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Yasuo Build Guide by sheez47

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author sheez47

The Real Way to Master the Wind

sheez47 Last updated on December 23, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Yasuo, the Unforgiven is a fighter/assassin that many do not know how to play yet but I will show you in this guide. As many have experienced he is very good early game but then falls off HARD towards mid game. He can be played in practically any lane, but I prefer mid. Yasuo is very good against skill shot mages and adc like Nidalee or Ezreal. If Yasuo is played the right way you can dominate game after game in utterly success.

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Match Ups

Nidalee stands no chance against a Yasuo played the right way. Placing a correct wind wall can block any devastating spear to hit him and his passive giving a grip on hard hits to recover. Farming and keeping a tight grasp on the lane, the Nidalee will be easy.

Lux usually seen in mid lane against a Yasuo also has a difficult time due to the block of the wind wall on her skill shots. However, remember that Lux's ult does not count as a projectile and can not be deflected. Like any squishy mage, not much of a challenge for Yasuo.

Many frustrated Caitlyn players now what I mean when I say that not even the strongest rifle can hit Yasuo. Many ultimate's and sniper shots have been rejected by wind wall so it is an easy win.

Yasuo against a TF is nice because his moves are easy to deflect and dodge. Twisted Fate is also very squishy so Yasuo can rip him apart and harrasing him is no problem with an e then q.
Renekton is a challenge as the same to any bruiser who uses no projectiles and has an ability to get to you. Renekton is also very tanky, caution for Yasuo cant do much when he turret dives in his ult and try to stay clear of the stun.

When facing a Darius it is hard because he is a hard champ to juke around with because of his general area skills and his pull will keep u close to him. Building armor is your best bet at successfully beating him and Yasuo's ult can penetrate a tanky build.

Shyvana is not quite the challenge but can still pack a punch. Blocking her e with a wind wall may help but be careful for when she ults and her w gives her speed to get you, but a few q's and farming can take her down.Riven is hard to face due to her abilities that stun, disable, give her shields, and movement towards the enemy. Not much can be done besides building armor, farming, and trying to block her ult with your wind wall, but mostly she is a challenge.

Yasuo vs. Fiora probably wont end well for Yasuo so try to win early game and don't get caught, a fed Fiora is not pretty. Also her w can block Yasuo's q and her lunge will take advantage of you is you are not careful.

WARNING, YASUO KILLER ALERT! Jax was bred for one purpose and one purpose alone.To kill Yasuo many many times and will continue to do so until the dawn of time. So unless the Jax is bronze V with a full health pot build and a cat on his keyboard, the chances are likely u cant face him.

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When I am laning I like to startfor early damage and sustain and also builds into my first item when i back which is a for the health + damage when Yasuo falls off. Building phage works great for Yasuo not only for the tankiness for the mid game and damage along with it but the movement speed that it gives when attacking an enemy and works with his q. After getting a I go for an used for the essential damage and crit chance needed for Yasuo to make sushi out of them. Then my last core item which is a helps with the late game struggle, giving tank, damage, and a nice slow that works on his q.