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League of Legends Build Guide Author muggy8

there's a snake in my jungle

muggy8 Last updated on April 16, 2011
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forward and change log

this is one of those builds you use if you were to troll someone. cassiopeia is not a bad jungler she just require a funny rune and mastery set up. also she isn't the best ganker in the game. her only problem is that she's a bit slow when it comes to jungling (your roughly on par with the duo lane). however everything else in her kit makes her a great ganker and a decent jungler at that too.

april 15th - release

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runes, masteries and summoner spells

the runes are somewhat unusual for casters because you do not have cdr or AP runes. the reason is because she is very mana hungry and as a result you want as much mana regen as you can get. however she doesn't need cdr as her skills are on a low enough cooldown that you dont need cdr. the masteries are set up so that you can survive the first few levels in the jungle. as well you can roll with 1/21/8 masteries or the 1/19/10 set up as well however i like this setup better. the summoner spells are standard jungler's summoner spells. if you prefer ghost then take ghost instead of flash.

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jungle rout

starting point is the wraths. start off by smiting the big wrath and as soon as you can drop the to catch all 3 small wraths and kill them all. go to the wolves and drop miasma and attack them use the health potion now if you want or you can save it for the double golems after finishing this camp you should now have lv2 and get your and then go to the double golems. when you get there you will have to wait for a bit for your smite to come off cooldown. once its off cooldown you lead with your auto attack then land miasma between you and the golems and twin fang one of them twice smite and twin fang the other one to death. you'll have less than 50 hp at this time you are now lv 3 and you have one of 3 options. level any one of your 3 basic skills. i like to have all 3 skills by lv 3 so li level after this, recall

after you recalled, you'll have just enough gold for cloth armor and 1 health potion. buy those and go to blue. you land miasma first then proceed to eating blue with your twin fangs as fast as you can (smart cast highly recommended) the 2 smaller minions will fall to the poison without you having to do anything to them so when your ready smite the big golem and get blue buff eat the potion and go do the wraiths and followed by the double golem with smite. after this you'll be alive with under 50 again so recall

if you have enough gold (which is highly unlikely) buy revolver if not buy boots and a health potion and go out and do red. you take out red the same way you take out blue and after that eat the health potion and go gank mid or bot. assuming you have successfully ganked and have enough hp go do the wolves and go back and now you should have enough for revolver and at this point your free to do whatever.

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once you got your revolver your can actually take blue and solo dragon. however this is not a good idea because often the enemy will have dragon warded so if you want buy a vision ward put it at dragon and if you see another ward then back off if not then do it. make sure to stand somewhere where if you need to then you can flash to get away easily. meaning pulling the dragon out or standing backs to the wall. after you have reached lv6 your free to sell the cloth armor if you please but you can always keep it for good luck or build it into ninja tabbies. your next big ticket item is rod of aegis. some might enjoy using rylai's crystal scepter more but i like Rod of Aegis because it works nicely with Archangel staff and the slow is not very needed as your miasma has a built in slow and your noxious blast has a built in speed buff. if you like you can also build boots of swiftness as that's often what you may need to keep yourself within range to keep casting your twin fangs. the items that follow if pretty strait forward.

optional itmes:

spamy = hurtful

think of it as ashe's frost shot

and more to come..... experimentation is in progress

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tips and tricks

your ult is a great tool or counter initiation or helping yourself to get away. always try to use it some time when they dont expect anything to come and thats mostly half way through a fight because everyone expect the ults to have been all used by then as most people do tend to open with their ult.

if your chasing its better to use your other spells than to slow them for that small bit.

defult your Q, W, E to smart cast instead of normal cast as this will make your cast speed alot faster and hence making twin fangs more deadly. the cast speed your twin fangs is roughly the same speed as ashe's attack speed with a 55% attack speed boost (aka phantom dancer)

more to come.... experimentation is in progress

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final words

thanks for the read. cass may not be the best champ in the game but she is one of the most unique to me. give her a try and default your keys to smart cast and you may just find her alot better than what everyone else says she is.