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Veigar Build Guide by howolf12

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author howolf12

the "True Definition of Pain"

howolf12 Last updated on February 23, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Utility: 10

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Hey everyone, this is howolf12 presenting to you my Veigar guide! Mind you, this is my first guide, so any feedback would be appreciated. Additionally, please do give my build here a try and you may find that it suits your fancy. It's gone through many updates to get to where it is right now, and I give a forward thanks to everyone who helped me out!

Before I begin, allow me to thank JhoiJhoi for her awesome guide on how to make guides; it really helped me put this together.

Now, without further adieu... I shall share all I know about my favorite, adorable master of evil, Veigar. For this build, we're focusing on pumping Veigar up for power! That means tons of AP and magic penetration--but, to make sure we don't tucker him out too much, we also need a bit of extra mana. And a bit of ability cooldown reduction is always nice so you can jump right back into the fray ready to obliterate your foes!

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Pros/Cons -

"Know that if the tables were turned, I would show no mercy!"

  • Ranged champion
  • His Dark Matter is excellent for crowd control, especially for large clumps of pesky minions.
  • He can farm AP with his Baleful Strike
  • Event Horizon is great to temporarily stun enemies and make a run for it!
  • once mastered and geared right he obliterates most everyone foolish enough to challenge him :P
  • He's squishy, and may do poorly early game
  • Without farmed AP and items he's virtually useless (may also need a lane to himself--preferably midlane--to farm AP properly)
  • Dark Matter and Event Horizon can be avoided
  • can be ineffective when faced with double-teaming (or more champions fighting him at once since he's so squishy)

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Since Veigar is an AP carry, we want to go with 20 Offense, focusing on ability power and magic penetration. There's also a bit of a boost for attack speed with Fury for a little upper-hand while abilities cool down. I've additionally added Summoner's Wrath , as I find Ignite to be useful, and this mastery is helpful to that end.

For Utility, focus on mana and mana regen. Improved Recall is merely necessary to get enough points in to move on to Expanded Mind .

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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power

Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

For runes, we want to give Veigar extra mana, ability power, magic penetration, and magic regeneration. As said prior, Veigar can be a mana hungry little monster, and being an AP carry he needs tons of AP to kick butt! And of course, magic regen. is useful to keep you going without having to recall because you've expelled all your mana.

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Summoner Spells - "Your commands tire me!"

Here we have the usual flash/ignite combination

Flash: the name is self explanatory; it flashes you a short distance in whatever direction you're facing. It's an excellent way to get a lead on enemy champions in pursuit.

Ignite: That last hit to finish the enemy off. Drop it only when your foe has a tiny bit of health left--and you really should only be using it if they have that sliver of health and they're trying to flee. Fleeing champions, especially fast champions like Siver can lose you a few kills.

Alternative Summoner Spells
  • Clarity: A great boost of extra mana when you're low. But if Veigar is built right he shouldn't need it. And Mana Potions are always a good investment if low mana is a pervasive issue.
  • Ghost: Good for a speedy escape just the same as Flash, but not quite as effective as slows, stuns, etc. will stop you in your tracks even with Ghost.

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Abilities - "I will devour your soul!"

  • Equilibrium: this passive boosts Veigar's mana regen. by .75% for each 1% of mana he doesn't have. It's good if you're really low on mana and can't--or don't wish to--recall.
  • Baleful Strike(Q): Last hitting with Baleful Strike adds an additional point of AP. Always last hit with it if you can to stack AP! Starting out, Baleful Strike won't do much, so make sure to hit with it when minions or champions have only a sliver of health left. As you give Veigar more AP with gear and by farming with Baleful Strike it will grow more effective, and you'll be able to take more liberties with last-hitting.
  • Dark Matter(W): After a 1.2 second delay it hits a small area with a pretty good deal of damage,and can also reveal the fog of war where it lands. It's good for getting through clumps of minions or for hitting more than one champion at once for a possible double kill or more if your enemies are close enough together and have low health.
  • Event Horizon(E): Can deny a certain space to your foes, as it creates a sort of cage where the edges of the cage stun the enemy for a few seconds. It only last for 3 seconds though, so try to trap your enemy inside its perimeters as they're approaching or running away.
  • Primordial Burst(R): It's a long range blast that deals a huge amount of damage plus 80% of the target's own ability power used against them.

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Items for our little friend

: The initial AP and magic regen. it gives is good to start you out with a bit of a boost while you're farming minions for AP with Baleful Strike

Kage's Lucky Pick: It's a little guilty pleasure of mine I suppose, but I find it's far more useful than most people think. It really adds more gold that is very much needed to get some of Veigar's more expensive items. Not only that, it's a nice little bit of AP to get you going early in the game. Later on, it can be turned into Deathfire Grasp, which is a really nice item.

: This will build into Rod of Ages later on, but Veigar can really use it to keep him going earlier in the game. This is great, since recalling every minute or two can be both taxing and inefficient while you're busy trying to farm.

: The enhanced magic penetration makes his abilities more effective, while the additional movement speed is good for a needed speedy get-away. It's always nice to keep away from harassers or some aggressive champions so you can focus mostly on building your strength for later in the game when you'll really need it. And it's also nice to chase down those enemies giving you trouble--but be careful; that isn't the main focus yet.

: 140 AP! Veigar needs this for sure to wipe his opponents. What's even better is it also increases his ability power by 30%! This is an essential for any mage build, and will definitely give you a nice advantage. The expense of this item is mainly why I find it useful to start out with Kage's Lucky pick earlier on.

: The Kage's Lucky Pick you bought earlier can be made ever more useful if turned into Deathfire Grasp. Not only does it add a nice additional 60 AP, mana regen., and ability cooldown reduction, it also has a Unique Active that gives you another chance at finishing off your opponent, just in case you didn't get 'em the first time! You should wait to finish building this until after you have Rabadon's Deathcap, just because the bonus gold from Kage's Lucky Pick is helpful to get such an expensive item about early/mid-game. It's ability is especially wonderful since it has the potential to hit them for 30% of their max health plus an addition 3.5% of damage per every 100 AP they have. That means that this spell can take out both tanks with tons of health and casters with tons of AP. Purely excellent, but only if you properly utilize it.

: It grants you a nice boost in health to make our little friend a little less squishy, as well as some extra mana to keep him going. And it's a gift that keps on giving. Its passive builts up 18 health, 20 mana, and 2 AP every minute--plus when you level the unique passive restores 250 health and 200 mana upon leveling up over a period of eight seconds! Though many may say (as I once did) that an Archangel's Staff is far superior for any caster champion, I find that Rod of Ages is wonderful to make Veigar less squishy while also feeding his appetite for mana.

: This is great for AP and makes Veigar even more powerful with a hefty 40% magic penetration bonus! This is better late game now that Veigar has tons of AP and your enemies have more magic resistance to cut away from and really make a difference.

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Gameplay - "You deny the darkness in your soul; you deny true power!&a

Alright, so before I say anything else, let me tell you that Veigar is no good for Dominion--nor is any other squishy mage for that matter. Thus, for this build to be useful, you must use it while playing Veigar on Summoner's Rift.

Now, to wipe opponents in one go when you're set with all the AP Veigar needs to kick some major butt, it's a good idea to fire off your abilities in a certain sequence. Start by casting Event Horizon around a foe, heightening the chance that they'll get caught in the stun. Once you have them trapped like that, cast Dark Matter. You'll need to use Event Horizon first to allow Dark Matter enough time to hit the opponent, since there's a bit of a delay before it hits. With that, fire off Veigar's ultimate, Primordial Burst, then Baleful Strike to finish them off. This all must be done swiftly, mind you! But if done right, you can destroy a champion in one foul swoop. And if your opponent still has a bit of health left, get them with Ignite or Deathfire Grasp's active. It works like a charm most every time!

(Although, let me warn that this may not always work on champions with tons of health and magic resist until you get Void Staff--at least not to get them in one go. But, if anything, it should scare them away :P)

In team fights, stand back and use Event Horizon to stun as many enemy champions as you can at once to allow your team mates to have at them. Then, use Dark Matter to deal some good damage, possibly to more than one foe at once. Also, set of your Baleful Strike as much as possible. Once Veigar's built up right Baleful Strike can do some good damage--nothing major, but it certainly helps in team fights. Also, it's the only ability he has with a relatively short cooldown that allows you to almost spam it at enemies.

Avoid roaming in the jungle if you can, as it's an easy place to be ambushed by enemy champions passing through to sweep lanes, or merely to run into the other team's jungler. But if you're willing to take the risk, grab the blue buff. You won't be able to get it on your own until about level 10 or 11 at the least, but by then you shouldn't need the mana boost. Regardless, the temporary extra mana and AP is nice to have. If you feel you must have the blue buff before lvl 10, see if you can have a leash (someone on your team to help lure the monster's attention from you so you don't get destroyed) to help you defeat the monster and get the buff.

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Summary - "Yes! Wahahahaha!"

Overall, When played right Veigar can be a powerful champion! Though, it may be a bit taxing at first to farm AP, but once this little guy's pumped up you'll see it really pays off.

Upvote if you found my guide to be of any use to you. But please, down downvote until you try it, and only if you find it to be absolutely needed. If so, please tell me what I've done wrong and I may try out any suggestions you have. Mind you, people have different preferences for builds, and this is merely the one I find to be useful. A big thanks to Pluckin Penguin, Sly Soldier, Simplifyx, Brodienz, Otosigami, and 501g Gehacktes for your helpful feedback!

Thank you for reading! Enjoy!