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Thresh Build Guide by ExodzMOBA

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ExodzMOBA

Thresh Support Guide [Seaon4] The Master of Chainz

ExodzMOBA Last updated on September 20, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Welcome to my Guide,
As the title says,this Guide is about Thresh,the Chain Warden.(One of the strongest Supporters in Game if played correctly)
The Build/Runes/Masteries are focused on dominating your Lane in Early and build up a huge advantage for mid and late game.
This is my first Guide and constructive critism is very welcome :)

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RUNES: I think i dont have to talk about the Armor Seals,pretty standard.
As Glyphs u may also take Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist instead of the Flat Magic resist variation.
The Greater Quintessence of Percentage Health will give you a huge advantage in the late game.And again ist your choice to decide between Flat HP Quints or the Percentage HP Quints.
Now the thing that might seem the scariest in the Runes: The Greater Mark of Attack Damage.
This is a thing i tested many times and it works very well.With this Marks its not like you are ****ed up when your AD Carry is dead in lane and the Enemys are low. Just kill them.
Thats the way i get many doubles with when my AD Carry made a fault and i couldnt save him.

MASTERIES:The masteries are a special thing too.Not the common Build too.I palyed with 0/21/9,21/9/0,0/9/21,....And one day i decided to test this 0/13/17 thing.And it worked very well.The combination of defensive Power and knowledge masteries will make u become a very strong support.

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Summoner Spells

There is not much to explain at this Point.The Flash is for a better mobility and can also be used to perform insane plays with a Flash in combination with Death Sentence.

The Exhaust can be used to slow the enemys down while they want to escape,to save your adc while u get chased by enemys,...

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Damnation(Passive): Thresh´s Passive is a inimitable thing in LoL.Its abotu collecting Souls that get dropped by Creeps,Champions,Jungle camps,Dragon and Baron when they die.U will get some Ability Power and Armor with every Soul u collect.The negative thign on the passive is that u dont gain any armor per level.So your early might not be perfect because u cant get much armor but if u constantly collect souls u will get stronger and stronger and become a Late-Game-Armor-Beast.U shouldnt go for every Soul!!!Dont try to get them if they are adjuding in a risky position where u maybe gonna die.

Conlusion: Collect souls all over the game and u will get very strong.But dont die for them.

Death Sentence(Q): Your Q is your Hook.Its pretty hard to land because of its small hit box but with some training it should get easier and easier with games u play.Try to hit 80% of your hooks and u will be fine.The second actication of Death Sentence will get you to the traget u just hooked.This is a great way to cross walls or to get nearer to your enemys.Its an ability that can be used offensive&defnesive so chooser your way hwo to use it!:)

Conclusion: Death Sentence is a great way to safe you and to get kills.Use the second activation to Cross walls and get nearer to the enemys.

Dark Passage(W): Your W is a shield which can be clicked by a Team Mate to get hooked to you.With its high range it is a great way to save your allies if they are chased or out of position.In combination with your Q, Death Sentence u can cross walls with an allied.It also can be used to perform epic "Lantern gank" if u throw your W in the back and let your jungler click it while u engange.

Conclusion: Your W is a shield with high dis/engage potential and can be used to perform nice ganks.

Flay(E): Flay is an ability with 2 components.
1.Passive: The passive of your E will be charging your next hit to deal bonus magic Damage.This is great for harrass your enemys and its clever to wait a few seconds between your auto hits for the maximum damage output.
2.Active: The active will knock back enemys in a direction u can choose.After that they will get slowed for a few seconds.It can be used after a hook to slow your enemys to perma CC them and dont let them a chance to escape.

The Box(R): Your Ultimate.If activated Thresh will create a Pentagon of Walls that slow enemys that walk through them by 99% and deal Damage.This is a great Ability for teamfights.U can hook yourself into the enemy crowd with the second activation of Death Sentence,create your R and throw the enemys into the hurting walls with your E.(standard Thresh move).As most of Threshs abilities The Box might also be used in defensive.For example u can slow chasing enemys.

Conclusion: The Box is a great way to deal damage to various Enemys and slow them hard so your team can clean up them.Many things to use it,try combos out.

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Thanks for Reading this Guide guys :)!!!
Hope u enjoyed the Guide and it helped you to get a little bit into Thresh.

Yours Exodz