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Thresh Build Guide by hallucnate

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author hallucnate

Thresh the bot leviathan tank

hallucnate Last updated on March 4, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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first build what do you think?

I thought I would choose Thresh since I recently tried the build here in this link, it is the top rated build at this time. thresh the underrated toplane tank . so I used the same mastery page, and the same runes ( only because I'm lvl 24 ), but I mixed up the items to my liking. It has turned out to be quite successful for me, and some people have even said they have never seen an OP Thresh. So tell me what you think and I might make another one if you like it. xD

-I like to keep it short and sweet so sorry in advance if the guide is simple for now.

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so why these spells ignite and clarity.

I found when I started playing Thresh that I was running out of mana alot and wasted time going back for it. Clarity helped keep my teammate up on mana and me. Thus creating a bit of support for both of us and allowing to pull more kills. Also it helps in team fights if your tanking for a while. This build allows a longer hold on the enemy team with the 3600 or more life, mid/early game and up.

Ignite is just a must, it helps you pull off that last bit of health, and get some tricky kills. Also in the early game it can be used to keep your enemy away from farming gold and exp. In the late game you'll find yourself using it for kills or defense. Self explanatory if you know Ignite.

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From the begining of the game you are tacking on health with& leading to . I found this helpful early game, the life helps you make early kills. before purchasing the Frozen Mallet , is optional when building to get the slowing effect earlier.

Next is the , start with the for AD, then get , and move to the Bloodthirster. The is optional before Vampiric Scepter. I would like to say at this point Thresh starts to make alot more kills. You will see his damage jump up on his basic attacks.

Then you go for for the extra 1000 life and health regain. Once you get this item you will have 3609 hp ( somwhere around that ). Just get and then buy the rest in any order. When they hit you it will take the whole team to kill you or at least two or three of them.

Finally add in or for crit/move through minions or crit/AD.
Getfor fast movement, Tresh moves slow as hell sometimes.
and top it off with or the one you didnt pick out of the optional. Trinity is said to add alot more damage but I barely notice sometimes. With the last items just pick from the leftovers. Most of the time i take infinity edge over phantom dancer.

Here are the final stats xD hope you like it.
Also not i don't think the souls are included so just use your imagination till I can figure it out.

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masteries and runes

I would like to give credit to dromk creator of the build that inspired me to make this build. I have used his masteries and runes build, since I am only lvl 24 and dont have access to the full set up. Thanks for helping me find my build.

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spells and game play

Early game i start with, to pull the enemy closer while staying in the grass. With and the teammate waiting in the grass you end up with early kills or scaring them from exp or gold.

can be used to slow the enemy while they run allowing more damage over time from you and your teammate. This and pulling back with will make an embarrassing death for your enemy.

I only use the for collecting souls at a distance, , supporting my teammates. Other than that the shield buff from it can stack with ally armor buffs such as from Morgana or Kayle.

is fun, get behind your enemy in a lane, drop the box, , pull back with , and if necessary.

Also and can be used for easy escapes or ganking enemies.

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-easy to get kills or assists
-heavy damage on basic attacks and skills
-massive life and movement ability
-extremely fun to play

-can die easily in beginning if playing uncautiously
-until you get bt, if solo, lack of damage
-being the tank you will get ganged up on