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Lulu Build Guide by SuperBUGS

The Solo Mid Sorceress In-Depth Guide

By SuperBUGS | Updated on April 20, 2012
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Hi summoners, bet you were like "pffft" or "wtfff" at the concept of lulu being a champion that's capable of soloing mid with 2 nuking spells, i was once like you... that ideology changed the day that i started soloing mid with her.

I hope to not only teach you everything i know about Lulu but also help you archive the moment when someone tells you that... "pfft lulu mid? your going to feed, noob." when your the one that ended up carrying the whole team to victory.
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Pros & Cons


Great Ap Ratio
Great Self/Team supporting spells
Good Spell combinations
Utli makes you BIG
Plenty of Slows & 2 Crowd Control spells
Can reveal Invisible Units!


Takes time to master
Low Base MS
Can be squishy if not played properly
Easily focused down
Spells have a fair duration of cool down
Forces you to either use your spells defensively or offensively in situations
Yes, another midget.
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I build Lulu just like any of the AP carries, simple, strong and yet effective.

I take 21 in Offense, 0 in Defense and 9 in Utility.

This Set up is aimed at giving me a high AP gain, Magic penetration and Movement Speed bonuses.
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x8 AND x1

Through out many games of playing Lulu, i find that 8 AND 1 marks are much better for her early game because that your enemy will most likely already have low armor and with a total of 8 Armor pen and 5.5 magic pen, benefits more then 9 which all adds up to about 8.5 magic pen for the whole set.
By sacrificing 3 magic pen, your getting 8 armor pen + 5.5 magic pen.

Its a confidence booster, helps you incorporate your spells and auto attacks.
Its all up to you and your choice, but this is the recommended by me.

9 X

Since Lulu has a high AP ratio, for her 2 skills and , then why not have these beauty's ?
Good source of magic penetration and is great for any mid solo champions, in my opinion.

x9 &
Great AP bonus, not to mention what you'll benefit from your Offense masteries and along with your gives you a nice boost of AP to match those of your lane.

You'll be receiving 45ap at lvl 18 + 18 at lvl 18 + another 5% on top of all that.
Plenty of AP.

Due to the fact that your base ms is only 300, these runes will provide you with the extra juice that you need to effectively position yourself, cast spells, chase champions and so on.

I cannot deny the fact that these babies are one of the best runes in the game and i use them for almost every AP champion i play.

Early game ms, means you have a better chance of "hitting and running" with out being heavily punished by your opponent.

You'll benefit 4.5% ms from runes, 2% from your masteries and a solid 35% ms from your buffing skill .
Now that is what i call being freaking fast & furious.

Note below, that i currently recommend you use x8 AND x1 , instead of the 9 X


Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush
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Ability Explanation

I max my Lulu's first
It is one of her main nukes, lowest cool down out of all the spells and has a solid freaking 80% slow at all level.

I max my second.
This is her "support" or kill stealing skill (its almost an instant cast), it has great AP ratio, reveals invisible units, grants extra fire powers to any other ally that you shield other than you (by that i mean your ) and it helps you set up your shots.

I max my last
Although its one of your main disabling spell, its not dependent due to the fact that the casting animation is slow. You'll realize that once you cast this spell there'll be a "purple ball", i find that before it even hit its target they can get at lease 1 or 2 spells off before they get poly morphed.
I treat this skill as a buff, most of the time casting it on myself.

Take a point in your ultimate at all levels.
Its a god sent ability. Its a game changer. There's no freaking reason not to get it.
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Ability Sequence

Using her abilities offensively (Going for the kill OR Controlling lane):
Firstly start by Yourself > Get into range (try to bait out some skill shot spells if possible while buffed with ) > Target them with to set up your nuke > Aim and fire > Either retreat OR try killing them with your auto attacks and

Note: Your ability can help extend the range of your , so use it wisely and that means taking advantage of minions, ally or enemy to extend that nuke range and last hit escaping foes.

Using her abilities defensively
Shield yourself with to negate damage from your opponent > Follow up with a cast on your opponent for a nuke > Use to nuke away their hp > Auto attack or retreat depending on situation.

Using her abilities supportively
Preferred that you should start of by shielding your ally who's closest to the enemy champion, for example your "tanker" > Then try nuking your opponent with whilst manipulating your ally's position > Save your for enemy champions who are getting to close to either you or your back row and disable him > Your 2 main damage spells should be off cool down by now and you can decide to either use them aggressively or defensively.

Depending on your situation, your ultimate should be incorporated into these method's by instinct and remember that if your going to cast on your ally make sure that you do it as soon as they drop to 40% hp.
You can actually miss your ultimate if you cast it to late due to your casting animation.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
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Core Items

I start of my lane phrase with a + + + .
Don't tell me that this is a lame start, because your wrong...
Even if it might be a lame start, it gives a beautiful finish !

As the game progresses, we will need to build into this THEN THEN THEN THEN OR THIS DEPENDING ON YOUR SITUATION ...

My items focuses on doing a lot of burst because importantly, once you get , you nuke them with AND , you would do around 800 damage +, that is if you can properly burst them. On the other hand, does have it's down sides, that is if your allies are in trouble you'll have to shield them thus lowering down your burst on enemy but look... your denying damage from your enemy's, a 500 health shield can block quite a few attacks... just be weary of this, i don't shield my ally unless they are on the edge of extinction rofls. You still have your ultimate.
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Gameplay - TIPS & TRICKS

Always stay behind your team in a team fight only get close and aggressive if you see that your enemy is at a disadvantage, plan your aggression, do it properly.

1. Know, who is your opponent's jungler and picture how you can get ganged. Plan out your aggression & be smart, know when to harass and always be weary of GANGKS.

2. Always AND PLEASE. ALWAYS HAVE YOUR and READY IF YOUR PLANNING TO KILL OR HARASS SOMEONE. They are to be CAST together, if your playing offensive.

Remember "PLAN" our your attack, this is the sequence for assaulting someone; Buff yourself first with THEN AND NUKE THEM WITH , followed by a few auto attacks if you can.

Make sure you TRAVEL the appropriate distance to allow you to "dodge spells" and then CAST yours at the same time. Whimsy itself has a fair duration for all of this. This is the part where most people blunder, get snared and DIE.

3. Don't forget you have ignite for last hit + Flash can gain you an auto attack, activating your extra passive damage for finishing of your opponent (but remember these attacks can be blocked by minions or other non ally champions).

4. Utilize your distances, IF your going to auto attack do it properly. Don't just stand in between minions and attack, they can block off your extra damage from your passive. Your spells have range, you don't necessarily need to trade blows REMEMBER THIS.

5. Once you gain and advantage. BULLY THEM, DRIVE THEM OUT OF EXPERIENCE RANGE AND HARASS THEM but remember don't over extend yourself, (have wards to help alert you of potential gangk attempts) If you do this correctly, you will find that your opponent will be at lease 2 or 4 levels under you.

6. REMEMBER, you can dive towers that's what your ultimate is for... but be careful. Save you ultimate for gang attempts from your enemy, it can help you slap hero's like Nocturne Shoes if he decides to ultimate his way onto you.

7. YOU HAVE A LOT OF FREAKING ESCAPING SKILLS, NEVER EVER USE WHIMSY ON YOUR ENEMY WHEN YOUR RUNNING. You can just gracefully them in the face and then yourself away from harm's way.

8. Use your ally's to your advantage, if your chasing an enemy and your ally is in front of you, remember that can be cast on any ally units except wards to help "extend the range" of your .

9. Lastly, Use your skills wisely. In team fights, your decisions will heavy affect your team's victory, your their AP caster and their "off support" at the same time. Support someone when IT IS COMPULSORY, a difference between a 500 health shield & a 500 AP burst can create a dramatic difference.'

10. Remember, if you end up not doing good, just farm and wait for your team to help you gang.

You can always plat size=35] which all adds upou desire but remember playing as a team, is what wins you games !

11. Lulu is one of the best kiting champions, use that slow and speed buff to your advantage !
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How to be a solid in your lane

Early Game Mid Lane

From level 1 - 6

Your goal at early game is to apply pressure on your opponent !
At level 1 auto attacks on your enemy along with to wither their HP down, as soon as you reach level 2 start pulling of your combo's and , remember to set up with do it FAST and then NUKE THEM WITH followed by a few auto attacks or and run, once you hit level 3 you can buff yourself with and proceed with the "Lulu Barrage"!
This is why how i dominate in my lanes, due to the fact that do a 80% slow, your enemy wont be able to chase you or get in range to pull of their combo. You'll be amazed at how annoying you are !

Keep repeating this to you reach level level 6, at this point, your pretty much ungangkable.
Your ultimate is your friggen salvation and don't forget all your supporting skills! They all slow, cc's and heal you like a boss!

From Level 6 - 11

Oh yes, around this point your jungle's blue should be up.
Make sure your jungler's not a ******, troll or a chop stick brain, he should surrender his blue buff to you (i lose most of my games because of the fact that i called solo and he didn't so therefore to get revenge, trolling occurs.)

You on the other hand should use it to your advantage because if you die straight after getting it, then your jungler + team have the rights to abuse you (:

Keep a constant harass on your lane, once you get reach level 7 - 8 its time to start gangkin your bot or top lanes.
This is the point where you accumulate a majority of your kills, your reveals and follow its target, the best tools against the one's running into a brush for a juke.
Once blue buff is out, you can slow down on the gangks and start farming & killing dragons, a golden rule is that if is on cool down, you can play passively and once it's off cool down, you have to try and earn a kill with it.

Remember to co ordinate your skills, for example Warwick initiates with his ultimate, you shouldn't just worry about who your going to burst down. Instead, keep an eye on him and yourself or others around you without your team, your pretty much nothing.
There are numerous ways to inflict pain on your enemy, take the Warwick scenario, you can either consider using your ultimate on him AFTER his finished casting or you can just do your "Lulu barrage combo" or cast and then try to get a shot on your enemy. It all depends on your situation so think fast, be smart and don't cast your spells unnecessarily.

From level 11 to 18

At this point, you should be able to get an analysis of what your team is like e.g who's a ******, who's not or who's doing the best.

Here is a description of how you should allocate your skills during a team fight;

Your Tanks (jungle or support); Always shield them with whenever you can, you can get a shot or 2 with on your enemy's due to the fact that he should always closest ally to the enemy if not, then get behind him.

Your Off tanks (solo top lanes); You should also keep a watch out for them as well, if you and your team fights, his survival is always at risk. They tend to become low pretty fast if not farmed properly, his just as equally important as your ad carry.

Your Ad Carry & Full Support(bot lane duo); Keep an eye on your carry is most important, i don't always shield any of them because most of the time i'll have my ultimate ready, unless their in extreme danger. Your best support for an enemy approaching your ad carry or support is to > > them in the face, otherwise perform this order on your ally instead depending the possibility of your carry dying or not.

Don't forget your Blue buff, you will need it at all stages of the game.
Even if your team doesn't have a jungler, don't forget to ask your team to help you get it.

Don't always think that your ultimate should be cast on your team, your apart of that team as well, protect yourself when your most vulnerable.

The spell should always be cast on yourself when your attempting to do a "lulu barrage" and pursuing enemies, the only time that you don't self cast it is when your ally are getting targeted. Although is does make your enemy useless and gives slow, you should always be looking forward to your for slows, it just all depends on the situation.

If you dont have blue buff, you'll always have that mana hungry feeling. Avoid it by not casting excessively and having blue buff on.

This is your juking combo, start running towards a brush then as soon as your enemy enters the boundary their face, then yourself to get the best AP benefit from your; shield OR ultimate and leg it back to home base.
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Video Tutorials ~ In Progress

*** Would be very helpful if someone can comment below on a screen recorder that works well with LoLreplays, i've tried bandicam, fraps (it records for like 10 seconds then cuts =__=... why?), camtasia... ***

For now, please enjoy my video and know that there are many more to come when i finished editing them. :D

Chapter 1: Concentrate On Your Positioning !
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Who are your match ups ? ~In Progress

This section has tips on how to deal with most of the hero's that you could be competing against, these aren't all of them and is based on my opinion.

This is not complete, im still working on capturing images and videos to incorporate into this section.

Notice that almost 50% of these champions have some sort of skill shot "nuke", that can be avoided easily or prevented.
Manipulate this by moving in between your spell casts and auto attacks, this is the reason why god gave you & they are there for a purpose. Have confidence in yourself because if you can dodge these properly, it will set you an advantage in lane.


- Auto attack heaps her once you see her, shes got very low damage outputs from level 1 - 3, zoning her out will benefit you.
- Be weary of her , make sure to use your speed advantage to dodge it while your assaulting her with your lulu barrage.
- She has 2 skill shot abilities, & , start assaulting her as soon as she uses and get out fast, the goal is to drop her hp with your burst.
- She can sustain very well with her , you can recognize this once her ball glows "green".


- Has a very weak early game, you can bully her.
- Auto attack her frequently, you don't get a melee in your lane everyday.
- Be weary of her
- Counter her with your because this can reveal her for a while, allowing you to nuke her with your
- Once she hits level 6, her can be annoying as hell but don't fear, use this to your advantage and incorporate these assaults from her into gangks with your jungler.


- Can hurt you early game if you get nuked by her , move in between of your auto attacks or spell casts to avoid this.
- Her level 1-5 can be dramatically slowed down if you harass her correctly.
- Her is very slow and is one of the most easiest skill shots to dodge once you've buffed yourself with
- Her main damage output from level 4 - 11 is , the damage output is amplified if you've been "chilled", this can happen if you've been hit by or
- Always keep in mind that she has , don't dive or get in tower range once it activates and its not compulsory that you need to kill her once shes in her egg form. You can always retreat and fight another day, remember you've got 240 seconds to take revenge on her once her activates.


-Auto attacking her from level 1 - 3, along with spells can help you control your lane much better.
-Beware of her , this passive helps her set up multiple nukes in your face you notice this by her "whirl wind" animation.
-Don't get yourself in distance of her when your below 65% hp, she can easily burst you down.
-Use her , to your advantage. If you cannot get in reach of a , if your annie has bad micro, you can always nuke her teddy with this will extend your range of for a last hit.
-Once shes cast the skill , you've got at lease 3 seconds to nuke her with your skills.
-Try to make her teleport back to base as often as you can and farm up.


-I recommend that you attack brand early on in the game, his not strong from level 1 - 3, this is because you can trade much more dmg and dps than he can give you.
-His very farm dependent with , its also his main damage nuke from level 1 - 9 meaning that if you see him use it, harass him and punish him for it.
-Brand can also stun you with , if you have the debuff , i suggest that you should attempt baiting his out before you start assaulting him.
-You can out run his Pillar of Flames channeling time with the amount of speed you've got.
-Don't stay in one spot all the time and be aware of him trying to close distance, it probably means that his gonna nuke you, you can always try and avoid it by running towards him instead and then punishing him with your own skills once he missed you.
-Try to zone him out and stay on top of your creep score, this is an economy game and depends heavily on your team's co ordinations.


-Very annoying to lane against, you;ve got the speed advantage to help you dodge her .



















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My Results & Thank you

Thank you for your time.
Hopefully i'd cya round one day !

This is my first serious guide, so my apologies, i know its not the best compared to many others but i'm still learning to make it better, i will try to make video tutorials & game play videos in the near future for Lulu, happy summoning summoners :D

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