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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Thresh Build Guide by werti100

AP Carry Thresh AP MID - rape their souls - in depth guide

AP Carry Thresh AP MID - rape their souls - in depth guide

Updated on January 26, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author werti100 Build Guide By werti100 6 4 314,232 Views 25 Comments
6 4 314,232 Views 25 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author werti100 Thresh Build Guide By werti100 Updated on January 26, 2013
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Thresh Champion Spotlight

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Introduction to ap Thresh

Hello and welcome to my Thresh ap mid guid. i know that riot says that he is an support/tank but i think he can be played mid. after you read this guide you will know everything you need to play thresh Ap mid. i know that is not recommanded to play AP Thresh, but i dont very play support so here's my guide for ap thresh mid

(sorry for bad english, i don't speak english)
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your goal for souls is this

1:30 - 5:00 min need 10-20 souls
5:00 - 10:00 min need 30-50 souls
10:00 - 15:00 min need 50-70 souls
15:00 - 20:00 min need 70-80 souls
20:00 - 25:00 min need 80-100 souls

now mid game should be starting, per 5 minute you should get around 10-20 souls or more. It is very important that you keep getting souls to not fall behind
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runes explanation

this runes will help you a lot in the begining of the game. it give you good amount of magic penetration, so its good if theres a tank on the other team. It give you good damage and it is a standart rune for ap carry.

THAT RUNE. it will help A LOT, because you dont get any armor per level it gives you some good armor because when youre against adc or high ad like or , that rune will become very usefull

i recommend getting this rune because it gives really good sustain against other AP when your laning, it's good against high magic dmg such as and
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Masteries Explanation

I think that 21/0/9 is good for Thresh Mid, heres the reason why i think its good. I wont go on every masteries, i will go on the ones that i think they are important to know.

let's start whit offense

- why not, i mean you get that little buff of 5 dmg and 5 ap, at this point everything counts.

- i put 4 Points in that masterie because Thresh abilities have long cooldown

- more damage?? I'L TAKE IT! simple reason, More AP so its more usefull than chosing or .

- give somme good MP, so its just giving more burst

- when you have A LOT of ap it goes well whit your and . In fact it deals, Wait for it, wait for it,


(phreak approve)

Now the utility

- it help you in laning phase if you play very aggresive

- its just good beacause it lower the CoolDown of youre spells so you get youre spells more often.

- if you get a blue buff, the blue buff is just gonna last more longer. That mean that you can lane more longer because of the mana regeneration, and the
CoolDown Reduction will help a lot

that's it for the masteries!
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Items explenation

welcome to the items section, here you will know why i chose those items!

Starting Items

x3 : boots and 3x potion, standart start for a lot of champs. its very good if you're against an skill shot champion, but the movement speed is very usefull

is good starting item, it gives healt and ability power. Its youre choice. but i recommand this item if you are good at avoiding skill shot, but you can get it for the damage and healt. Its up to you.

Core Items

Really good item it gives you Magic Penetration, those boots are the favorite of every Ability Power champion. I highly recommand it, but if you want you can buy because thresh have long cooldown.

its a great items if you collected a lot of souls for the passive of youre
beacause + deals A LOT off damage, BUT! you need to have a lot of souls.

What can i say? gives you A LOT of burst, but if you get focused all the time, you can get it will give you healt,AP and your abilities will slow enemies!

its really good for the CD. the active is still good but not as it use to be, but its still a great item to get. give you AP. BUT if the enemies team have MR you can switch this to get . the MP is gonna help killing those tank that have MR

If you still get focused a lot you can get guardian angel, good item because you can revive after you died and it give a good amount of Armor and Magic Resist. but if you think that you need more AP and at the same time someting that could save youre life, Well i have the perfect item..... here it is!. very great items to survive in teamfights. it give a really good amount of armor and ability power overall its an awsome item. But, you will need a team to back you up when you use it.

if the enemy team as a lot of Ability Power champion, well go ahead and buy abyssal scepter. It give some good sustain against AP champion and you will get a good amount of AP. For instence don't buy this item if the enemy team AP champion dosen't deal a lot of damage, if it's the case just go for some flat ap damage! (dont get 2 rabadon's deathcap XD)

Now if you get a kill everytime you go back in lane and your dominating your lane, well just go for
. After you get 20 stack you get 15% CR and 160 ability power! the CR will become very handy for your abilities but the most for your ultimate. because Thresh ult has a decent CoolDown, but he depends a bit on his ultimate (d├ępend on which champions you're against)
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Laning phase

while laning its very important to not let yourself get bullied out of the lane, you gotta make them know who's the boss, ITS YOU. so you gotta harras as much as you can. no need to use youre abilities, just wait for youre fully charge then get an autto attack on them. repeat this step 1-5 time and youre golden!


allways collecte the souls! it is really important to get many souls as you can, because thresh dosen't get armor per level BUT he gains permanente ability power and armor each time you collecte a soul and this empower your passive
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Role in teamfight

in teamfight Never i repeat NEVER engage, one of youre teamate gotta do it, because you will get burst down by adc or high ad, be sure to give your allies the shield as well and clearing bush whit it

the combo you should do for maximum damage is this

--> --> -->
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Thanks a lot for reading, i hope you try out ap thresh and enjoy play him much as i do, im really sorry for my bad english...

feel free to leave a comment to say what you think

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