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Rengar Build Guide by hoeze

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League of Legends Build Guide Author hoeze

this cats got claws ps hes also got a knife

hoeze Last updated on October 23, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to my first ever build. I've been playing league for a bit of time now and so I decided to make a build for one of the champions I think is most awesome, Rengar. Some reason why I think he is awesome are things like he has awesome hair, he is a tiger yet he wields a knife and claw and he gains joy from slaughtering people much like myself.
So lets dive into why Rengar will be the only champion you play until you get tired of one hitting people with your Savagery

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Pros / Cons

  • no mana
  • ferocity= damage over 9000
  • can cast two times in a row
  • bone tooth neckalice
  • hes a tiger with a claw and knife don't hate
  • squishy at early levels
  • cant do to much in early jungle fights
  • falls of a bit late
  • doesn't have any good skins yet

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what abilities do I have on a homicidal sociopath

Leapv2- this here doohickey is what will make all them jaxes jellous of you. this here is you way to chase down basically anyone while laning. Just get yourself near the bush and you've just outlaned your enemy. Also dont be afraid that you will miss cs doing this just jump onto any cs thats low and run back into your nest
Tip- if you can click really fricken fast you can jump more than once while out of the bush or out of your ult. Useful for turret diving

anti- Teemo ability- Have you ever wanted to eat that damn ad carry who keeps killing u from afar every fight, well then this guide is not for you go play Cho'Gath alternatively with rengar you had stab them taking out half their hp in a swift cut to the somewhere this is your anti-carry ability and is why what you'll be using to assassinate that Teemo.
Cooldown: 8 / 7.5 / 7 / 6.5 / 6 seconds
Physical Damage: 30 / 60 / 90 / 120 / 150 (+1.0 per attack damage)
Attack Speed Bonus: 30 / 35 / 40 / 45 / 50 %
Empowered stats
Cooldown: None
Physical Damage: 30 / 60 / 90 / 120 / 150 (+2.5 per attack damage)
Attack Speed Bonus: 60 / 70 / 80 / 90 / 100 %
Tip- always go into fights with 4 ferocity stacks so you can quickly using this ability twice giving youto board and already sinking ship.

anger management issues- this here is the reason you can even play him top. If by chance your facing someone who you cant one hit then you can pull out strat #2 spam Bola Strike until you get 5 stacks then heal back to full. also this ability can be used while running so if you are in the process of turret diving if u think you can do enough damage without 5 stacks Savagery then you can use Battle Roarto not die
Cooldown: 15 / 14 / 13 / 12 / 11 seconds
Magic Damage: 60 / 100 / 140 / 180 / 220 (+0.8 per ability power)
Bonus Armor & Magic Resist: 15 / 22 / 29 / 36 / 43
Empowered Stats
Cooldown: None
Magic Damage: 60 / 100 / 140 / 180 / 220 (+1.0 per ability power)
Bonus Armor & Magic Resist: 15 / 22 / 29 / 36 / 43
Tip- remeber this does infact also five armor and mr and its not just to look cool when you dont have 5 stacks just saying alot of people forget about this

how do you even throw that- now this under appretiated ability deserves more credit than some people give it. First off its a ranged harass move and secondly it will help you get kills when your jungler comes to gank also when that dammed Garen is using his ******** Judgment to keep you away from the creeps this rly helps in farming
Cooldown: 12 / 11 / 10 / 9 / 8 seconds
Physical Damage: 60 / 105 / 150 / 195 / 240 (+0.7 per bonus attack damage)
Slow: 50 / 55 / 60 / 65 / 70 %
Empowered Stats
Cooldown: None
Physical Damage: 60 / 105 / 150 / 195 / 240 (+0.7 per bonus attack damage)
Slow: 50 / 55 / 60 / 65 / 70 %
Tip- remeber that early game your turret does more damage than even your Savagery if they dive you use max stacks on Bola Strike u don't always need to save them for your Savagery all his skills are useful choose wisely

please ignore the giant tiger right in front of you- now for the final for the final peice in our teemo killing kit we have your ult bassically what this does is make everyone on the enemy team completely oblivious to you even there you a giant talking cat tiger lion thing then again no one can see a giant 6 stack Cho'Gath hiding in a bush 5 times smaller than him.- a picture i found while searching up cho'gath stealthing in bushes i decided it was more interesting. Wait what was i talking about again. Oh right rengar, anyways he can go invisible and kill carry's during team fights and thats that.
Vision Radius: 2000 / 3000 / 4000
Cooldown: 120 / 85 / 50 seconds
Movement Speed Bonus: 20 / 25 / 30 %

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What would I buy on a giant talking cat

bonetooth necklace
now most people who have the temper similar to that of rengars may be i little miffed at how i failed to mention bonetooth necklace in everything but the pros and cons and even then not to much, so now i shall enlighten you with my feelings about this item. First of I dont hate this item. I did infact say it was a good thing about him. What I do hate is people who go first time rengar get this and lose. I made this guide excpecting this to be your first time rengar so I suggest you not get it unless your either really confident or on your first recall your already winning. As well if you face any off the counters whom I'll speak of later then i suggest you not get it.
Build #one
this is the build i most prominently use it will give you good damage and if an assasination fails you still have a chance to live. The last item is situational you can get a Last Whisper or sometimes i get a Guardian Angel both are fine items and round out your build nicely.
Build #two
this is the ultimate Teemo killing build i mean you cant rly go more teemo killer from this other than 6 bloodthirsters but a warning about this build, once the carry(s) builds a Guardian Angel your screwed. One you come out of that ult and do your assasination its gonna be very hard to get out so this build would probably only work if your winning early really hard and they have a fairly squishy carry.
build #3
if your not as blood-crazed as i thought than why are you playing Rengar, but if you still insist on playing this unorthodox take at cats then you can still be of help. The way this works is surprisingly similar to that of the other build. Your still going to use your ult to jump on their carry. The only difference is that instead of one hitting the carry you will force the carry(s) to focus you allowing your team an easy fight. The items are situational as well. If you find their AP carry is more fed than their AD you can buy a Force of Nature instead of the Frozen Heart

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How do I lane as a rejected pokemon

Laning as what should by now be your favorite character Rengar will be covered in this section of our guide on how to kill all teemo's everywhere, I mean play Rengar. First off judge who it is you are laning against. Whether or not it is someone who counters you or someone whom you counter. Here are some champions I wouldn't exactly enjoy laning against while playing Rengar
-Well this is usually a no brainer. No body like to face this fricken peice of demacian **** but like final fantasy games if your gonna play 'em you gotta play the good ones and the bad ones and unfortunately there have been a lot of bad ones lately, but back to the topic of Garen when laning against him you jump from bush with 4 stacks double q tactic won't exactly work cause he'll sheild and then procede to stick his sword in your bum. I would suggest staying back dont use your w unless you've got 5 stacks on it and you need to heal because this will push your lane and you'll be needing a lot of ganks from the jungler. Farm urself up and pray you get good help is my best advice.
-This emo take on your happy go lucky neibourhood grave digger isn't exactly a counter per say he's just someone who'm your going to have to play differently around You can't set up base in a bush all day like you normally would because he will just place a Omen of Pestilence in there followed up by and Omen of Famine and if you jump on him he will just hit you in the face with an Omen of War which rivals the damage of your Savagery. When facing him I would suggest always using your 5 stacks of ferocity on your Battle Roar so that you can sustain as well as him and when he uses up his mana trying to harass you jump on him and kick his dead ***.
- this indicisive ap/ad/tank/support/carry is also an annoying one to face off against. This is basically a fight for the bush. Both of you need the bush and she will fight for it. I would suggest not pushing very hard so that you dont have to fight for her bush and can instead camp in your bush. If you're the first in the bush and she walks in make her pay. If she gets into the bush before you dont try to run in and fight her she will auto attack you until you get in and then run like a kenyen. I easiest way to fight this is to get a ward and place it in the bush. That allow you to throw in your bolo strike run in there and leap on her like some other kenyen's.
right now there isn't much in this section but i will add more just send me your story's of facing off with others while playing Rengar and I will test it out for myself and try to give my advice.

- now that irelia has been nerfed to hell why would i say she counters rengar. Well because you still can't underestimate this sorta ninja sorta tank combo thing. The reasoning here is that her Equilibrium Strike is an annoying little attack. This here will stun you when she's lower hp then you which will unavoidably happen when you jump on her. After this she will procceed to true damage you to death and you're bassically screwed. The way to try and win this lane is you have to just try and focus on farming. Harass her if you know you can get away and DONT TRY TO 1V1 her she will kill you. All you can do is try and take out their ad carry before she takes out yours in fights.
-Now onto laning against people who you can beat. What your main goal is, is capture the bush. Once you do that leap from it onto your farm to farm and build up your ferocity. Once you have your 5 stacks DON'T WASTE IT ON MINIONS like I've seen many rengars do. From here you have 2 options farm using those 5 stacks to scare the enemy from getting near your farm or if your facing Teemo go into the bush and jump on his annoying *** face and make it so unrecognizable that even Tristana dumps him and that's a feet to achieve

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well thats the guide so far I will probably add more please do tell me if you need me to add more I just dont really see a point in talking bout my runes, masterie and summoner spells because there kind of self explanatory but I'll gladly comply if you need it and now I leave you with this for the record no this is not me and credit to whoever this is for being a fellow teemo hater good bye and good luck on your teemo killing endeavors
congratulations your rengar has evolved into gengar now stop playing pokemon and start killing teemo

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minor changes to rengar

this section is just for minor patches made to Rengar I will post some stuff here when i don't feel like putting it in my code

In one of the October patches riot the ***es decided to take out my favorite thing, the double jump so ya i don't suggest trying that

Reading a comment I realized that some people think that getting frozen mallet is better on rengar than going tri atmogs and I think thats perfectly viable but I prefer tri more for the sheen proc than the phage slow because i see frozen mallet as a item for long battles chasing down enemy's and such but i dont picture rengar as that type of cat and as well atmogs will help ypu to survive if u get caught during an assasination more than frozen mallet will so thats what I think, please keep commenting and tell me your opinion so i can answer thank you.