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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Heimerdinger Build Guide by Ted429

AP Carry The revered inventors mid lane domination! - [S6]

AP Carry The revered inventors mid lane domination! - [S6]

Updated on March 1, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ted429 Build Guide By Ted429 4 2 53,291 Views 1 Comments
4 2 53,291 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Ted429 Heimerdinger Build Guide By Ted429 Updated on March 1, 2016
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Introduction - Welcome to destruction!

Welcome to My Heimerdinger build! I am 18 years old and Have been playing League of Legends for about 3 years. This is my first build ever! Heimerdinger was one of thee champion I bought and I instantly fell in love. Heimer has many aspects to take into consideration and can take a lot to fully master. He is very versatile and can take on many roles. He scales very well and when built correctly he can be the ultimate death to the enemy team.

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Pros and cons

Pros and cons
+Good sustain(health regen)
+Scales very high into late game
+Can fill many roles
+Pushes lanes and defends
+Will demolish the enemy when played correctly

+Can be squishy if not careful
+Limited mobility/slow without boots
+Weak without good turret placement
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These runes were chosen based on a high AP power play style...they can be altered to your liking but this is my recommended setup. There are several different options for Heimer such as tank and support. The AP build focuses health and pure AP power for ultimate destruction.

I have started with Glyphs of ability power. This will give us a boost immediately into the lane. With this extra power we can farm much quicker and working towards our first item. The ability power is mainly important with Heimers turrets and all of his abilities.

For marks you want to take Hybrid penetration. You can ALSO chose to take armor or magic penetration depending on who you may be facing. You can never go wrong with hybrid penetration as later in the game tanks and built carries may have a lot of armor and magic resistance to get by.

Seals should always stay the same and health OR health regeneration should be taken. Heimer is one of the more squish champions and he can use all the health he can get.

More ability power = more death. You simply cant get enough and by level 18 if fed and built well you will be unstoppable. Scaling ability power will only make it easier.
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The masteries for Heimerdinger consist many of offensive AP power. The rest go to the defensive tree and help Heimer out with as much help and sustain as possible. The main use for these masteries is to give Heimer the boost he needs early on in lane and to farm as fast as possible.
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Summoner spells

Your best bet is to take a summoner spell that will get you somewhere faster. I believe teleport will Help moving around the map faster and easier. With the use of your turrets you can reach any part of the map extremely fast. Heimer is not a very fast champ on his own and his build recommends you don't take boots unless you absolutely have to.

Heal is a great choice as Heimer does not have much health and can loos
it very fast if not careful. His fast health re-gen helps out a lot in the lane but when ganked and/or outnumbered heal can turn a bad situation around.
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Items and build

Your items and the ultimate build you choose can depict how a game turns out and what happens by the end of the game.

Heimer feeds of of Ability Power. He will dominate anyone in his way when fed correctly HOWEVER the build i suggest makes this as easy as possible. Heimer will gain health as well as ability power....his sustain comes from his passive which can be very helpful later. Refer to the items section up top for notes on how each set should be purchased and what the recommended items are for different situations.

Whats most important to remember as Heimer is that all abilities WILL take advantage of these items and will be dunking on almost any enemy champion that gets in your way. Heimer has multiple counters but when played correctly he can deal with almost any situation.
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Laning phase

The laning is the most important part of your Heimer game. It is what will separate you from your opponent and the enemy team. Based off of which lane you chose (mid recommended for this guide) you will need to gain your early lead fast.
These turrets are the epitome of your mass destruction. These are what scream death at your opponents and what terrorizes them into realizing you are a devastating force. Placement is everything when it comes to these turrets. When you start your match as soon as you reach your lane you want to place a turret down. This will automatically start the next turret building process. The goal is to always have as many down as possible. this can be tricky in the beginning which is why you must place them as fast as possible and in good positions.

Turret position is just about everything when it comes to Heimer. You need to be aware of where your turrets are placed at all times. This is what will build your farm faster than just about ANY champion and is how you can buy your first FULL core item on your first time back to base. There are several positions for different situations.
The first position is an important one as it places a line between your side and the enemy. This shows that you have your gank sides covered as well as a solid line of defense.

The next position shows a more offensive side. The goal is to place turrets in a triangle (1 behind, 2 in front, OR 2 behind one in front) This gives you options on how hard the enemy is pushing and if you are trying to push your self. You must play according to you enemy but NEVER forget to push yourself as it is one of Heimers biggest advantages.
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Heimerdingers passive is a very helpful tool from the laning phase all the way to the end of the game. He gains bonus health regeneration as well as granting the same passive to nearby turrets and allies helping out very much during team fights. This is one of the tools that gives Heimer this long sustain he definitely needs.

As i discussed already, his turrets are the most powerful and useful ability he can put out there. When placed correctly they will seriously mess up the enemy team. These are also your number one way of farming and obtaining the necessary gold you need so fast.

The Hex tech micro rockets do a huge a mount of damage. They are you best ability for poking the enemy while in lane as well as securing more ranged kills. Don't underestimate these as a well placed shot can take away severe chunks of your opponents health. AS you can adjust the spread of the rockets to your liking it is important to know what target you want to hit. If you want to clear minion waves you will want to spread the rockets out more allowing them to hit more creeps. IF you want to finish a champion off make sure you keep them pointed in a straight line and aim directly towards them.

Your storm grenade is your only source of crowd control (except for your ultimate...will go into detail soon). Your grenade does average damage that scales off of ability power as well as a stun to enemies directly hit, and slows all enemies in the nearby area. Do NOT forget about this ability as it is crucial to slowing and stunning enemies in any situation as well as doing damage.

Your ultimate UPGRADE!!! is what really shines with Heimer. This ultimate is really three ultimate put into one. You can choose to upgrade one of your already great abilities into making its completely devastating. The stats increases are massive and will hit very hard when done right. The best strategy for this ultimate will be explained in the next section.
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This is what makes you a presence to be reckoned with. This is what shows everyone the true godly power you hold within you. With this ultimate you will turn tides, change games, and be able to say in you team chat "get wrecked ;P" This ultimate will change the way you see this underplayed champion.

Your first upgrade is your turret. This will place one extremely powerful turret down wherever you like. It lasts for a limited time but houses enough strength to take out a champion alone. This turret works very well with your other turrets placed down in a nearby area working together they will constantly pound the enemy and do tons of damage.

The hex tech rocket upgrade makes these little rockets all the more deadly. Instead of just sending out one wave of mini rockets, its sends out multiple waves and does more damage for each one that hits your target. These scale very highly off of ability power and will only get stronger the further into the game you are.

Your lighting grenade takes your crowd control and increases its effectiveness by much more. This time with MUCH greater range and the grenade bounces three times. This will stun any enemy directly hit and will slow all in the area. It also does a good percentage of magic damage and is a great way to finish off an enemy at a distance or to stop the enemy team from running away.
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Supporting as Heimer is another strategy many like to take. While you can still carry your team with ability power You have support traits. You E (storm grenades) will stun and slow. This can be helpful in many situations and is highly recommended. Your turrets are what helping with all of the extra damage output and will definitely help your team out in big team fights.

Another huge thing to never forget is your passive....When near allies you will grant them increased health regen along with your turrets. This passive gets higher as you level up and you can save some team mates from death just after escaping.

REMEMBER - Heimer is a pusher and a defender. he can defended a position very well such as a turret or inhibitor. But he is not limited to that. It is important to understand how to push as Heimer and secure objectives. You want to take out your first turret as soon as possible and already gain the advantage.

Dragon + Baron - These can be crucial going into the late game. Dragons can be tough along with Baron as well as remembering to have constant vision and making sure the enemy is not about to steal your precious buffs (we all know it happens) so lets try and avoid it. Later into the game you will know its easier to take out these big objectives with less people...but that does not stop the whole enemy team coming in from behind and ganking you while stealing your dragon boost.

Yes vision is important and you should always have some form of it on these objectives, but when securing them it is a great idea to have Heimer there.This placement shows the vision from behind while also covering you and your team. If the enemy decides to come from there they will be greeted by turrets as well as the whole team being aware THUS forcing them to fall back or give your own team enough time to prepare for a team fight. Either way you will know and be one step closer to securing your objective.
The same thing can be applied with defense and vision from any of the sides. Don't forget turrets can be placed in bushes and hidden until the enemy decides to dive in while attempting to steal your baron. The enemy will be forced to walk through your turrets at a surprise and can then be stunned with your grenade resulting in a dead ganker and a kill for your team.

Heimerdinger can be crucial to securing objectives, pushing lanes hard, and defending your own. His versatility makes him great at supporting your team while completely demolishing the enemy at the same time.
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Heimerdinger is an extremely versatile and powerful champion. He almost never disappoints and can do well in just about any situation. There is a lot to learn about this champion but when mastered he may just be your new favorite. I would like to thank you for reading my guide give it a vote if you did enjoy it. more guides to come soon, Thank you!
League of Legends Build Guide Author Ted429
Ted429 Heimerdinger Guide
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The revered inventors mid lane domination! - [S6]

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