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Tristana Build Guide by Sharan123

AD Offtank The TTT Guide (Tank Trist Top)

AD Offtank The TTT Guide (Tank Trist Top)

Updated on November 1, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sharan123 Build Guide By Sharan123 3,172 Views 0 Comments
3,172 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Sharan123 Tristana Build Guide By Sharan123 Updated on November 1, 2016
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Intro to the Madness

Let me tell u a story about a strong champion that will make you say 'what?!' on each word.

Tristana (What!? she ain't strong)
Top (Lol u mad)
Tanky (Lel)

If u haven't closed the browser or fallen of your chair from laughing let me elaborate.

Lets start with her passive Draw a Bead
With each lvl she gets more attack range. Up to an insane range...

Her Rapid Fire is a attack speed steroid that goes great with her e. But also without the e it can be used as a poke booster.

Her Rocket Jump is awesome for escape (range on it is like half a screen) so yeah... you can get ganked as much as u wanna u will live (especially early game this is important).

Her Explosive Charge is the bread and butter of her 3 non ult abilities.
Let explain part by part why its awesome (and one bad thing about it)
ACTIVE: Tristana places an explosive charge on the target enemy or enemy TURRET.

Now we see she splitpushes like a baws.

Tristana's basic attacks and abilities against the target increase Explosive Charge's damage by 30%, stacking up to 4 times for a maximum 120% increase

Like for real...

Then we come to her ult Buster Shot
We can use this as a disengage or to push someone towards our team so they can burst him.
Also note that when u fire u knock back units who are nearby! So care of that.

One way this can be used when fighting in narrow areas is u can blow up one member of a team off the fight since he CAN get over walls when u knock him back. But also care to not save someone accidentally.
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We want to have poke potential (so we can actually build
or perhaps even a )

But let one thing remain... The Tanky aspect must remain so your items should be
1. Dmg/Utility
2. Dmg
3. Boots
4,5,6. Defense
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Your job - early game

You have a job in your team as a little annoying girl u are.
You need to push THEM TURRETS. Push them, then push them again.

But before that we need to dominate and that will (hopefully and sadly at the same time)
bring their jungler towards u.
DO NOT FEED. Let me explain how.

Game starts - u need to establish lane dominance. Your range in the land of melee.
You poke whenever u have the chance. He is low. Jungler comes ganks.
Then ganks again. Now your probably even. You can either tp back or risk it and stay.
Your choice.

Whatever u do. Lane should always be pushed. Except when jungler influences the lane hard.
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Your job - early mid game

Now here is the weird part.
Your 2nd buy sucks. Everyone else gets more but you. You are weaker now even though u might have gotten a kill early game. So u can still poke but they hurt a whole lot more. So try to farm up your first full item (hopefully 2 dmg items) as fast as possible
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Your job - Mid/Late game

You have started building Defense. Now u push push push and buy a whole ****load of Vision Ward's. Keep your yellow trinket. (I find it more useful)

U push turrets and u Teleport when u think u can influence the teamfight hopefully on the very start. If you joining the teamfight does nothing u splitpush as hard as u can...

Let me clear this for u: You are not here to get good scores you are here to win.

My few games went like this: 3/6/9 with 6 turrets and 2 inhibs i managed to get all 3 down before baron fight. To which they committed with double super minion waves. Even though we won the fight we could have gotten aced as far as Winions were concerned cause they crushed their base before we even managed to get to it.

4/5/4 Hard teamfights, little space to splitpush cause they focused on me a lot and team doesn't take objectives in the meanwhile. Yet now u need to teamfight. They started baron.
We came i entered the pit pushed their adc over the wall and we crushed the rest of the team before he could join.

12/4/1 Just pwnage.

So yeah whatever the score says - u just dont feed and split (sometimes even when u think you should back or tp its a bad idea) and let the winions and open inhibs win the game.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sharan123
Sharan123 Tristana Guide
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The TTT Guide (Tank Trist Top)

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