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Warwick Build Guide by miguelceromil

Jungle platinum

Toaster's Warwick carry guide

By miguelceromil | Updated on October 24, 2019
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Runes: Only runes I ever use

Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand


+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


Get every single game
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Win 53%
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Ability Order No questions, this is optima in EVERY scenario

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Champion Build Guide

Toaster's Warwick carry guide

By miguelceromil
Introduction: About me
Hello, guys, I am "best toaster euw" I play in eune (not, I play in euw). This is the first guide I make from a build that I have crafted AND have taken to ranked games; in fact this build is what helped me make it to platinum.

As a player I have mained 3 roles: I started as a support player, then I got bored and went toplane and recently I am practicing adc for season 10; having said that the role I have a better and easier time playing in ranked is jungle and it is the role that has helped me climb from one league to the next one in ranked. I have experience with a huge variety of champions, but mainly Pyke, Jayce, Rengar, Warwick , Ezreal and Shyvana. I tend to have a thing for hybrid champions.

It's currently 5:37 am by the time I write this guide because some group of people decided ti was a good idea to shoout inside my building at am: I can't sleep and I might not make complete sense at times, so take that in mind.
Pros and Cons of playing Warwick Back to Top

Scales with every single stat in the game

Has a huge variety of builds

Not very mechanical: easy to pick up

Can easily solo objectives

High damage, innate sustain, high base stats: effective champion

Amazing roaming

Unique chasing potential with his w

Hybrid damage champion: he deals mainly magic damage thanks to his q, passive and r; in fact his onl source of physical damage are his autoattacks


Bad scaling (not really, this actually depends on your build, but you will become easier to kite as the game goes on)

As an earlygame champion you rely on a lead to carry
Runes for the build Back to Top
I will be disregarding every rune that isn't already included in this build; this does not mean they do not work; it's simply I have found better synergy with the runes I have already mentioned.

Conqueror: This rune is the main thign about this build: conqueror is a lategame rune that grants you adaptive force stacking up to 5 times when you damage an enemy with a spell or aa and after the 5th stack it converts a percentage of your damage into true damage and heals you for the same amount of true damage. In case you are new to league: True damage is the form of damage that ignores resistances: if a target with 1000 current hp tanks 500 true damage they will then have 500 current hp. Warwick can stack this surprisingly easily by using tiamat, his e's fear and his ultimate in the right order, which tends to be "aa->q->tiamat->activate e->aa->second e cast->aa->r. Note warwick's ultimate applies onhit effects three times; yes this means his ultimate procs 3 conqueror stack throught its channeling. Notice this rune converts a percentage of your damage into true damage: it also converts additional damage from items into true damage.

This is the better rune for ww with this build since you do not tend to have the chance to stack overheal before a fight and you would rather get the extra gold from triumph than the mana from Presence of mind.

Legend :Alacrity To be completely honest with you you can also run Legend: Tenacity if you really want to, but I'd rather get the attack speed from runes and then buying mercs for tenacity. I tend to ignore tabis since this build basically makes you a draintank carry.

Last Stand:This is my favourite outplay rune: imagine you are almost dead, with your hp at 100 or lower, but you have finally stacked conqueror: then you press r and heal up to full with a full r channel and conqueror (this is common with this build). Besides, ww gains innate healing when below 50% max hp (increased when he is below 25%) because of his passive.

Celerity:THIS is one of the most underrated runes in the game in my opinion: do you have the slightlest idea of how easily you can chase, kite and roam with this rune? And do you know warwick's w passive and active grant him movement and attackspeed steroids when running towards enemies? Do you know warwick's ultimate range scales with his current movement speed? This also makes cloud drakes amazing on this build: I have played ranked games in which I could run from top to bot in 5 seconds and have my ultimate's range be from a tier 1 turret to an tier 3 turret.

Waterwalking:The same idea as celerity: great to contest objectives, gank and fight for crab, btw, thanks to this rune, conq and last stand you can easily 1v2 and even 1v3 with enough dodges and outplays at lvl 3.
Carry by draintanking: Items Back to Top
Main items:

Skirmisher's Sabre Enchantment: Warrior. This item should be your first finished item, it's a pretty straight forward item: ad, cdr. It also grants you a new effect on smite: you can cast it on champions, which marks them; then autoattackiing them or using abilities which proc on-hit effects will apply a burn that deals true damage; it also reduces the damage taken by the marked enemy. So this is THE jungle item for a carry.

Skirmisher's Sabre Enchantment: Bloodrazor. This item is THE antitank jungle item for onhit champions: it deals as an on-hit effect 4% of the targets max hp as physical damage. WW is an onhit champion, his q procs on-hit effects and his r procs onhit effects thrice. The reason why I tend not to build this item is because WW's q already Scales with the target's max hp, and he is an hybrid champion: so early game no tanks will be able to tank him (Ornn might cc chain an burst him, tough). I would only recommend this item if the enemy team is playing 2 or more tanks.

Titanic hydra: Did you notice your build up to this point should consist of nothing other than damage? It is vital you get some hp to have some form of an hp pool. This item also grants you an aa reset, great on aa reliant champions like WW; it also grants you aoe damage, which should help yo clear aoe camps, push lanes and teamfight much more easily (for this reason you should have purchased tiamat as your first item).

Death's Dance: This is THE draintank item in the game. After patch 8.24 it grants healing from all sources of damage, not only from physical damage. It also grants a burn to self when recieving damage in exchange for reducing the damage taken by 30%. An overlooked dact about this item is that it grants healing from passives and actives on other items and runes, so it grants healing from: bloodrazor, bork, wit's end, conqueror, trinity, deadman's plate, thornmail etc's additional damage.

Wit's End: I get this before Death's Dance if I see the enemy team has a lot of magic damage. This is also a great item on WW since it grants healing when below 50% hp (so just like WW's passive), as, mr and on-hit magic damage which ww procs with his q and r and gets converted to true damage with conqueror which heals you and then heals you even more if you have death's dance which also applies a heal on the on-hit magic damage converted to true damage.


Mercury's Treads: These boots grant tenacity; a stat that lowers cc duration except for displacements (knockup, knockbacks) and suppressions. You will be buying these in most games since this build works as a statcheck and ww naturally suffers a lot when dealing with cc, since he can be easily kited.

Ninja Tabi: You should get these if the enemy team has little cc and they have many autoattack reliant champions.

Boots of Mobility: Remember when I explained why WW loves movement speed? Apply that here. Get them when you want to play for early and permaroam. Do not get them or sell them for other boots if you get cloud drakes, since it is an overkill to have both.

Boots of Swiftness: Slows can be reduced in two ways: with merc's so you reduce the time you are slowed or with Swifties; they grant more flat ms than other tier 2 boots both out of combat and in combat and it reduces a slow's effect by 25%, which means the slow itself will be less effective.

Berserker's Greaves: Depending on how Fed a WW is these can be the optimal boots for him: as helps to stack conq faster and at times you might be facing a team with little to no cc (or if they have cc it can mostly be displacements) and ad champs that rely on abilities instead of aas, so buying merc's or tabis can be suboptimal.

Sorcerer's Shoes: Sorc's have been known by many to be a very good item on WW when ahead since he mostly deals magic damage. While this is true I do NOT recommend them on THIS build since conqueror will have antisynergy with magic penetration.

Other items:

Trinity Force: Only do get this when selling boots, GA or when you want to end asap. It grants a bit of everything which WW benefits from, mainly the Spellblade passive which his q procs, ut also as, ad, hp and ms from Phage's passive.

Guardian Angel: It lets you int for free, this enables you to do crazy engages and misposition so your team can cover you while you are going for a sure death just to resvive.

Zhonya's Hourglass: While GA is a very good item, Zhonya's active has a lower cooldown. WW also has a 100% ap scaling on his q (his only ap scaling), but if you compare GA to Zonya's, the latter grants you more damage on you q.

Spirit Visage: This item amplifies all of the healing on your champion. It is a common item on tank WW, but since we already have a lot of straight up hraling this might be an overkill.

Iceborn Gauntlet: This is a tankier and cheaper version of trinity, it grants more mana and amror in exchange for hp, ad and as. It also grants an aoe slow when you proc Spellblade (it is not exactly the same passive but effectively it works as such).

Plus other tank items; you can probably figure out which you need. There are no other items that require some honorable mention or work in a speccific way on this build.
Jungling as Warwick Back to Top

Early Clear

Warwick ideally starts in blue side and unless you want to gank a specific lane at lvl 3 I recommend you to always start blue: your pathing should look like blue to gromp to wolves to red to raptors to gank/invade/scutler. Instead of going to your red you can also go to the enemy red if you know they started blue since you probably win a 1v1 this early in the game as WW. After succesfully finishing the 1t pathing back and buy a tiamat.

After your first clear you have three options: permaganking, playing for objectives and ivading the enemy jungler. Once you have accomplished one, you should immediately go for another one fiving high priority to getting objectives (towers, dragons and rift herald).

Mid game

Look for the best possible play that will get your team a huge lead, by either playing around a splitpusher, splitpushing yourself, sleaning up after a teamfight, getting an easy pick, having a good herald play etc.


By now you should ideally have won the game; otherwise look for a Baron play and end asap.

WW can only clear raptors because of his most recent buff to his w in patch 9.20. When clearing gromp smite it early so you use the most out of your w passive. When clearing aoe camps (wolves, krugs and raptors) before you get tiamat you should focus one monster at a time. After your first or second back I recommend you to get Oracle Lens; since WW can easily solo drakes and nash (specially with a build with so much lifesteal) you should also make sure the enemy team does not know you are soloing objectives.
That's all Back to Top
This has been all for my WW carry build, I must say it is really effective and you should give it a try, it takes time to play it properly if you are used to play tank Warwick. Thank you for your attention: like the guide, comment and gl in the rift
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