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Annie General Guide by aesopt71985

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League of Legends Build Guide Author aesopt71985

This is ANNIE!!!

aesopt71985 Last updated on February 8, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Brief Introduction

This guild is for people looking for a balanced Annie, so if you are looking a purely Burst damage Annie or a Tank Annie, then this guild is not the place for you. I looked at other Annie's guild on Mobafire itself and chose one of them and change it a bit so I advise you to do so after you use Annie more because everyone have different style of playing Annie :)

This guild is for beginners so I am using easy language :P

OK now, lets get back to this guild.

Please comment about anything you find good/bad so I know what to change

Also, please rate this guild if you think its worth it :P

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Pros / Cons


- Its fun to see people just run away from you
- She is kind of cute
- Powerful and Deadly
- PedoBear will help you to kill so many people just by chasing after them
- Easy Farm Easy Kill
- Kill Carries like a piece of Ground Beef


- If you do not play well that game, you cannot do anything else because you will just die if you go out the battle field.
- Afraid of any kind of Assassin champions because they will instant kill you as soon as they see you.
- Those new mid Champ will just easily Out-Range you no matter what.
- One of the female Champions that do not have hot body (joke)

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Detailed Runes Explanation

There are four types of runes and I have chosen one for each except for Glyphs.

- is for you to kill minions and champions easier in early game and mid game. In late game, you will probably need % Magic Penetration.

- Greater Seal of Replenishment is chosen because after you harass someone, you will need to get your mana back to continue to farm, uses 60 / 70 / 80 / 90 / 100 to cost. so if your mana per 5 is 20 for example, it will take you maximum of 15 seconds to get one shot when it is level one.

- is used for ur late game AP. However, after a while I realise Annie need some Magic Resistance for early game laning against other mages. Therefore I add , it gives early game Magic Resistance.

- is another choice of Glyph runes. This rune gives you
0.65% cooldown reduction which in total gives 5.85% cooldown reduction with 9 of them. Alternatively, you can choose which gives you exact the same amount of cooldown reduction as when you reach level 12. It depends on do you like early advantage or mid game advantage.

- , the AP that you need for your early game farming. I get rid of because gives enough AP to farm already.

- it gives you early magic penetration. Same as , it allows you to kill champions and minions early and mid game but become less valuable late game.

- the reason why I put this because if this because if this combine with will give you 10.77% cooldown reduction. The same as above, it can be used with or replace by to get more cooldown reduction late game.

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Detailed Item Explanation

I start with along with three because it allows you to chase after people or to escape from people. Also, if you got hit, then you can just use a potion to recover your health.

Core Build

- gives you early game Magic Penetration and Movement speed.

- Some say is not useful for Annie, so i tried and I just die too easily. So in my opinion, gives you survivability and laning ability along with 80 AP which become 104 AP with 's ability.

- The most important item for every Mage, , It gives your 140 AP which become 182 AP after its UNIQUE passive. Not only it gives massive AP, it also Boost other AP items, so it is a MUST have item.

- , it is another massive AP item which gives you Armor and an ability become invulnerable for 2 second. This is a life-saving item if you use it correctly. First, the Armor make you harder to kill. Then the ability, it can be used when you are focused and people are spamming their skills on you, so you just use the ability to avoid dead or you can use this in the middle of a fight to get your skills back from CD.

Situational Items / Semi-core items

- , use it when you want mana and AP at the same time. I don't normally use this because my other items gives you enough AP and all kind of abilities. Also, this item takes time to stack so if you want this, buy Tear of Goddess in the early game and start stacking it.

- , this item only gives 50 AP and maximum 65 AP with . However, its UNIQUE passive is what make it useful. If the other team is full of CCs, then this item can save your *** many times. Plus it is a very cheap item to make so if you want it, BUY IT!!

- , 60 AP (78 AP)and 10 Mana Regeneration with 15% CD reduction. this item basically add one ability to your Annie combo. It also let your other skill CD quicker. However, I do not use this item because I always forget the ability of this item :P

- , it is like a brother item to , the ability of this item is stronger but without the extra skill. 70 AP (91 AP), 12 Mana Regeneration, 20% CD reduction. I sometimes use this item because of its CD reduction.

- , I use this item if I die quite a lot, because it gives 500 Health and an ability to slow the other team by 30% so you can chase / escape easier. Also, the AP it gives is not bad either 80 AP (104 AP).

- , I do not recommend this item but it gives 50 AP (65 AP)+ 30 AP and 25% Spell Vamp which come to a total of 95 AP and 25% Spell Vamp. Why I do not recommend this item is because Annie is too squishy to stay alive with Spell Vamp, this will be one of best item on Vladamir, but not Annie.

-AbyssalScepter , I do not recommend this item but if you like this, its still useful. 70 AP (91 AP), 57 Magic Resistance and an Aura to decrease nearby enemy's Magic Resistance by 20. The aura is not very useful on Annie because she is too squishy, she cannot just stand in the middle of the team fight to make the aura useful enough to convince me to buy this item.

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Brief Summoner Spells Explanation

My personal Favourite Summoner Spells

- which allows you to strike your opponent in laning phase or to escaping from the battle field if team fights.

- , allows you to kill people in laning phase, after you use your full combo on the other mid champ, then gives them an and as many auto-attack as you can then they normally will be dead by then.

True Story : Today I played Annie and I used but forgot to auto-attack afterward and that lucky Zilean just run away by god knows how much health.

Therefore, ALWAYS auto-attack or even chase after and use to finish them off, stop before you reach the turret range because it will take too much of your health away and you will be ganked easily.

Some good but not the best Summoner Spells

- gives you the ability to chase after opponent, but only if there is a long range, because if they are close to the turret range, then you will not want to run in to turret-dive as Annie.

- , not really recommend, only use it if you really will lack of mana and cannot wait for it to recover afterward.

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Annie is a easy farm Champ, just farm with your . It goes 85 / 125 / 165 / 205 / 245
- At level one, your does about 90 - 100 damage excluding items
- At level two, the damage increase by 40 so it will be 130 - 140 excluding item
I am telling you the damage so you can look at the creeps' Health and last hit with your .
- After Level three, you can just calculate the rest by yourselves because it varies as your items may be different from mine.

P.S. as you are laning, if the other mid champ is too busy killing your minions, then you should always go gank bottom lane because if you can kill their carry or even let your carry kill their carry, then it will help your team a hell lot.

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Annie is a Champion that is easy to Get Started but Hard to Master Champion.

- Never say she is OP, there are more OP champion out there. If she is so OP, why she is not banned every time in Draft Mode?

- Her range is very short so she will be out-ranged all the time, so prepare for that. If the other Mid champ is out-ranging you, just focus on farm and when your jungler is ganking, kill their mid champ at once by using your flash and ignite if necessary.

- She is very squishy, so in a team fight, just use all your skills and run out to wait for cooldown and hopefully kill one or two opponent. Do not think of tanking anyone, leave it to your tank, even the items gives you Health, you will die within seconds if you are focused.


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