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Thresh Build Guide by Lacra



Updated on June 10, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lacra Build Guide By Lacra 1,426 Views 0 Comments
1,426 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Lacra Thresh Build Guide By Lacra Updated on June 10, 2013
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Your job is to defend bot tower solo when adc is dead or helps mid, till teammates can gank for help.

- Teleport: very useful if adc and you should die in early game. time to revive is quite short, so you can reach your tower very fast when enemy attacks it (usually they run if they see somebody is teleporting to tower). when you are there you can knock them back with you "E-skill", or if possible catch them with the hook "Q-skill" (if they attack you, tower will damage them). also dont forget your "W-skill" pretty useful to stay alive for longer time.

- Heal: also very useful when you are at you tower defending it. try to save it to the last moment when enemies try to dive. again you can knock them back or hook them if they are up to fight you, also dont forget your shild.

-this points make you pretty hard to kill and keeps enemies away from your tower (sometimes you can defend your tower against up to 5 enemies still staying alive)-

-ADC: is your friend and you want him strong, only farm when 1. enemies are dead or went for ss 2. your time will come to farm when your adc died or you solo defend tower.

Whilst match progresses, revive time will increase so you aim for "Guardian angel", which will also buy your team time to reach for help and make it more annoying for enemies to attack the tower.
Usually you will kill enemies first bot tower befor yours lost 25% of its health. This will make you solo bot, cause your Adc will went mid or top to help destroying towers there. Jungler will also have an easy job and can stay mid and top.
Sooner or later enemy will loose interest on your bot tower or will attack with whole team or nearly whole team. thats right the moment your job kicks in. you have to be stubborn as hell and use your skills, till your team will help you (or its also a good moment to buy your team a lot of time if enemy attack you with whole team (so your teammates can push and attack enemy towers without have to worry about a quick counterattack)).
maybe you die, maybe you will loose the tower but in the end (if your teammates work together) enemy lost 2-3 tower whilst they just could kill your bot tower.

-Swap: you can use this tactic on every tower you got, most useful it is in early and mid game when you still got your first or second tower to defend.


-"Teleport" for quick defense (also allows to recharge or shop in base quickly and be back at tower just a few seconds later)
-push back or pull near minions and champs with "E-skill"
-stay alive with your "W-skill", "Heal" and "Guardian angel"
-hold enemies in tower range with your "Q-skill"
-wound and slow them with your "R-skill" so AD and AP teammates can kill them easialy


-Adc can early join teamfights when you killed enemies first bot tower, whilst you defend yours solo
-you can leave bot too and support in teamfights. if enemy attacks your tower you can quickly teleport for defense
-enemies will loose interests into killing your bot tower or they feel provoked to leave all other lanes open

Reason to go this way:

I win 90% of matches when i choose support Thresh and teammates are teamplayers.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lacra
Lacra Thresh Guide
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