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Thresh Build Guide by Ascura

Support Thresher of Botlane

Support Thresher of Botlane

Updated on May 5, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ascura Build Guide By Ascura 6,441 Views 1 Comments
6,441 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Ascura Thresh Build Guide By Ascura Updated on May 5, 2014
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  • LoL Champion: Thresh
  • LoL Champion: Thresh
    Adventures Out There!


You've heard the legends of Madlife, you've seen the crazy plays, and now you want to make your own mark on the champion known as Thresh. Thresh is a very good support with high cc, utility, and damage. Mastering Thresh will be helpful no matter what position you play in.
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At the moment the souls aren't really worth taking any harass you might get. If you can grab them without counterattack, that's great. However, you DON'T want to be wasting your potions just to get 1 armor.

Death Sentence

This is going to be what makes or breaks if you can play Thresh. You CANNOT afford to miss crucial hooks. Don't just throw random hooks out, make sure every hook is deliberate. Once you get ahead enough to start zoning an enemy is when you can get more aggressive with hooks. If you miss a hook that is alot of CC and damage gone from that fight. This becomes even more important later in the game once you have alot of cooldown reduction. You'll be casting hooks very often, and it does no good to hit the wrong targets.

Dark Passage

This is the utility Thresh is most famous for.

He can...
    1. Collect Souls for Damnnation. Be careful of using it for this, as it does have a high CD.
    2. Assist a Jungler in a gank. Count it as 1 less gapcloser the jungler has to do.
    3. Fake the enemy out. Throw it over a wall, watch the enemy run away thinking the jungler is there. (Be careful, they might be a little slow on the uptake)
    4. Allow a carry to attack a turret with no repercussion. Throw it at their feet and stand far enough away that nobody will catch them once they click the lantern.
    5. Force enemy junglers to focus you. If you and the carry split up, they will HAVE to move towards you since you can lantern your carry over to you. Otherwise you will both get off scot free.

All very important in learning how to play Thresh. Note: Don't just use this for the shield. It's very minimal for such a high CD.


This is where the majority of your damage will come from. Be careful of overdoing your auto attacks (unless you are Adventurin). You don't want to get poked out immediately. Watch the Flay (It will look like Death Sentence) buff on your bar to make sure it's fully charged. The active portion of Flay is very difficult to get used to at the start. Getting used to the targeting will take work, and is just as important as Death Sentence to get correct. Since Flay has a displacement effect attached, it's very helpful against characters with interruptible dashes. It takes alot of intuition to know when an enemy will use their dash, but canceling a Tristana jump is oh so satisfying.

The Box

In terms of use, this will mainly be used to peel for carries. It's pretty difficult to lock out an enemy carry without having to use both Death Sentence and Flay, but it's always seems better to stick with you carry at the start of the fight, drop The Box down and then try and Death Sentence into the enemy team bringing along one of your tanks with you by Dark Passage. I would say most enemies really misjudge how strong the slow is. Very useful against dives.
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Standard Tank runes at the moment. Switch out the flat magic resist for flat armor resist against all AD lanes.


Flat AD will make your auto attacks really hurt. Also helps with last hits quite a bit.
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The important masteries you grab are Oppression , Reinforced Armor , and Evasive . These will give you the most amount of tankiness for the least amount of points. If you decide you would rather have direct stats, transfer Greed points into Legendary Guardian .


You're going for heavy damage. Increasing your allies with Expose Weakness and grabbing the AD from Martial Mastery will help alot. Runic Blessing is helpful with how aggressive you will be early on. Consider it like a temporary Veteran Scars . The 2 added together are close to how much HP Quintessences will give you.
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Skill Sequence


This is a really standard support skill level for Thresh. If you really think you can handle hitting your hooks 99% of the time, go ahead and max out Q first.


The point of this is to max out your damage. Alot of it will be frontloaded burst since your AA's will do alot of damage. You can max out W second if you had enough Adventure for one day.
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You will be the one that decides who is the grain... and who is the chaff. Thresh the bottom lane until it can't be Thresh'd no more.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ascura
Ascura Thresh Guide
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Thresher of Botlane

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