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Diana Build Guide by kittys twin

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author kittys twin

The Real Darkside Of The Moon[Diana Jungle Guide]

kittys twin Last updated on August 24, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Please Read

goto 'The Other Diana' to see the AP Diana build

This guide covers everything you need to know about Diana in the jungle. I tried to make this guide as comprehensive and short as possible. I know you most likely DON'T want to read this whole thing so I made sections. This is my first guide on I hope you all view and try my guide before voting or commenting. I'll explain everything from the masteries chosen to the items used. The items on the list are a way to build a very tanky caster, however this is a comprehensive guide IF you read it.

BUT if you are lazy, you can just refer to the item[Tanky Diana] and skill sequence above without actually reading the guide. Please note, that you may not be as effective or may not understand the reasoning behind the build.

**Random qoute :D**
Awesome guide right?

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My Results

(the one below was a mid game against an Ahri)

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Jungling & Ganking

With Diana ;)

Starting with Pale Cascade for the AoE and sheild is the best for wolves and blue. Right after you take blue and hit level 2 you can skill your main damage ability(Q). Additionally, I don't skill my Moonfall until level 5. The reasoning behind this is because Diana's ganking potential is only expressed when she has access to Lunar Rush. If one of the lanes is losing badly, you can skill E and attempt to gank. Communicate with every lane to execute decent ganks or control objectives on the map.

NO CoolDown Reduction??!?

Yes yes i know. Moar CDR = Moar Q!!

It's my personal preferance to have full ap runes and some armor, however your rune decision is your preferance. I find this way works good for me, just like the 0/21/9 masteries. If you are using the tank build(above) you can also trade out the situational item Banshee's Veil in exchange for a Frozen Heart if you abosolutely need cdr and armor. The passive also synces well with Moonfall
I hope that clears up everything.

Kage's Lucky Pick

Kage's Lucky Pick is great for Diana because its cost effecient, an ap item, and the gold. The extra money your raking in helps support you when your not in the jungle and roaming the map to destroy enemies with your amazing ganking power. Less time in jungle = happier teammates This item also builds into more useful items late game or you can simply sell it for a defensive or offensive item (ex. Rabadon's Deathcap or Randuin's Omen) I take this over most items and consider this item a
!CORE! item for Diana.

Attack speed over move speed

The thing is... It's up to the player to decide. One of the biggest things about playing League of Legends is decision making and adapting. Ask yourself, Do I NEED to move faster to gank? or do I NEED the 25% attack speed to help my passive hit more.
Boots to consider:

Mercury's Treads
**An amazing item to have as a jungler simply because of the tenacity. You will be able to manuever easier through enemy spells and slows and help connect kills and set up plays. If the opposing team has the CROWN CONTROL stopping power then definately consider this item for survivability. Staying alive is always good right?

Berserker's Greaves
**A choice you should normally go with if you don't lack speed or tenacity. The attack speed granted from this item normally bumps Diana from a .9 or .8 to a 1.1 or flat 1. I always consider this item because your passive, Lich Bane, and overall damage is based off of how fast you can attack.

Boots of Mobility
**And finally, if you need to move faster around the map to gank or get kills, definately grab this item. Remember, movespeed is pointless if their team has HEAVY cc's. These boots only give you a high move speed when OUT OF COMBAT. I try to emphasize that for you. Don't think that your going to get out of a sticky situation with these boots if things turn bad.

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Jungle Routes & Reasoning

  • Blue buff
  • Wolves
  • Wraiths
  • Red buff
  • Golems

You can start at Blue and then wolves or vice versa, in my opinion, I feel it doesn't matter. You should then follow the rest of the jungle route(wraiths, red, golems) or you can get risky and go and camp the enemies red buff. This can pay off greatly, or be a major dilemma. You should try to clear the small camps 2-3 times before ganking or going back to buy.
should be warded when ganking
should always be warded
all potential ganking routes

Always have objectives warded when they spawn. when counter jungling, or attempting to, you should ward the enemy wraiths or blue accordingly.

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Tanky Diana Items

And the reasoning behind my choices

Philosopher's stone
Philosopher's Stone

Overall great item to have early game. This item gives you the sustain and mana regen that you will need in jungle. I recommend grabbing this item especially if your mid is constantly asking for blue or your getting counter-jungled.
Rod of Ages

This item is your mana pool, health pool, and AP. This item will make you more into an ap bruiser!
Rylai's Crystal Scepter

This item will be your favorite item. An item that gives you health, ap, and a cc passive??!! The slow this item grants you will ensure nobody is going to get away, that is, if Moonfall fails. can i get a PERMASLOW? yes, please. great item to have, wouldn't trade it out for any other item.
Frozen Heart

Everything you need in one item... I'll explain
  • 500 mana... awesome
  • 99 armor... seriously... awesome
  • 20%CDR - perfect for Diana
  • and finally, 20% attack speed slow
this item will shutout any AD champs your enemies have. That carry a problem in team fights? problem solved! That is my ultimate reasoning for this item, late game it's the carrie's worst nightmare. If their team is mostly ap, feel free to go for an Abyssal Mask instead.
Rabadon's Deathcap

Okay.. so why so late into the game? Once you establish your tankiness(which btw your dealing damage as it is) its time to unless the burst. and by burst, we are going to start dropping them in team fights. You should be between 370-400 ap when you pick this item up. At this point, you are able to tank the enemies adc (or ap casters) and combo them to the death. amazing right?
Guardian Angel

If the game lasts this long, you should pick up a GA. If you get bursted down in a team fight, it's okay. You will be able to come back and finish the low health carry or tank or whatevers left. If you find that getting focused isn't the problem then i'd recommend..
Banshee's Veil

Since this build is based mainly on health and armor, your probably lacking good ole' magic resist. For this reason you should pick up a Banshee's Veil for the passive spell sheild and magic resist. With this full build you should have NO problem initiating for the team and dealing a considerable amount of damage.

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The Other Diana

You can build Diana straight ap and become a devastating force to mess with.

I'll list cons and pros before you actually see the items or descripting to the AP Diana.



  • VERY strong caster
  • Assassinates carries
  • Pale Cascade useful for soaking damage
  • fun to play
  • extremely hard to kill with full build
  • snowballs extremely well into late game
  • Can't tank for the team as much
  • Gets focused more easily
  • Gets shutdown by CC's or Exhaust

And now the build


start bootsboots are upgraded when you decide to buy them and 3x hpots like normal and yes still get a Kage's Lucky Pick.
Rabadon's Deathcap:)

The Mid Game item you WANT to have.
This item gives you a huge amount of ap and the unique passive giving you even MOAR ap as you get your items. rush this item after getting your kage's lucky pick
Lich Bane

A perfect item for Diana, I don't see why you wouldn't want this item for her. Try to get this item after you get your deathcap. situationally, this item can be traded out for a Rod of Ages, don't be scared to make adjustments.
Rylai's Crystal ScepterThey're going nowhere now.

Grants you decent ap, health, and a very useful slow to make sure you deal as much damage as possible with every gank. Even in team fights this item is worth having(which is probably when your going to be able to afford it) to slow enemies and take carries out of fights with ease. Kinda like adding a Moonfall effect to all your other spells. I usually get this item after Lich Bane, but sometimes you need it before Lich Bane.

This item increases your attackspeed while in combat. This is useful to have and is a core item on some other champs( Kayle). I believe this item can be effective in situations with Diana, however I don't consider it core whatsoever and can easily be swapped out for a Hextech Gunblade if necessary. nonetheless, I still like having this item.
Void Staff

This item is pretty nice to have and has a nice megic pen you'll need if you decide to go with Berserker's Greaves instead of sorcerer's boots. Not that this is a bad thing, but you will have to sell your kage's lucky pick in order to buy this last item if you haven't already. However, I can recommend 2 other items to complete your build.

+You can trade out Void Staff for a Abyssal Mask
+You can trade out Void Staff for a Malady

Grab Malady if the attackspeed seems to be dealing a ton of damage in team fights. And grab the Abyssal Scepter if you need more sustain in those epic team fights(also the ap you get is decent).

An example build for late game would be:

Berserker's Greaves// Rabadon's Deathcap// Lich Bane// Guinsoo's Rageblade// Rylai's Crystal Scepter// Abyssal Mask

making use of the attackspeed and magic resist survivability.

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Using Your skills correctly

ganks PRE-Level 6

Make sure you have decent health and mana before attempting a gank. You must be able to get close for this to work. This combo may get you or your carry a kill, but it will definately hurt, even if you don't have anything but boots.

ganks POST-Level 6

Now ganking is much easier and reliable. Hitting your Q is CRUCIAL. practice hitting it...alot.
Crescent Strike>> Lunar Rush>> Moonfall>> Pale Cascade>> Lunar Rush>> Crescent Strike(again, if possible)


You can either just spam Crescent Strike OR if your tanky and confident Crescent Strike>> Lunar Rush>> Moonfall>> Pale Cascade>> then back off. Don't rely on Moonfall as an escape spell because it can backfire dramatically if you misuse it.

When to Lunar Rush?

Sometimes your ult can kill you. Be careful when you decide to Lunar Rush. If you hit the wrong target and get baited into a horrible position, it's always your fault for choosing to Lunar Rush. Also, you don't always have to rely on crescent strike, if you miss during a gank, it might be best to Lunar Rush>> Moonfall>> Pale Cascade.

Guide Top


And I think thats everything ^.^

Please comment and rate AFTER trying this guide and you can even send me your success after using this. I can't make you PLAY better in game, but i can advise you how to build Diana and how to skill and thats the focus of this guide. If you have any questions or suggestions PLEASE comment. I will read the comments and I'd like to have my guide used. I will update this guide for patches, images, and such.

UPDATES: 8/19/12 ~ I revised the items of the tanky Diana to fit more into general play rather than having situational items. Also, rabadon's Deathcap was removed resulting in less ap, but far more tankier. The items on Diana previously was thrown on there without much thought and I apologize. -- made a few edits to the build again and expect to upload my results using this build.
8/20/12 ~ I changed the build again, re-adding rabadons as a late game item as well as GA if you build tanky.. The ap Diana hasn't changed
8/21/12 ~ I'm very shocked at the sudden popularity of this guide. My goal was at least 1,00 but, as of today I'm around 7.2k views. I appreciate everyone's time in choosing, testing, and using my guide and encourage people to 1+ my guide and comment.:)

I appreciate the support i'm recieving so far. ^.^
I want to continue to make this build better and as less vague as possible so all people can use this build.