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Kha'Zix Build Guide by Tuhon04

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tuhon04

The Unofficial Kha'Zix Guide to Destroying Everything (WIP)

Tuhon04 Last updated on October 5, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello there and welcome to my guide on how to use Kha'zix. First of all I'd like to point out that I'm still very much an amateur player and still have a lot to learn about that League of Legends. This is just my unique way of playing Kha'zix, The Voidreaver. I first started using Kha'zix when he first appeared on the PBE, and since then he has frequently been my main on the NA server since his release. Kha'zix is all about, as Phreak would say, dealing tons of damage.

This guide is mainly focusing on a SOLO TOP LANE, but it can be applied to all lanes as well.

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Pros and Cons


Built in escape
Deal MASSIVE amounts of Damage
Great Harass Moves
Early game dominance
Very fun to play


Get focused a lot
Very VERY squishy
Shut down pretty hard by CC
Very mana hungry early game
Dependent on items

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Skill Sequence

Priortity Sequence
> > >

Skill Leveling Sequence
>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>

In addition to leveling up skills, Kha'zix can EVOLVE his skills. For his evolution tree, I always evolve his first, and then his next. For his last evolution, its generally left up to player preference or how the game dictates. Now in the skill order that I try maxing out my skills, I'll explain his skills.

Now his passive , is a buff that instantly refreshes every time Kha'Zix leaves his enemies sight. Meaning walking into a bush or out of sight, anything that removes him from sight refreshed this buff. What it is exactly is that every time he enables his passive, his next attack deals additional magic damage and slows enemies hit by 35% for 2 seconds. The best part of this is that can refresh this passive, and that also applies his passive. This creates a great synergy between his moves.

is Kha'Zix's "AHMERGERD IMA FIRIN MAH LAZOR-BOOOOOOOM". This thing HURTS! A LOT! At its level 5 version, it hits for 235 damage in addition to 90% of his current AD. Like, what the heck?!! That is some crazy scaling right there. That's right folks, this move hurts. Did I mention that this skillshot nuke EXPLODES on contact dealing damage to near by targets. Oh, lets not forget about this wonderful "Kamahameha of DOOOOOM" evolution point in which it fires THREE, spikes at once, in a conical direction. This is akin to turning a .50 caliber sniper rifle into a bazooka. Did I mention that this move heals you if you are in range of it's explosion?
No, well it does and makes you a super beast if you have to 1v1 someone, heal for a massive amount, as you deal a massive amount. So essentially, if you have blue buff, you can poke an enemy out of lane with this moves massive range and damage.

Now lets talk about his , this move is what like to call "The Denier". If you thought his hits hard...this hits even harder. Lets say Teemo or Yi ambush you, you hit this baby and turn them into a pancake. This thing has a super low cool down and a super low mana cost, that means spam this...a lot! To isolated targets, a.k.a. champions that are no near allies or minions, get his super hard by this move, nearly 100% harder than if they were near allies. So be sure to hit them with this move. The evolution of this move, increase the attack radius of this move AND his auto-attack,and increases the damage dealt to isolated targets by 12%. Say what! Kha'Ziz smash with ! This move makes melee enemies think really hard before they try coming to hit you, and if they do, this just shows you hit way hard than them.

And now his , his leap of faith...over walls, other players, traps, basically everything. In my play style this is what I use to escape by leaping away from from a fight or I leap into a fight, or leap on an escaping enemy. I use this skill to either widen the gap or close the gap to either get a kill, or get away from being killed. This skill while still strong has a much longer cool down than his other skills, so this is best conserved for last when it's really needed. The evolution of this move dramatically increases the leap radius and instantly refreshing the cooldown of this move if Kha'Zix gets or assist in a kill. This allows one to literally leap in for a kill and leap immediately away from the scene of the crime in a split second.

Next up is his ultimate , while not a damage dealer, its much like his Q in this regard, you use it to close the gap, or escape. What is move does, it turns you invisible and increases your movement speed by 40%, it also refreshed your passive. What you can do is use this to add more damage to both your skills and auto-attacks in the middle of a fight to proc your passive. Don't forget you can use this skill twice within the span of 10 seconds. The evolution of this is that it allows this skill to be used 3 times within 10 seconds AND 40% reduced damage while invisible...

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Tactics and Team Fights

The usual way I play Kha'zix is very defensively early game. Since Kha'zix has no good sustain move, it is essential to avoid any and all damage. The best way to do this is pretty much is to pretty much turret hug until level 6, then you can solo blue and pretty much gain infinite harass by spamming your W. After that, you can farm pretty much till your hearts content. As you do this, you can start playing more aggressively. Life steal and his W give you great sustainability in lane, this allows you to farm for the essential items and experience you need to pretty much dominate the whole game.

But during this whole time, you still need to be aware of what's going on with the enemy team, such as if they are just going to dive all in to kill you, or they stun-surpise gank you. Even if you have blue buff, you are still very squishy.

In team fights, you never want to initiate a head on team fight as you war WAY to squishy, you want to initiate when the other team are not expecting you to flank them. What you want to do is whittle away at their health from a far with your E. And if you bob in and out of sight you also proc your passive, slowing enemies. Meaning that in team fights you want to come from the flank and fire your E, meaning that the other team are slowed and already hurting as your team closes. You next job in a team fight is to literally hide yourself amongst your teammates, and as the chaos unfolds, you need to be spamming your E to cover as much as the enemy team as possible, and using your Q to assassinate any AD/AP carries on the other team. Use your E if you see them trying to escape and when you kill them use it to hope back behind your team mates or over a wall to escape, if you need too use your R if you need to catch up to a fleeing enemy or to ensure your escape.

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The items I choose and why I choose them. Basically I start off with the standard and , but I take 2 and 1 instead of just 3 . The reason I do this is both for survival and sustain ability, you start off very squishy and that really doesnt't change much later in the game. So this starting combo ensures that you can stay in lane and have enough mana to repel heavy invaders.

Next I want to get a or two, then a . This right here is your bread and butter for the early game, this gives you a good chunk of health and damage for the early game and amazing lifesteal to stay in lane. Next you want to build your second tier boots, the choice varies on who you are facing in lane, and you also want to buy a . This combo pretty much lets your clear minion ways in one use.

Finally you want to rush your , this right here is your core build, and plus the two Doran's Blades, you have amazing damage and lifesteal now.

For mid game surviablity, you would then build a and a . This grants a 3 things that are essential for Kha'Zix; Mana, Armor, and Damage. These two items synergise really well together, the armor and mana from give Kha'Zix more mana to lane sustain and more armor to survive more attacks. Then provides even more mana and damage that Kha'Zix greatly enjoys, but the the really reason for this is that Manamune's unique passive grants more attack damage based on the his current maximum mana pool AND everytime Kha'Zix auto attacks an enemy, he adds 1 point to his maximum mana and every time he uses an ability it adds 3 points. Meaning that at 1250 mana, is a free .

Next on the list is that you want to finish your into a and you want to build your , this proves you with some defense and a little bit more offense. The armor and mana provided by in turn give more attack damage from and gives you the much needed health to the later part of the game. Also the slow and the extra damage are a nice little bonus in addition to this item.

Finally the last item on the list is , this baby is SO very nice during the late game, it gives amazing attack damage. And the fact that increase your critical strike bonus means that is pairs great with the life steal from .