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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by Psk_1

the TRUE WAY to play DR. MUNDO 3v3

the TRUE WAY to play DR. MUNDO 3v3

Updated on October 21, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Psk_1 Build Guide By Psk_1 45 13 189,424 Views 70 Comments
45 13 189,424 Views 70 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Psk_1 Dr. Mundo Build Guide By Psk_1 Updated on October 21, 2011
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This is a guide FOR 3v3, it has been specially designed and tested for this map.
It is very simple, easy understandable and user friendly.
Mundo is NOT BALANCED for 3v3 fights, because he does excessive aoe dmg and has insane regeneration abilities. Ill explore this aspect- to THE MAXIMUM.
It works! (see comments, and my scores)
U wiLL have amazing WIN STREAKS, and in game u will be RESPECTED HAS NEVER BEFORE
GIVE IT A TRY and u wiLL SEE........

Don't judge negatively if you haven't tried it.

Ok.. Would say Tony Montana.. 'Say hello to my little friend'.

This build does NOT FOCUS on the classic way every noob plays mundo ASPECT, forget that.. THIS GUIDE is a simple but effective way to play Mundo.It will result in aewsome win streaks, and crazy amounts of damage dealt, because of ure aoe... check under....





This insane dmg dealt will be frequent with this build, cause u will focus in doing aoe damage. 90% of the time u will have more than 50% more dmg dealt than the 2nd player with more dmg dealt.



If you want AN OP champion that does insane amounts of DMG, This is ure guide.

Well.. this is MY WAY to play MUNDO, is not the TRUE WAY, but.. sounds funny XD

Well.. Feel free to blame, shame, and spit on this guide, but please, leave me a comment :)....


======== _Psk_========
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The Past of a Legend

Dr. Mundo, The Madman of Zuan

It is said that the man now known as Dr. Mundo was born in the city of Zaun without any sort of conscience. Instead, he had an unquenchable desire to inflict pain through experimentation. By the time he was five, most of the pets in the neighborhood had gone missing. By his teenage years, his parents were nowhere to be found. By the time he had legally acquired his license to practice medicine, he had been acquitted of 38 charges of murder by the Zaun authorities; the lack of evidence made prosecution impossible. Unfortunately, the city-state of Noxus regards such behavior as a sign of initiative and ambition, rather than inhumanity. Dr. Mundo was recruited to fight for Noxus in the League of Legends. He continues his experiments to this day, even using himself as an experimental subject. ''Beware the Madman of Zaun. In his eyes, you are already dead.''
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Adrenaline Rush

For every 66 hp, you get 1 hp/5 seconds.
Calculations:0.003x66=0.198 so its 0.198 hp regen per second
0.198x5 = 0.99 its 0.99 hp regen per 5 secs, i think u can say its 1 hp per 5 secs

Very underestimated ability in the larger majority of guides. THIS MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE IN MUNDO. (it was even better before the spirit visages nerf)

Infected Cleaver
Use it to last hit creeps, pester enemies, run down enemies, check bushes, and kill invisible . this is the most important ability with a 30 % Cooldown reduction u will be able to use it every 2.7 seconds so this wont be an ability anymore, u will use it so often that it is more likan extension of ure auto attack....

SRRY TO SAY: but if UR NOT SKILLED with this ability, then DR.Mundo is not ure champion......
1- USE it to last hitting creeps in lane.
2- IN jungle allways hurl cleaver to the stronger mob, and then use ure smite.(the reason is that cleaver does more damage if ure enemy has more life)
3- IN CHAMPION HARRASSMENT, stay laterally to ure minions in lane,instead of beiing among them. When enemy champion aproches use it in him. 2 hits and he is 50% life in early game.
4- GANking- use it to hit running champions, while ure porsuing near them, giving ure aoe damage. DONT AUTO ATTACK WHEN PORSUING, cause u will loose precious distance.
5-Try to use it over walls, and u will get amazing kills.

Burning Agony
Turn on during team fights (reduced CC and it hurts the other guy), farming more than 1 creep, or tap on and off to deal 40 damage INSTANTLY to a creep you want to last hit.

It is important to get good at using this skill to last hit creeps early game.

After level 4 this will be the only ability that u will level, so THIS will be the reason of ure so fking high dmg dealt....


It gives 40/55/70/85/100 damage and .4/.55/.7/.85/1 damage per %hp missing.

This ability is very good, the majortity of guides focus on them, but thats because they dont knwo the true damage that can come from burnig agony......

Even so, the build shown here have a big emphasis on getting to 30% cooldown reduction so this can literally be on all the time.


Use it to recover from jungling, by doing so u can jungle all the 5 neutral monsters camps in upper lane by level 14, ALONE.

If you are in a big fight, use it once the chaos starts.REMEMBER to preferably fight in the brush so when u turn this on, its really difficult to ure enemies realizing that u did it.
So they will have more difficulties applying ignites/anti-healing effects.

THE CHAOS IS URE KINGDOM- u dominate in caos and confusion of fights, cause its difficult to understand ure trully healing power and the right amount of damage the enemies are receiving, so when they realise what is happening, its too late...... they are dead already ....

This will make u unkillable during the 12 seconds duration. this guide will give u 30% CR, so every 42 seconds u can activate it, so if it has a duration of 12 seconds, u have only 30 seconds of relative weaknesss..... LOL (u will be so OP that everyone runs on sight)

At level 16 the speed and duration is pretty much the same as Ghost.

======== _Psk_========
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Masteries + Runes


u will focus in magic pen+ Health( to maximize ure passive)+ CR( in order to have 30%CR that gives u 2.8 cleaver and 42 sec ulti)

Marks: + Magic penetration.
Seals: Seal of vitality + Health per level.
Glyphs: + flat cooldown reduction.
Quintessences: + flat health.


See above



- Because u will jungle, so specially in early game it will help u.

- To run away, porsue enemy champions, at their side doing continous dmg with burning agony.

======== _Psk_========
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Item Build


1.- Start with then u should buy then Botts of speed
2- After this basic build go finish ure , then finish ure boots
3- After this , starting with Giant's Belt

_____AT this moment ure basic build is set and sunfire cape+ burning agony should be doing insane amounts of damage, and the game should end soon________________________ + + +


The core build is not enought ure still fed and want to end the game, do this.....

4- Go for + [ +


with this build the game should end between 25-35 minutes, but if ure having difficulties in winning teamfights, go for this builds. The reason i choose frozen mallet, is for his great amount of healt 700,wich increases ure passive, and ure ulti, and sinergises with FON; it has a bonus damage negligenciable(30=DMG); but he giges 40% slow, a gigantic add for u, cause u can be more time near ure opponents giving them ure huge aoe dmg(sunfire+burning agony)


4- Go for + +


4- Go for + +

======== _Psk_========
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Skilling Order

Farming off a tower:
You need 2 levels of cleaver to kill caster minions after 1 hit from a tower. 1 level of masochism is enough to kill a melee minion after 2 hits from a tower, or a caster minion after 1 hit from a tower. You can also kill a caster minion after 1 hit from a tower with a regular attack and tapping burning agony when masochism is down.

Use cleaver early to last hit creeps like a ranged hero. Use masochism to get your damage to the right amount to last hit creeps. Use Burning agony to last hit creeps under 40 hp (then turn it off immediately). Your skills are good for last hitting creeps and it is extremely important for you to get money fast. The faster you get gold, the faster you can do or help with dragon. It may not be as obvious as pushing down towers or nuking other players, but a big chunk of the game rests in your hands.

======== _Psk_========
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How To Play


This is the core action in this build. Jungle whenever u can.

Allways stay in upper lane.

Push the minions on ure lane to the middle, but never cross this frontier. instead run backwards and farm the jungle creeps.

At level 4 go for wolves camp, and use smite in the boss, kill te other 2.

After u have and ure ulti , u can farm with tranquility all mobs in upper forest and mobs in the middlee forest aswell, only on ure side of the map.

REMEMBER dont atack creeps in the enemy side of the map, while ure not seeing the enemies in minimap (if any enemy is missing).

AT level 9, congratulations u can kill dragon alone with ure ulti and . Then go to the lane and try to gank someone, but dont risk too much. w8 for level 11 to have a real teamfight.


Start in the lane, dont go further than middle of the lane, instead go jungle.

I recommend to exit the lane and start jungling at level 4, in the external wolves camp(upper lane).

If u can kill some enemy do it but dont risk too much.

At level 11 go for the dragon buff or the lizard elder buff (see where its safer to farm in ure minimap). Then try first gank.


When u have ure core build set, + + + u should be level 11, with sunfire cape,2nd rank , and 5th rank .

U should be 1 level higher than the soloing enemy, and at least 3-5 levels higher than bottom lane enemies.


ITS the moment when ure at ure maximum strenght in comparison to enemies. use it to the best. try to enter in a team fight. Using ure teammates as bait, and attract enemies to brush, there turn on burning agony + Cleaver+ masochism, and when ure 50% health use ure SADISM. U should easily get a double kill

NOTE: dont stay still and attack enemy champions in classic NOOB way. Allways walk around giving ure aoe damage, hurling ure cleaver and doing an auto attack time to time- THE MOST IMPORTANT IS THE AOE AND CLEAVER

Then push to towers- and victory starts to be closer.


The game should end between 25-35 minutes. when ure at ure maximum strenght.

If the game goes over 50 minutes u have a great chance to loose cause ure aoe damage is the same as it was at 20 minutes. and ure enemy carries are getting op.

Avoid this, by pushing lanes whenever u can, and if it is needed after leleve 11 u can tank towers in order to ure dps teammates destroy them.

======== _Psk_========
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The clasic video that explains the basic mechanics of the game in a very technical point of view.

Very important while playing as MUNDO.

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Gameplay Tips

I will provide some video tips on how to play Dr. Mundo in specific situations.
(In these videos my champion is not fed, there aren't noobs in teams so all games shown, were competitive games.

Generally always remember:

1 - Do not stand still in combat situation, run around the enemies dealing damage mainly by aoe (Burning Agony + Sunfire Cape).

2 - Farm Forest Camps whenever possible.

3 - Attack and destroy towers whenever possible.

4 - You are NOT a tank, you are an AOE DPS, which can soaks enemy dmg over time. But if you receive too much damage at once, you die.



If you have questions or doubts about specific situations ask in comments, I will reply there or make videos.

======== _Psk_========
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Good Friends

TANK SUPPORT + AD DPSER( not casters)

THE reason is because if u have AD dpser teammate and ure a magic damage dpser, its difficul to ure enemies to buy resistance items to both ways, they usually buy armor, instead of magic resist cause ure teammate is AD and they think ure MASOCHISM does great damage.

THEY ARE WRONG- URE TRUE power is burning agony + sunfire cape

======== _Psk_========
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Take Home Messages

For your team:
You are an AOE DPS, which can soaks enemy dmg over time. But if you receive too much damage at once, you die.
You are the guy that can solo the dragon.
You are the guy that can tower dive.
You are the guy that can tank the tower while your team kills it.
You are the guy who runs back to base last throwing cleavers behind you.
You are the guy who buys oracle -_-'.
You are the guy who comes to the rescue when both sides are at low life (your ult brings you back to fighting shape).

For you:
You can go toe to toe with Yi, Pantheon, Warwick or any of the other Melee carries. Try to kill them before they kill your squishies, or kill the enemy team's squishies.
You can run down and kill any ranged carry that strays too far from their tower (assuming they aren't more fed than you).

(courtesy of Mundo The murdering man)

This is the best way to have win streaks, and im giving it away for free.........

I ask all of u mobafire community and players of LOL in general, please RATE and COMMENT, i need to have some feedback. That's the only way this GREAT COMMUNITY can go on.


======== _Psk_========

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