain in the butt with her slow but you outdamage her and you can kill her.

Shaco - Shaco is kinda a melee version of you just with a fear. You can kill him just go away with Vault when he uses stealth and if he uses E before his AA. If not attack him with everything you have and you can kill him.

Shyvana - Don't know about her yet, I wasn't matched with a Shyv as Quinn.

Skarner - Easy matchup pre 6, you can easely get out of his range, attack him with blind and thats about it. Post 6 you get a bird and he gets his supress. You should still be able to kill him.

Trundle - If you can stay out of his range he cant do a thing about it, you should be able to kill him. If he is in your range you are dead. Do not use Tag Team on him unless he is low on HP.

Udyr - Easy matchup. If he gets close vault him,don't worry you outdamage him and he has no gap closer.

Warwick - You outdamage him, and ignite is here worthy of getting, only on Mundo and WW, get ignite. Still he has no gap closer besides ult so you should do fine.

Xin Zhao - Hard matchup, still you may do it. Blind him when he uses Three Talon Strike, get away from him with Vault and you may do it, who knows.

Zed - Pain in the butt matchup. He outdamages you, his ult is devastating and he has a gap closer. Do not engage on him alone.

Zac- He doesn't deal much DMG but still he may kill you. He has one gap closer, use Vault when he uses his gap closer. You kill kill him from a distance easely. Don't forget to kill his little blobs when he should be dead. They deal no DMG but if they come to zac's body he revives.

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Phantom Dancer vs Stattik Shiv

Coming Soon...

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Trinity Force

Coming Soon...

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2013/4/23- Added matchups: Zac
2013/3/25- Added GA, Randuin and Thornmail to situational items.
2013/3/24- Matchups Done, Trinity Force chapter Coming Soon.
2013/3/24- Changed some grammar errors, added a rune page possibility.
2013/3/23- Guide made

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Recent Scores

Here I will put my scores of Quinn Jungling, currently I have none (dumb me forgot to take a pic) but there will be soon, here I may post your good scores too if you want.